2022-03-14 (The Well-To-Do Kung Fu Kangaroo Guru Knew the New Gnu Blew a Kazoo Through a Moo-Moo’s Doo Doo in ’22 Edition)

olleH dna emoclew to the Well-To-Do Kung Fu Kangaroo Guru Knew the New Gnu Blew a Kazoo Through a Moo-Moo’s Doo Doo in ’22 Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Fuck you, okay? I enjoy laughter, and if you don’t, you might be a nazi or a Republican politician. This was kind of a spur of the moment decision to make another edition of new shit; I was going to try making another themed one, but the release of one particular song changed my fuckin’ mind hard. If any of y’all have talked to me in the past few days, you know I’m talkin’ about muthafuckin’ Ho99o9’s new lava-ass fuckin’ track featuring Corey muthafuckin’ Taylor called BITE MY FACE! Holy fuckin’ shitballs on Virgin Mother Mary’s chin, this goddamn track es un infierno! I’ve even put it right at the beginning for all you muthafuckas who somehow want to hear it but don’t feel like skipping to it… Nah, it’s mainly just for me, ‘cause Jesus jism-juggling Christ, what a fuckin’ track.


Like I would say if Einstagrom would allow me to post the shit I want to on my story, this track is 3 minutes and 6 seconds, 3 distinct parts, all brutal, dreamy and fuckin’ gorgeous. You owe it to yourselves to look up the video, too. Anyway, plenty of other gangbangers in this bitch as well. Another magnificent jam from BLVK JVCK, Onyx seems to have made Slam 2 with their track called Just Slam, another slice of new fucktacularity from defrag called Event, Camellia with another ear-splitting symphony… What else? Hmm, I don’t know if y’all noticed by now, but I reeeeally fuckin’ love Feint. I can’t recall a single track of his that didn’t fuckin’ slap harder than I slapped your dad’s ass the other night, confusing the fuck out of both of us. Is your dad interested in getting breast implants? Asking for a friend.


Anyway, kind of a lot of artists who haven’t been on the podcast for a while here. Lo Key, for one, Erra, Lex Amor, definitely The Birthday Massacre, TYNAN, Truth, Nitro Fun, Juche, Kai Wachi, and various others. Bee tee dubs, this edition is an hour shorter than last week’s. Not specifically to compensate for the stupid-ass Daylight Savings Time, but it can be for that reason if you’d like it to be. I ought to mention that Beach House was a recommendation from progressive comedienne Francesca Fiorentini during last year’s July AMA. She actually went all the way in with the recommendations, and I ended up making a 2 hour playlist from them. It’s on my Spotify profile if, by some silverback-gorillas-emerging-from-my-anus magical-ass chance, you’re actually interested in that. I am, but y’all know me and my curiosity.


Speaking of fucking which, and I don’t mean what I’d do to the women of Charmed, let’s 86 the fuckin’ yammersteining and 69 the fuckin’ YOOOOJNEEE!



01 Ho99o9 - BITE MY FACE (FEAT. COREY TAYLOR) (from SKIN) [00:01:59]


02 Rob IYF, Al Storm, Whizzkid - Blow The House Down (Extended Mix) (from Blow The House Down) [00:05:05]


03 1788-L - Baseline Test (from Baseline Test) [00:08:49]


04 Barely Alive, SampliFire - Power Alliance (from Power Alliance) [00:11:19]


05 defrag - Event (from Float) [00:14:19]


06 SXNR, Depth Strida - Fuck Soundcloud (from Fuck Soundcloud) [00:16:02]


07 Onyx - Just Slam (from 1993) [00:18:01]


08 Blanke - Echo Chamber (from Land Of The Wayfarer) [00:20:44]


09 Camellia - Final-Boss-Chan (from Final-Boss-Chan) [00:25:09]


10 BLVK JVCK - DO SUMMIN (feat. iMinikon) (from DO SUMMIN) [00:28:32]


11 Feint, Boxplot - Heartstrings (from Heartstrings) [00:30:50]


12 Futuristic, Dizzy Wright, Berner, Durand the Rapper, Boboy Watson - I Guess I'll Smoke Again (from I Guess I’ll Smoke Again) [00:35:37]


13 JordyPurp - PTSD (feat. Jason Aalon Butler from FEVER 333) (from PTSD) [00:39:25]


14 XANDER CROWLEY, foxwedding, Mary Mortem - EDEN (from EDEN) [00:41:39]


15 DJ Godzilla - NIGHTCRAWLER (feat. Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie & Neosha) (from NIGHTCRAWLER) [00:45:12]


16 Kai Wachi - GIGACHAD (from GIGACHAD) [00:48:42]


17 Daniel Deluxe - Tank (from Ghostrunner Project HEL) [00:52:08]


18 Juche - Float (from Float) [00:55:03]


19 3LAU - Flow (from IRIDESCENT) [00:58:18]


20 Nitro Fun - Parallels (from Parallels) [01:01:11]


21 FlashBack, Genetix - Confusions (from Confusions) [01:04:16]


22 HIGHSOCIETY - Visions (from Visions) [01:10:04]


23 Truth - Strange Dreams (from Twinkle Toad) [01:12:43]


24 Beach House - Myth (from Bloom) [01:17:19]


25 Billain - Breach (feat. Tasha Baxter) (from Breach) [01:21:30]


26 TYNAN - Abandon Ship (from Give Up The Ghost) [01:26:57]


27 The Birthday Massacre - Stars and Satellites (from Fascination) [01:29:55]


28 Bandlez - Scouts Honor (from Scouts Honor) [01:34:04]


29 DJ Satomi, Ukiko, S3RL - Endless Summer (DJ Satomi Hardcore Mix) (from Endless Summer (DJ Satomi Hardcore Mix)) [01:37:39]


30 DoomCannon - Times (feat. Lex Amor) (from Times) [01:40:52]


31 Dizzy Wright, DJ Hoppa, Xzibit - 24 Hours (from 24 Hours) [01:46:59]


32 Blackfoot505, Jarren Benton - Creepin On Ah Come Up (from Creepin On Ah Come Up) [01:49:44]


33 Erra - Stockholm Syndrome (from Stockholm Syndrome) [01:52:24]


34 Terror, Corpsegrinder - Can't Help but Hate (from Can't Help but Hate) [01:57:39]


35 Odprophet, Kung Fu Vampire - Otho (from Otho) [01:59:04]


36 Motionless In White, Lindsay Schoolcraft - Cyberhex (from Cyberhex) [02:02:28]


37 N O W A V E - PUNK 2.0 (from PUNK 2.0) [02:07:00]


38 Xyanami, Siouxxie - Grave Walker (Skinwalker REMIX) (from Grave Walker (Skinwalker REMIX)) [02:11:14]


39 Mike Steel, Krizz Kaliko, Liquid Assassin - I Ride Fo' (from I Ride Fo’) [02:13:27]


40 Helynt - Gerudo Valley (from Zelda’s Memories) [02:16:31]


41 SCALPING - Remain in Stasis (feat. Grove) (from Remain in Stasis) [02:18:44]


42 Monsieur Hiver, Mega Ran - Stand (from Stand) [02:22:33]


43 Flux Pavilion, Chime - Fall to Me (feat. spaceKDET) (helloworld Remix) (from Fall to Me (helloworld Remix)) [02:26:51]


44 Kudus, Estiva - L.O.V.E. (Extended Mix) (from L.O.V.E.) [02:29:56]


45 Slushii - Cry For U (from E.L.E (Extinction Level Event)) [02:36:47]


46 Amidy - Ever Known (from Ever Known) [02:40:00]


47 Illenium - Story Of My Life (feat. Sueco & Trippie Redd) (Awakend Remix) (from Story Of My Life (feat. Sueco & Trippie Redd) (Remixes)) [02:43:31]


48 creamy, untrusted - all the kids are depressed (from all the kids are depressed) [02:47:10]


49 Ekoh - where'd you go (from where'd you go) [02:49:16]


50 Lo Key - STAY STRXNG (feat. DurtE) (from STAY STRXNG) [02:52:17]


51 HALIENE, Maratone - Make It To Tomorrow (Alexander Popov Remix) (from Make It To Tomorrow (Alexander Popov Remix)) [02:56:02]


52 Sylvaine - Everything Must Come to an End (from Nova) [02:59:13]

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