2021-11-29 (Vantablack & Neon Edition Vol. 5)

Fuck the up is what, perverinos and pervalitties?! Welcomemoclew to the 5th installment of the Vantablack & Neon Edition of the podcast that keeps your insatiable buttholes guessin’ week-to-week-to-muthafuckin’-week, Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Get those goddamn pancakes off the roof, grandma, ‘cause we’ve got almost 4 hours and 20 minutes worth of material here to keep our genitals throbbing. Most of it is brand spankin’-that-monkey-like-a-newborn-baby new, which typically also means the artists are new discoveries for me as well. Some are old favorites like defrag. Lemme tell ya, I’ve actually absolutely loved defrag since 2000 or 2001, but they were calling themselves Defragmentation back then. I’m almost certain it’s the same person, but I honestly know little to nothing about them ‘cause there actually ain’t that much fuckin’ info out there that I’ve ever found, at least. Kinda cool, actually.


Any-fuckin-way, for anyone who might not know, Vantablack & Neon is just goth/industrial/EBM/glitch mixed with synthwave/retrowave/yadda-fuckin’-yaddawave (but absolutely no fuckin’ “fasch-wave…” I don’t even care if that’s how it’s spelled or not because it’s supposedly a somehow pro-fascism style of synthwave, so they can go fuck themselves with a rusty reciprocating saw). The two concepts of Vantablack & Neon alternate back and forth throughout the playlist, so it was more difficult to do any especially meaningful track positioning. There’s a little of that, but you’re much more likely to see that sort of thing from me in an edition that’s all one genre, or just random genres altogether. Don’t get me fuckin’ started on genres right now, or I’ll never fuckin’ get to sleep.


I do want to point out a few notable tracks:


1. The group Miss Construction has got some heavy Combichrist vibes, and I love Combichrist, so there ya fuckin’ go. I actually think Miss Construction may have broken up or something, ‘cause their last release was a while ago, if I recall correctly. Anyway, good stuff nonetheless so be sure to yojne your tits off.


2. SIERRA makin’ a return to the podcast with A Matter of Time! I played a SIERRA track called Unbroken a few months ago saying she sounded similar to SWARM, and this track is no exception. Very dark, very heavy, although this track is more somber in tonality. You’ll hear what I mean if ya give enough of a fuck to listen.


3. Apparently there’s an industrial group called Santa Hates You, and I’m totally here for it. That one’s another new discovery of mine, and hopefully you’ll yojne their track Raise The Devil coming up a little later as much as I did and do.


4. Fuckin’ Velvet Acid Christ, tho?! Shit, yeah, apparently! I feel like I haven’t played his stuff in fuckin’ forever. He’s an old favorite of mine, definitely some great stuff in his catalog, especially Pretty Toy. Great memories of that track.


5. SKYND is a group my friend Casey turned me onto a while ago, possibly a year or so. As far as I can tell, all their tracks are named after murderers or other similarly violent people, or people who met violent ends. Their music videos are quite interesting as well, so plug that name into YouTube sometime and you might agree.


6. I found a 45-hour-long synthwave covers playlist on Spotify and ooooo, I found me some great goodies there. Check the fuck out the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song, the Toys R Us Kids track, the cover of the Doctor Who theme, the Mandalorian theme, Ozzy Osbourne’s I Just Want You, I mean, seriously excellent shit comin’ down the pipe.


7. Another Daft Punk jam because I fuckin’ love them. I don’t give a flying fuck about Get Lucky, but I adore pretty much their entire catalog aside from that. Also, they did the score for one of my favorite futuristic films, TRON: Legacy. Clearly, considering this edition ends with that track, but I digress.


8. I sort of knew about this subgenre of synthwave (which is already itself a subgenre or revitalization of new wave) called “chipwave,” before, but I forget if I ever mentioned it in previous intros. Chipwave is simply a chiptune and synthwave hybrid… What’s chiptune? Ughhh, get with the fuckin’ program, Doris! Chiptune is basically modern retro-style video game music, so you’ve got the monophonic oscillator synth sounds some of us came to love during the NES & SNES era of gaming. It’s fantastic shit, alright? Take my fuckin’ words for it. Anyway, I included a few chipwave tracks, so keep your ears peeled like fuckin’ bananas that are also peeled for those jams.


9. Nein.





01 defrag - Entering the Abyss (from Drown) [00:03:24]


02 Owl Vision - Holy Shit (from Doomster) [00:08:10]


03 Celldweller - Into the Void (SWARM Remix) (from Into the Void (SWARM Remix)) [00:12:33]


04 Faith7 - An Adventure in Space and Time (The Doctor Who Theme) (from The Signal) [00:16:30]


05 MORIS BLAK - Umbra (Second Phase) (from Umbra (Second Phase)) [00:22:16]


06 Anmeom - Gone (from Gone) [00:26:43]


07 N O W A V E - OBEY (from “XXXX” MANGA) [00:30:52]


08 Kalax - The Ride (Into the Midnight) (from Kalax) [00:35:28]


09 SKYND - Tyler Hadley (from Chapter II) [00:39:45]


10 Elay Arson - Immigrant Song (feat. Becca Starr) (from Borrowed Memories) [00:44:22]


11 Ian Snow - Tektronik (from Tektronik) [00:47:50]


12 3FORCE - In the House, In a Heartbeat (from In the House, In a Heartbeat) [00:51:11]


13 Santa Hates You - Raise The Devil (from Jolly Roger) [00:54:48]


14 Mark Cooper, Ray Casarez - Toys R Us Kids (from Test Drive) [00:59:15]


15 Dope Stars Inc. - Many Thanks (from Terapunk) [01:04:31]


16 Fury Weekend - I Just Want You (feat. Yann Zhanchak) (from I Just Want You (feat. Yann Zhanchak)) [01:08:28]


17 Miss Construction - F**k Me, too (from Kuntsprodukt) [01:13:23]


18 Lyde - Afterlife Avenue (from Augmentation) [01:17:47]


19 Apashe, Black Tiger Sex Machine - The Grave (feat. Gabriella Hook) (from The Grave) [01:21:32]


20 We Are Magonia - The Living Will Envy the Dead (from The Living Will Envy the Dead) [01:27:01]


21 ATLAST - Closer (from Closer) [01:31:29]


22 Carpenter Brut - Le perv (from TRILOGY) [01:35:40]


23 ESC - Eight Thousand Square Feet (from Eight Thousand Square Feet) [01:39:56]


24 Magic Sword - The Curse (The Toxic Avenger Remix) (from Legend EP (Deluxe Edition)) [01:45:18]


25 SIERRA - A Matter of Time (from Gone) [01:54:19]


26 Shades of Thunder - На заре (feat. Daria Danatelli) (from На заре) [01:58:59]


27 Heartlay - Bloodright (No Way to Hide) (MORIS BLAK Remix) (from Bloodright (No Way to Hide) (MORIS BLAK Remix)) [02:03:14]


28 Watch Out For Snakes - Fight Those Invisible Ninjas (from Fight Those Invisible Ninjas) [02:07:23]


29 Velvet Acid Christ - Caustic Disco (The Twilight Garden Remix) (from Caustic Disco) [02:12:33]


30 MASTER BOOT RECORD - ANSI.SYS (from Floppy Disk Overdrive) [02:19:57]


31 God Module - The Source (from Viscera) [02:23:37]


32 Fury Weekend, The Anix - Illumination (NUTRONIC Remix) (from Illumination (NUTRONIC Remix)) [02:28:23]


33 Miss Construction - Kunstprodukt (from Kunstprodukt) [02:32:37]


34 Vincenzo Salvia - The Pineapple Pizza Slayer (from The Pineapple Pizza Slayer) [02:36:29]


35 X-RX - Kein Herz (from Activate the Machinez) [02:39:53]


36 Sung - Neon Artery (from Overizer EP) [02:44:00]


37 Louisahhh - Chaos (from Chaos / A Hard No) [02:47:29]


38 We Are Magonia - Terror (from Terror) [02:51:13]


39 UnterArt - Now Or Never (from Memento) [02:56:06]


40 Voicians - The Evil Dab (from The Evil Dab) [03:00:29]


41 KLOUD - Exit Alive (from Exit Alive) [03:04:00]


42 Home - Hold (from Hold) [03:07:01]


43 Heimataerde - Dark Dance - Maschinenfloor (from Dark Dance) [03:10:23]


44 Oscillian - In the Company of Robots (from Sentient) [03:13:30]


45 Grendel - Harsh Generation (from Harsh Generation) [03:18:32]


46 Lueur Verte - Emerald Rising (from Crystalica EP) [03:22:19]


47 Le Castle Vania - Raise The Dead (feat. Cory Brandan) (from Prophication) [03:27:48]


48 Nitelight - 1000 Eyes (from Nitelight Plays: Death’s Symbolic) [03:31:31]


49 Toutant - AMNHb (from AMNHb) [03:35:17]


50 Lyde - Homeseeker (from Homeseeker) [03:38:40]


51 Processor - Royal Leash (from Royal Leash) [03:44:03]


52 Felix Pallas - Similarities (Klahr Edit) (from Similarities) [03:47:40]


53 Slooze - Desolation (from Desolation) [03:51:12]


54 Sleen Mp - The Mandalorian (from The Mandalorian) [03:55:09]


55 Informatik - The World Belongs to Us (from Re:Vision) [03:58:14]


56 P.T. Adamczyk, Olga Jankowska - Never Fade Away (SAMURAI Cover) (from Cyberpunk 2077 Original Score) [04:03:48]


57 defrag - Drown (from Drown) [04:08:29]


58 Daft Punk - TRON Legacy (End Titles) (from TRON: Legacy) [04:12:47]

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