2022-01-03 (What’s New in ’22 Edition)

Hell-muthafuckin’-o and emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the What’s New in ’22 Edition! Clearly, the most staggeringly clever name I’ve ever thought up. So clever, in fact, that I’m perfectly willing to take suggestions for anything better than that. I won’t yammer the fuck on here like I usually do, mainly ‘cause I’m fuckin’ tired (as usual), and my back is sore as a motherfucker whose back is sore, or something. Real quick, though, let’s run through what’s in store for us this week:


1. Big muthafuckin’ Dumb Face! I have been slackin’ so hard on listening to their 2017 album, but my attention was called back to them ‘cause of a Christmas album they released. In case y’all don’t know, Big Dumb Face is Wes Borland’s other (far more interesting and amusing) band apart from Limp Bizkit. Maybe they’re an acquired taste, but I think they’re fuckin’ awesome and hilarious.


2. So, Teminite put out something that can best be described as “pirate-step,” and it’s fuckin’ great. I’m 100% here for it, and hopefully you will be as well.


3. A Crosses cover of Goodbye Horses?! Yes! My good buddy Vega sent me that one a day or two ago, and I was giddy ‘cause I’d fuck me… I’d fuck me so hard…


4. We got some tracks from artists who’ve passed on, both Aaliyah and DMX, and they’re both sweet as fuck. Keep your fuckin’ ears peeled if you can hang.


5. t+pazolite with one of the goofiest track titles ever. Goofy as fuck though it may be, it’s just as brain-meltingly awesome as pretty much every single one of his tracks.


6. A new Dog Fashion Disco single?! Apparent-fuckin’-ly! I’ve missed these motherfuckers, and I’m so very glad to be including this newest jam of theirs on this podcast. Someone once described Dog Fashion Disco as “circus metal,” and I agree to an extent. Either way, it’s fuckin’ cool, so I hope y’all think so too.


7. New SWARM EP, and two tracks from it featured on this list. If y’all don’t already know and love SWARM, man, I don’t even know what you’re doin’ with your life. SWARM’s music is like dark dubstep; not to be confused with deathstep (although that’s badass too). I dunno. I think if you have any capacity for emotion, you ought to dig it.


8. Quite a few Merkules tracks on this edition. He’s hip-hop, and I’ve played a number of his jams before. His flow is tight as fuck, and I’ve loved almost every beat I’ve heard of his. Definitely give him a shot.


9. There are actually 4 tracks lurking in this edition that aren’t new. *gasp* What ever shall we do, right? Honestly, after I exhausted my Release Radar and my Discover Weekly, I just started browsing random playlists. By random playlists, I mean one in particular: the Breakcore playlist. At least, one of them. Doesn’t really matter, ‘cause breakcore’s one hell of an acquired taste, so I doubt any of y’all will notice which tracks I’ve played in previous editions. I just hope ya yojne.


All that said, let us do just that…


What’s that?


Why, yojne, of cooooooourse!



01 Big Dumb Face - Warning (from Where is Duke Lion? He’s Dead…) [00:02:20]


02 Big Dumb Face - He Rides the Skies (from Where is Duke Lion? He’s Dead…) [00:03:10]


03 Teminite - Sesh The Seven Seas (feat. Jonah Hitchens) (from Raise The Black Flag) [00:07:31]


04 Dubscribe - Next Level (from Next Level) [00:10:34]


05 SWARM - The Oncoming Storm (from Fight For Your Life) [00:13:42]


06 Chris Webby - We Up (feat. DMX) (from We Up (feat. DMX)) [00:18:10]


07 ††† - Goodbye Horses (from Goodbye Horses) [00:21:06]


08 Igorrr - Scarlatti 2.0 (from Hallelujah) [00:24:18]


09 t+pazolite, Nanahira - Is there no way I'm defeated by OTOGE-BOSS-KYOKU-CHAN is strongly provoking????? (from Screamin’ Showcase) [00:27:56]


10 PhaseOne - Enemy VIP (w/ Shane Told of Silverstein) (from Enemy VIP (w/ Shane Told of Silverstein)) [00:31:00]


11 Young Roddy, Killer Mike, Iceberg Black - Amen (from Amen) [00:34:17]


12 Tetravoid - Always (from Fractals) [00:37:42]


13 Myro, Dread MC, Rider Shafique - Who Dem (VIP) (from Who Dem (VIP)) [00:41:26]


14 I Broke My Robot - What You Heard (from What You Heard / Killa) [00:43:45]


15 Aaliyah - Poison (feat. The Weeknd) (from Poison (feat. The Weeknd)) [00:47:08]


16 RZA, Flatbush Zombies - Quentin Tarantino (from Quentin Tarantino) [00:49:48]


17 REDALiCE - Crimson Emperor (from Crimson Emperor) [00:54:52]


18 Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Future Fantasy (from Future Fantasy) [00:57:13]


19 Aaron Spectre - Create the Future (from Create the Future) [01:00:48]


20 Vestascension - The Weight of Nostalgia (from The Weight of Nostalgia) [01:03:43]


21 Truth - Crushed (Widow Remix) (from Crushed (Widow Remix)) [01:06:47]


22 Will Gates - Aftermath (feat. Sticky Fingaz & Onyx) (from Aftermath (feat. Sticky Fingaz & Onyx)) [01:10:41]


23 Andrew Huang - Monster (from Monster) [01:13:39]


24 Machine Girl - Sad Claps (from ...Because I'm Young Arrogant and Hate Everything You Stand For) [01:15:52]


25 Barely Alive - Flak Jacket (from Flak Jacket) [01:16:55]


26 Big Dumb Face - Your Grandma Got You Khaki Slacks (from Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth) [01:19:37]


27 Astrix - Sahara (from Sahara) [01:23:35]


28 Dibyo, Alan Watts - bryanna's interlude (from bryanna's interlude) [01:32:19]


29 Counterparts, Mik - Wings of Nightmares - Lo-Fi (from Wings of Nightmares - Lo-Fi) [01:33:53]


30 Counterparts - Wings of Nightmares (from Nothing Left to Love) [01:37:17]


31 Dog Fashion Disco - Grand Experiment (from Grand Experiment) [01:40:10]


32 Limewax, Diesel Boy, Switch Technique, Thrasher - Spicy Boiz (from HouJeKKMuil EP) [01:44:56]


33 Rav - Ass Backwards (feat. Open Mike Eagle) (from Ass Backwards (feat. Open Mike Eagle)) [01:50:05]


34 Bainbridge, Virus Syndicate - Around Here (from Around Here) [01:53:13]


35 Truth - Soldier (feat. T-Man) (Hypho Remix) (from Soldier (Hypho Remix)) [01:57:05]


36 Kayou. - Star Destroyer (from State of the Art) [02:02:09]


37 Subtronics - Spacetime (feat. NEVVE) (from Spacetime (feat. NEVVE)) [02:05:29]


38 Volant, Punker - Godwave (from One) [02:08:12]


39 foxwedding - A Viper in a Sacred Place (from FOXWEDDING LOST WORKS 2016-2020) [02:13:09]


40 IC3PEAK - VAMPIR (feat. Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon) (from VAMPIR) [02:16:56]


41 Meydän - Complex Decisions (from Complex Decisions) [02:19:14]


42 Phil Gonzo - Fear (from Fear) [02:22:04]


43 Haarper - Evol (from Evol) [02:25:23]


44 Laura Brehm - For No One (Tree Dimension Remix) (from The Dawn Is Still Dark (Remixes)) [02:29:17]


45 SWARM, SOUNDR - Anyone But Me (from Fight For Your Life) [02:32:36]


46 Merkules - Life's A Bitch (from The Man, The Myth, The Legend.) [02:38:16]


47 Airmow - Like This (from RUPTURE) [02:41:15]


48 Stazma the Junglechrist, Akira - Beyond Help (from 15 Years Of PRSPCT) [02:43:36]


49 Ekoh - Save Yourself (from Save Yourself) [02:48:34]


50 Dubscribe - Everybody Dies (from Everybody Dies) [02:51:47]


51 C!erra My$t - AL I VV E (from Witness of Another World) [02:55:23]


52 Clown Core - Google Your Own Death (from Toilet) [02:58:22]


53 Vestascension - Everything Ends (from Everything Ends) [02:59:32]


54 Complete - Close The Curtains (feat. Merkules) (from Close The Curtains (feat. Merkules)) [03:03:48]


55 York - Golden Hour (feat. Au/Ra) (Acoustic) (from Golden Hour (Remixes)) [03:07:26]

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