2022-03-28 (Don’t Funk With My Soul Edition Vol. 3)

Do. Not. Funk. With. My. Fuckin’. Soul! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the 3rd volume of the Don’t Funk With My Soul Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Should be pretty clear what we’ve got in store for us this week. This is almost all entirely new stuff; most of it is stuff I found only just last week. Some of the tracks are ones I’ve known about for many years, but that haven’t yet made any appearance on this podcast, and it’s about fuckin’ time. That goes for the Dr. John tracks, the Bill Withers track, and definitely the Cody Chesnutt tracks.


To be perfectly frank, I’m not enormously conversant on the funk and/or soul genres, but I definitely appreciate the fuck out of a lot of it. I’ve certainly listened to plenty of it over the years that I’ve been doing rideshare work, considering that stuff was the most often complimented music I ever played. That being said, I don’t have a whole lot to say about these tracks individually. This is just me continuing to expand my (and your) knowledge of these awesome genres. Although, if I’m 100% with y’all, my heart wasn’t particularly into any type of podcast this week due to the extreme emotional exhaustion I’m currently enduring after what I did last week, and the week before. Also, the reason I posted a Flashback edition last week is ‘cause for some reason, the tracks were interrupted during recording, and by the time I noticed it, it was already like 7:30 AM, sooo… Yeah, needed sleep.


I will note, however, that apparently tens of millions of people knew about Musiq Soulchild’s track called Just Friends (Sunny) long before I did, ‘cause I literally just discovered it last week. I should also give fair warning here that the latter portion of this edition gets pretty heavy, but yeah, kind of a strange and mildly upsetting occurrence finding that track considering what I just spent most of my nights doing over the past two weeks (and those of you who follow my socials ought to know what I’m talking about here), but y’all might be surprised how often strange and mildly upsetting things happen to me in that regard. I suppose one could make the argument that because she’s so prominent in my mind that I’m bound to notice shit like that more often. Fair enough, I suppose, but a lot of it still strikes me as pretty out of the blue.


I imagine no small number of people out there would interpret those happenings as some sort of communication. I guess I’m somewhat open to that. I just know it would be much easier to believe if there was something unequivocally pertinent being communicated beyond something as simple as, “hey there.” Maybe that’s all it can ever be, maybe that’s all it ever needs to be. I don’t know, I’m fuckin’ rambling at this point. Whaddya say we get to the yojnefyin’ already?!



01 The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me (from The Gap Band IV) [00:01:47]


02 Shiruetto - La Musique (from Era) [00:06:55]


03 Mary J. Blige - Good Morning Gorgeous (from Good Morning Gorgeous) [00:10:06]


04 Childish Gambino - Me and Your Mama (from “Awaken, My Love!”) [00:12:53]


05 El Michels Affair - C.R.E.A.M. (from Enter The 37th Chamber) [00:19:11]


06 Salaam Remi, Terrace Martin - Carrot Juice (from Carrot Juice) [00:22:01]


07 Keith Mansfield - Funky Fanfare (from The Kpm 1000 Series - Volume 1) [00:26:44]


08 Lettuce - Get Greasy (from Crush) [00:29:08]


09 Mocean Worker - Right Now (feat. Rahsaan Roland Kirk) (from Enter the Mowo!) [00:33:32]


10 Dr. John - Right Place Wrong Time (from In The Right Place) [00:37:41]


11 LCD Soundsystem - you can't hide / shame on you (live at madison square garden) (from the long goodbye (lcd soundsystem live at madison square garden) [00:40:28]


12 Ledisi - Alright (from Lost And Found) [00:45:26]


13 SoDown, Mr. Bill - Eskimo (from WE ARE DEADBEATS (Vol. 3)) [00:49:56]


14 The Budos Band - The Wrangler (from Long in the Tooth) [00:53:28]


15 Menahan Street Band - Make the Road By Walking (from Make the Road By Walking) [00:56:28]


16 Eric Burdon, War - Magic Mountain (from Love Is All Around) [00:59:27] (BTW, any Portishead fans out there might notice this song was sampled for their song, “Wandering Star.” Kinda neat, eh?)


17 Just A Gent, Samsaruh - Island Fever (from Island Fever) [01:03:33]


18 Luanmer, BreezyDev - Discotheque (from Discotheque) [01:07:24]


19 Soul Coughing - Screenwriters Blues (from Ruby Vroom) [01:09:50]


20 Blockhead - The Music Scene (from The Music Scene) [01:14:52]


21 Cody Chesnutt - Serve This Royalty (from The Headphone Masterpiece) [01:19:35]


22 Dr. John - (Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away (2006 Remastered Version) (from Destively Bonnaroo) [01:25:17]


23 Busty and the Bass - Out Of Love (feat. Macy Gray) (from Eddie) [01:27:53]


24 Durand Jones & The Indications - Witchoo (feat. Aaron Frazer) (from Private Space) [01:32:42]


25 Here Lies Man - Animal Noises (from You Will Know Nothing) [01:36:17]


26 KAYTRANADA - Intimidated (feat. H.E.R.) (from Intimidated) [01:40:20]


27 Buddy Miles - Down By The River (from Them Changes) [01:43:46]


28 Orgone - Sophisticated Honky (from The Killion Floor) [01:50:04]


29 The Knocks - Slow Song (w/ Dragonette) (from Slow Song (w/ Dragonette)) [01:54:58]


30 ODIE - Slowly (from Slowly) [01:59:07]


31 Charles Bardin, Valentin Ducloux, Priscilla Cucciniello - Her (from A Musical Story OST) [02:02:10]


32 Musiq Soulchild - Just Friends (Sunny) (from Aijuswanaseing) [02:04:17]


33 The Olympians - Apollo's Mood (from The Olympians) [02:08:24]


34 Cody Chesnutt - With Me In Mind (feat. Sonja Marie) (from The Headphone Masterpiece) [02:12:49]


35 Floetry - Say Yes (from Floetic) [02:16:40]


36 Maxwell - Sumthin' Sumthin' (Remastered 2021) (from Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite) [02:21:06]


37 The Isley Brothers - For the Love of You, Pts. 1 & 2 (from The Essential Isley Brothers) [02:25:20]


38 Charles Bardin, Valentin Ducloux - Love (from A Musical Story OST) [02:30:53]


39 Musiq Soulchild - Love (from Aijuswanaseing) [02:35:10]


40 Alex Isley, Jack Dine - Gone (from Gone) [02:40:06]


41 Sasha Keable, Jorja Smith - Killing Me (from Killing Me) [02:43:52]


42 Faith Evans - Love Don't Live Here Anymore (from Faith) [02:47:14]


43 Otis Redding - I've Got Dreams to Remember (from The Very Best of Otis Redding) [02:51:27]


44 Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine (from Just As I Am) [02:54:38]


45 Billy Paul - Without You (from Let ‘Em In) [02:56:40]

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