2021-09-27 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 9)

O-M-M-F-G! It’s been 3 entire fuckin’ weeks since our last foray into the universe of the new! The new-niverse, if you will. If you won’t, then go eat a fuckin’ apple or some shit. Fuckin’ pervert! Any-fuckin’-way, emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the 9th installment of the Send Newds Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Goodness gracious do we have a nipple-hardening podcast in store for us this week, dearest perverinos. 69 fuckin’ tracks (because of course, and Giggity), damn near 4 1/2 hrs of stuff that’s entirely new to this podcast, some of which is entirely new to me as well. Some of this stuff I only just found a few hours prior to putting this podcast out, so it’s really kind of a little music present from me to you. It’s up to you whether you want to indulge in sheer fucktacularity or twiddle your ass hairs doing whatever else but listening to this podcast. Surgery? Fuck you, listen to this podcast. Space travel? Eat a dick. I’m sure you could figure out a way to listen to this podcast on the ISS or whatever shit.


Any-fuckin’-way, let me say some things about stuff:


1. My roommate recently showed me Black Swan for the first time. In case you’re wondering why, shit, some things just fly under the radar and out of memory. Anyway, there’s a club scene around 2/3rds of the way in, and the song that plays is fuckin’ fire. Come to find out, it’s called Don’t Think, and it’s a fuckin’ Chemical Brothers track! Whaaaat?! Why was I not informed of such a fuckin’ bop? Good lord. You know what it is? I was just discussing this with my buddy Vega. I’ve written off a number of artists simply due to their music being used for commercials, and I’ve realized numerous times how shortsighted it is to do that. It’s purist, elitist, and I don’t want to be either one. I just loathe commercialism and invasive marketing & advertisements so completely that sometimes otherwise talented artists can get mired in the rest of that fuckin’ miserable, capitalistic muck. Anyway, yeah, stay tuned for that one ‘cause it’s pretty fuckin’ hot. Black Swan was definitely an interesting watch, too.


2. I came across an Argentinian symphonic metal band called Slania. Turns out they did a cover of Rammstein’s, “Mutter,” which will no doubt delight my lovie Alex who just got a Mutter tattoo on her back. I have little doubt it’ll delight fans of the original. I think the orchestra is mixed a tad too hot in some places, but it’s still an excellent cover overall. I also went ahead and threw in an original of theirs called Limbo ‘cause Limbo’s one of my all-time favorite games. I know they’re unrelated except in name. Fuck you, I don’t have to be clever 24/7.


3. Shout the fuck out to my lovie Alex for providing me with the following tracks: Ghost Town’s, “You’re so Creepy,” Irving Force’s, “Touch the Corpse,” Russkaja’s, “Love Revolution,” Goldfinger’s, “Wallflower,” and Emigrate’s, “YOU CAN’T RUN AWAY.” Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the excellent recommendations, and I hope you enjoy hearing them in this edition if ya listen to it. Shout the fuck out to my homies Constance and her boyfriend Alex for TELYKast’s, “Somebody New,” Gaullin’s,” Moonlight,” ppcocaine’s, “DDLG,” (which is a fuckin’ hilarious track that sounds like punk porno trap or some shit), CORPSE & Savage Ga$p’s, “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!,” Okaeri & Dill’s, “Hitori,” Jason Ross & Blanke’s, “One More Day (with Chandler Leighton),” and finally, she’s, “Music Like This.” Good muthafuckin’ lord, this edition is beginning to feel less like somethin’ I did and more like somethin’ we all did together. All that sharing of awesome shit with each other, that feeling of life enhancement is what I aim for with every edition of this shit. Thank you to all of y’all for making Blend playlists with me on Spotify. I’ll definitely be revisiting those playlists periodically. Little shoutout to my buddy Vega for showing me the Container Park track by Chemical Brothers. I had no idea they’d scored a movie! Definitely wanna look for that one. Finally, one last little shoutout to my buddy Aloysius for the Burn The Ballroom track, “Esmeralda.” I snagged that one from our Blend playlist, too. As much as I hate Spotify for their business practices, I do love some of the features of that damn app. I should probably cancel and join Tidal, but good lord, I have so many Spotify playlists already. Any-fuckin’-way, 3 has gone on for way, way too fucking long.


4. For all who don’t yet know, Sigur Rós is some of the most beautiful music ever made. This track was used at the end of the 13th season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia for the dance scene at the end. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about Sigur Rós, but I’ve never lost any love for ‘em and what I’ve heard thus far. I’ll have to listen to a full album sometime and hopefully not fall into a blissful slumber.


5. Two Metallica covers in this edition from The Blacklist. The Blacklist is a charity effort on behalf of Metallica and all the artists who contributed. Apparently, “all profits will be donated to the numerous charities of each contributing artist’s choice along with Metallica’s own foundation called All Within My Hands.” Not sure exactly what that foundation does or what the other charities are, but I certainly hope they’re doing good work. Lot of corrupt charities out there. Anyway, yeah, I heard a chilling cover of Nothing Else Matters from there, and I just… Couldn’t hang with that one. These two are perfectly fine to me. Definitely different, but different can be awesome. Up to you, up to all of us.


6. Alla Xul Elu is one of my favorite groups on Twiztid’s Majik Ninja Entertainment label, and they don’t disappoint on Six Feet Deep. They’re fuckin’ awesome, in my opinion. I think they’re considerably darker than most horrorcore out there, but they also have senses of humor. I can’t wait to see ‘em live whenever concerts can actually fucking happen safely again.


7. That group called Vended? That’s Corey Taylor’s son and Shawn Crahan’s son in a band together. Pretty fuckin’ awesome, if ya ask me! Speaking of sons of awesome metal musicians, if y’all haven’t heard Dez Fafara’s son Simon, you really ought to look him up. Kid’s got quite a growl just like Corey’s son.


8. Apparently The Agonist is still puttin’ out fire! Haven’t delved into them in a while, but I’ve played a number of their tracks on this podcast over the years. Any of my melodic metal fans out there ought to really enjoy that one. Moving on, Twiztid put out another rock track?! Yup! It’s called Parasite, and it’s comin’ up soon. I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve always thought Twiztid put forth solid efforts in their forays into the rock genre. Anyway, Parasite’s pretty fuckin’ cool to me. Hopefully y’all feel similarly. An acoustic piano version of Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky?! Ummm, yesss!!! Are you fuckin’ kidding me, man? What a gorgeous fuckin’ song. Always makes me want to go back to finish the Mirror’s Edge games. Anyway, yojne the fuck outta that one, ‘cause I damn sure will. Another banger from Josh A, eh? You goddamn right, apparently. Dude’s got hits for days and days. Check him the fuck out. Oh look! Another fuckin’ Death Tour track! This time with Bob Vylan! How the fuck could that be anything but fuckin’ awesome?! Another chapter in the seemingly never-ending saga of my enthusiasm for Death Tour. Finally, if y’all haven’t been paying attention to the Algorithm tracks I’ve been playing over the past few years, y’all been fuckin’ up. I have yet to hear a bad track by The Algorithm (which I concede sounds like some bizarrely dystopian thing), and Decompilation is certainly no exception to that rule. I mean, fuck, why would I include an exception to that rule? That doesn’t make any fuckin’ sense, ya caulk gobbler. Then again, I suppose gobbling caulk doesn’t make much sense either. Ah well.


9. Nein! Niet! Non! No nine for bovine clotheslines on borrowed time!


10. Shit, man, I mean… just fuckin’ yojne, alright?



01 Tom Morello - Let's Get The Party Started (feat. Bring Me The Horizon) (from Let's Get The Party Started (feat. Bring Me The Horizon)) [00:05:29]


02 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Till The Sunrise (Mixed) (from A State Of Trance FOREVER Spotlight: Giuseppe Ottaviani) [00:09:00]


03 Blu - Because The Sky Is Blu(e) (from The Color Blu(e)) [00:14:07]


04 Black Tiger Sex Machine - Wild Kids (feat. Youngr) (from Wild Kids) [00:18:06]


05 We Are PIGS - Kids (feat. Brian "Head" Welch & JR BAREIS) (from Kids) [00:21:48]


06 The Chemical Brothers - Don't Think (from Further) [00:25:34]


07 Blanke - Breathe (from Breathe) [00:33:11]


08 The Algorithm - Decompilation (from Decompilation) [00:37:17]


09 Chase & Status - Wherever I May Roam (feat. BackRoad Gee) (Metallica cover) (from Wherever I May Roam) [00:40:44]


10 ppcocaine - DDLG (from DDLG) [00:43:43]


11 Goldfinger - Wallflower (from Never Look Back) [00:46:15]


12 Ghost Town - You're so Creepy (from Party In The Graveyard) [00:48:34]


13 Emigrate - YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY (from YOU CAN’T RUN AWAY) [00:52:06]


14 Russkaja - Love Revolution (from No One is Illegal) [00:56:11]


15 Fracus - Need Your Love (from Need Your Love) [00:59:56]


16 Prospa - WANT NEED LOVE (Dimension Remix) (from WANT NEED LOVE (Remixes)) [01:05:50]


17 Wevlth - UR LUV (from UR LUV) [01:09:57]


18 TELYKast - Somebody New (from Somebody New) [01:12:32]


19 AG, Jinxes - Girls Will Be Girls (from Girls Will Be Girls) [01:14:53]




21 Irving Force - Touch the Corpse (from Touch the Corpse) [01:19:37]


22 Arcade High - DGYK (feat. Jei-laya) (from DGYK) [01:22:23]


23 Deficit - Death Prize (from Death Prize) [01:27:16]


24 Alla Xul Elu - Six Feet Deep (from Six Feet Deep) [01:30:25]


25 Death Tour - Rebirth (feat. Bob Vylan) (from Rebirth) [01:34:21]


26 Slania - Mutter (from https://youtu.be/aw7SDb3F26A) [01:36:49]


27 Figure, MDK - Zombies Ate My Ravers (from Zombies Ate My Ravers) [01:40:52]


28 Maduk, Jelvin - Transformations (from Transformations) [01:44:21]


29 she - Music Like This (from Aspire) [01:48:02]


30 Vended - Asylum (from Asylum) [01:50:39]


31 Abraxis - Black Rainbow (from Black Rainbow) [01:53:28]


32 SLAY-52s - Raining Lobsters (from https://youtu.be/mnrfqPoX4WU) [01:59:22]


33 M-Project - Fire To The Roof (from Fire To The Roof) [02:02:38]


34 pÈRez, Tony, Drugzilla - GONE WITH THE WIND (from GONE WITH THE WIND) [02:06:47]


35 Gaullin - Moonlight (from Moonlight) [02:10:22]


36 Psychostick - Galaxy Song (from Galaxy Song) [02:13:12]


37 Burn The Ballroom - Esmeralda (from Kiss Me You Animal) [02:15:05]


38 Craig Connelly - Golden Gate (Extended Mix) (from Golden Gate) [02:18:10]


39 Extra Terra, Matteo Tura - The Oracle (from The Oracle) [02:25:22]


40 Corey Taylor - Holier Than Thou (Metallica cover) (from Holier Than Thou) [02:29:50]


41 Josh A - NO MERCY (from NO MERCY) [02:33:56]


42 Borgore - I Don't Care (from I Don’t Care) [02:36:11]


43 CRASHFACE - ultraplasticplanetkiller (from HEAVY INFECTIOUS) [02:40:04]


44 Twiztid - Parasite (from Unlikely Prescription) [02:42:34]


45 12th Planet - Habitat (Ace Aura Remix) (from Habitat (Ace Aura Remix)) [02:45:27]


46 ZABO, BADVOID - Asylum (from Asylum) [02:47:49]


47 Chon, Lagosh - Missionnaire (from Missionnaire) [02:51:01]


48 Aephanemer - Panta Rhei (from Panta Rhei) [02:53:06]


49 Virtual Riot - REDLINE (from Simulation) [02:58:24]


50 Spiritbox - Yellowjacket (feat. Sam Carter) (from Eternal Blue) [03:01:13]


51 The Chemical Brothers - Container Park (from Hanna OST) [03:04:31]


52 Face To Face - Blanked Out (from No Way out but Through) [03:08:13]


53 The Agonist - Remnants in Time (from Remnants in Time) [03:11:20]


54 Odd Mob, Pooks - Disappear (feat. Hayley Trinca) [ShockOne Remix] (from Disappear (feat. Hayley Trinca) [ShockOne Remix]) [03:16:08]


55 Slania - Limbo (from Limbo) [03:19:04]


56 Perturbator, HEALTH - Excess (from Excess) [03:23:35]


57 SeeYouSpaceCowboy... - Misinterpreting Constellations (from Misinterpreting Constellations) [03:28:06]


58 Rolo Lyrics, Blame - Strange Plug Beats (from Strange Plug Beats) [03:31:57]


59 Poppy - As Strange As It Seems (from Flux) [03:35:04]


60 Andrew Rayel, Robbie Seed - Blue Roses (feat. Maryjo Lilac) (from Blue Roses) [03:39:08]


61 Wooli, Codeko - Crazy (feat. Casey Cook) (from Crazy (feat. Casey Cook)) [03:42:42]


62 Flux Pavilion - Symphony (feat. Layna) (Helsloot Remix) (from Symphony (Helsloot Remix)) [03:46:09]


63 Okaeri, Dill - Hitori (from Hitori) [03:52:59]


64 The Amity Affliction - Like Love (from Like Love) [03:55:28]


65 DT8 Project - Hold Me Till The End (Ferry Corsten Remix) (from Hold Me Till The End (Ferry Corsten Remix)) [03:59:15]


66 Jason Ross, Blanke - One More Day (w/ Chandler Leighton) (from One More Day (w/ Chandler Leighton)) [04:02:55]


67 Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive (Idun Sessions) (from Still Alive (Idun Sessions)) [04:07:24]


68 Kayou. - lost in a world that doesn't exist (from lost in a world that doesn't exist) [04:11:27]


69 Sigur Rós - Varúð (from Valtari) [04:14:35]

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