2021-11-08 (Black Lives Matter Edition Vol. 4)

Fuckamuthas! Up what is the fuck?! Up your fuckin’ face sideways and out ya ass! Welcome to the 4th installment of the Black Lives Matter Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! “But Double-O, what for you make a Black Lives Matter edition when it’s barely mentioned in the news anymore?” Because, shit-dip, black lives do fuckin’ matter. What doesn’t matter (at least in this context) is whether it’s an election year, whether it’s being discussed in mainstream media outlets, even if police brutality suddenly fuckin’ vanished altogether… Good lord, what a fuckin’ dream, right? Even if we lived in a motherfuckin’ utopia where everyone’s basic needs were taken care of and we didn’t all need to squeeze ourselves through the miserable fuckin’ capitalist meat grinder to emerge as something valuable to the so-called free market, black lives would still matter.


These editions are not only for George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Tamir Rice, Laquan McDonald, Elijah McClain, Ahmaud Arbery, Fanta Bility, Daunte Wright, Leden Boykins, Jamarion Robinson, Amadou Diallo, fuckin’ Rodney King, the list could go on and fuckin’ on. These editions exist precisely because that list could go on and on, because there’s a fucking list at all. That’s why the movement exists. If trash-ass human beings weren’t so fucking drawn to policing as a career to compensate for the power and/or authority they likely lack in their own pitiful fucking lives, maybe we wouldn’t need a movement at all. Maybe it would just be a bunch of scattered, barely publicized events. Either that, or the red-white-and-blue hellscape has shifted firmly into focus because everyone’s got a fuckin’ camera phone in their pockets now. Maybe that’s the biggest reason for the movement, because even though this shit has been going on for literal centuries, hundreds of goddamn years (probably even longer), now we’re all actually aware of what’s happening.


I guess one might say we “woke” up. I suppose one might say we’re like warriors fighting for social justice. To those who sit atop their white privilege mountains using those terms pejoratively, well, good for you. It must be so difficult sitting and criticizing people who are trying to affect positive change for not doing enough by your standards, whatever they may be. Or maybe it’s that you’re offended anyone would want to change the status quo at all? I dunno. You’re behaving like the elitist punks who call people poseurs. It’s one thing if you know for a fact that someone doesn’t practice what they preach, if they are in fact being disingenuous for clout or whatever-the-fuck. Fine then, call ‘em out, hold ‘em accountable for their action (or inaction).


But to dismiss an entire movement due to disingenuous people who claim solidarity, but only as far as the boundaries of social media? To dismiss real allies because purely performative, purely aesthetic gestures were made by so-called leaders who purchase their own power every few years? Seems pitifully short-sighted to me. Real allies are fighting with their wallets as often as they can, supporting small, black-owned businesses and progressive political candidates. Real allies are fighting to get seats at the tables where life and death decisions are being made behind closed doors, far from the public eye. Real allies don’t forget what’s important even when it’s no longer popular.


I consider myself a real ally, but we can all be doing more to be anti-racist. There are countless ways to do that, and if you somehow don’t know any of them, well boy do I have good news for you. Ya see, there’s this wild thing called the “internet,” where people go to… well, watch porn mostly, but also to obtain information! That’s right! You can obtain information about being anti-racist and then act accordingly. Don’t be a slacktivist! I post shit on social media too, but that’s not all I do. I just don’t post about it all because I’m not chasin’ fuckin’ clout. I don’t care about getting credit for the altruistic or activistic shit I do, ‘cause it’s not about me. And goddamn, what a profoundly pitiful way to live, thinkin’ activism only matters if someone’s watching you. Sad-ass motherfuckers.


Aaaaanyfuckin’way, perhaps we ought to actually get to le musique? Hmm? I honestly could have kept compiling tracks for this for hours and fuckin’ hours. Editions like these are easy as fuck for me to make because I’ve believed “Black Lives Matter” since long before the statement was branded into a movement. Always seemed like common fucking sense, but that shit’s less and less common these days. Anyway, whole fuckton of rap & hip-hop in this one. R&B, funk, soul, modern classical, dubstep, trap, colour bass, squeak-hop (trust me, it’s fuckin’ hilarious), punk, rock, blues, jazz, pop, and even fuckin’ breakcore. Yes, that’s right. The artist himself (Venetian Snares) isn’t black, but the track of his I included samples the phenomenal Billie Holiday in one of her most heart-wrenching performances, Gloomy Sunday. If you aren’t familiar with that song, good lord, don’t look into it if you’re seriously depressed and/or wrestling with suicidal ideation. Trigger fuckin’ warning, right here and now.


Most of these jams are leftovers from podcasts past, although there are two entirely new tracks in the mix. One is called Black Is Beautiful by a new artist discovery of mine called Chronixx, and the other is the origin for countless, seriously, countless fuckin’ tracks across the hip-hop and EDM spectrum. Which track might I be referring to? Why yes, you edumacated motherfucker! I’m talkin’ about Amen Brother by The Winstons! There’s a 6-second breakbeat section in the middle that has been sampled beyond belief by artists far and wide. There’s a short documentary on YouTube about it, actually. The sample is called the Amen Break, so look it up if you’re curious. Also, I’m fairly certain that The Winstons have never been adequately compensated for their small-yet-massive contribution to music overall, so at the very least, we can give it up to them on this little fuckin’ podcast.


Anyway, why only two new ones? Hey, sometimes classics need lovin’ too. Sometimes your ever-so-lovable host and podcaster needs a bit of a break from the literal hours of work it requires to bring new tracks to your eager fuckin’ ears. This has been one of those times. Besides, I’ve got easily hundreds of thousands of tracks in my personal digital library that even I haven’t listened to yet, so even if I don’t go through the rigmarole of rippin’ it from Spotify, it’s still new shit.


All that doo-doo done did d-and d-fuckin’ d-said, d-let d-us d-commence d-the d-yojne!



01 Dr. Dre - The Next Episode (feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg) (from 2001) [00:04:33]


02 NaS - Got Ur Self A Gun (from Stillmatic) [00:07:14]


03 N.W.A. - Fuck Tha Police (from Straight Outta Compton) [00:10:57]


04 The Winstons - Amen Brother (from Color Him Father) [00:16:41]


05 Onyx - Slam (from BACDAFUCUP) [00:19:11]


06 Busta Rhymes - Break Ya Neck (from Genesis) [00:22:47]


07 Death Tour, nascar aloe - Fucked Up (from Blood Pact) [00:26:36]


08 Geto Boys - Still (from Office Space OST) [00:28:03]


09 James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing (from Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics: James Brown) [00:32:01]


10 Death Grips - Takyon (Death Yon) (from Exmilitary) [00:36:08]


11 Sly & The Family Stone - I Want To Take You Higher (from Stand!) [00:38:56]


12 2Pac - California Love (feat. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman) (from N.W.A. Legacy, Vol. 1: 1988-1998 (Disc 2)) [00:44:15]


13 Bob Vylan - I Heard You Want Your Country Back (from We Live Here (Deluxe)) [00:48:54]


14 X-Ray Spex - Identity (from Germ Free Adolescents: The Anthology) [00:51:11]


15 Chronixx - Black Is Beautiful (from Chronology) [00:53:32]


16 3TEETH - Lights Out (feat. Ho99o9) (from Lights Out) [00:57:00]


17 BLVK JVCK - THE SHOOTV (from THE SHOOTV) [01:01:10]


18 Bazaar Royale - What’s It All For (from Cradle 2 The Grave OST) [01:04:12]


19 Eazy-E - Boyz-n-the Hood [Remix] (from Eternal E) [01:08:00]


20 Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (from The Revolution Begins: The Flying Dutchman Masters) [01:14:17]


21 FEVER 333 - ONE OF US (from STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS) [01:17:19]


22 Dizzy Wright - Independent Living (feat. Hopsin & SwizZz) (from Free Smokeout Conversations Mixtape) [01:20:39]


23 Fousheé - single af (from single af) [01:25:38]


24 Michael Franti - Ganja Baby (from Songs from the Front Porch: An Acoustic Collection) [01:28:38]


25 John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillen (Take 2) (from Boogie Chillen) [01:32:55]


26 Afu-Ra - Aural Fixation (from Life Force Radio) [01:35:42]


27 12th Planet - Follow (feat. Katie Sky) (from Follow) [01:40:00]


28 Björk - Army of Me (feat. Skunk Anansie) (from Sucker Punch OST) [01:42:45]


29 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Thuggish Ruggish Bone (from The Collection Volume 1) [01:49:33]


30 Warren G - Regulate (Radio Version) (feat. Nate Dogg) (from Regulate Single) [01:54:09]


31 Wu-Tang Clan - Rules (from Wu-Tang Iron Flag) [01:58:13]


32 (hed)p.e. - Crazy Legs (from Broke) [02:02:06]


33 Tech N9ne - He’s A Mental Giant (from All 6s and 7s) [02:06:09]


34 Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day (from The Predator) [02:09:57]


35 Death - Politicians In My Eyes (from …For The Whole World To See) [02:14:17]


36 Yellopain - My Vote Will Count (feat. Sevyn Streeter) (from My Vote Will Count) [02:20:00]


37 Zack De La Rocha, KRS-One, The Last Emperor - C.I.A. (Criminals In Action) (from Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1) [02:23:10]


38 NaS & Damian Marley - Patience (from Distant Relatives) [02:28:30]


39 645AR - 4 Da Trap (from 4 Da Trap) [02:34:11]


40 Death Tour - Rebirth (feat. Bob Vylan) (from Rebirth) [02:35:45]


41 3TEETH - Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9) (from Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9)) [02:38:14]


42 Jon Batiste - Ask Me Now (from Jazz Is Now) [02:41:48]


43 Raleigh Ritchie - Squares (from Andy) [02:47:10]


44 Aaliyah - I Care 4 U (from I Care 4 U) [02:50:57]


45 Hopsin - I Just Can’t (from Pound Syndrome) [02:55:23]


46 Snoop Dogg - Doggy Dogg World (from Doggystyle) [02:59:42]


47 Stevie Wonder - Superstition (from Talking Book) [03:04:47]


48 N.A.S.A. - Spacious Thoughts (feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith) (from The Spirit Of Apollo) [03:09:13]


49 EPMD - Symphony 2000 (feat. Redman, Method Man & Lady Luck) (from Out Of Business (Deluxe Edition)) [03:13:39]


50 Sticky Fingaz - What If I Was White (feat. Eminem) (from (Black Trash) Kirk Jones) [03:17:42]


51 Trina - Rewind That Back (feat. Missy Elliott) (from Diamond Princess) [03:21:15]


52 Pharoahe Monch - Book Of Judges (from Desire) [03:24:29]


53 Maxim - Respect (feat. Lee Gough) (from Respect) [03:27:59]


54 Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude (from Hey Jude) [03:31:30]


55 Naughty By Nature - Feel Me Flow (from Naughty) [03:35:29]


56 Zapp - More Bounce to the Ounce (from Zapp) [03:38:52]


57 NaS - NY State Of Mind, Pt. II (from I Am…) [03:43:59]


58 Ace Aura - Destiny (from Destiny) [03:47:34]


59 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - I Second That Emotion (from The 35th Anniversary Collection) [03:51:58]


60 Krizz Kaliko - Follow The Drip (feat. Tech N9ne) (from Immortal) [03:54:35]


61 Labi Siffre - I Got The... - 2006 Remaster (from Remember My Song) [03:58:02]


62 Public Enemy - He Got Game (feat. Stephen Stills) (from He Got Game OST) [04:04:31]


63 Slick Rick - Children's Story (from The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick (Deluxe Edition)) [04:09:12]


64 Nina Simone - Love Me Or Leave Me (from Let It All Out) [04:13:09]


65 Wilson Pickett - Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You (from In Philadelphia) [04:17:09]


66 The Temptations - I Wish It Would Rain (from Motown: The Complete No. 1’s) [04:19:51]


67 The Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes (from The Undisputed Truth) [04:22:34]


68 The Roots - Who Tells Your Story (feat. Common & Ingrid Michaelson) (from The Hamilton Mixtape) [04:25:47]


69 Louis Armstrong, Michael McDonald - We Have All The Time In The World - Remastered (from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service OST) [04:29:59]


70 Venetian Snares - Öngyilkos Vasárnap (feat. Billie Holiday) (from Rossz Csillag Alatt Született) [04:33:11]


71 Dinah Washington & Max Richter - This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight (from Shutter Island OST (Disc 2)) [04:36:28]

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