2021-09-06 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 8)

Did you know that according to the Institute of Unfinished Research, 6 out of 10 people… Wel-to-tha-muthafuckin’-cum to the 8th installment of the Send Newds Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Y’all know the drill. Y’all know the whole fuckin’ toolbox, no doubt. This is just some new shit I found, and boy fuckin’ howdy, we’ve got some fucktacularity in store for us this week. I know, I probably say that every week. You know why? ‘CAUSE LITERALLY EVERY WEEK, we have more epic fucktacularity than any stick-shaker could shake sticks at. Never really understood that expression, but I do understand awesome fuckin’ music when I hear it, and I’ve heard it, so now we’re all about to hear it together. Unless you distrust my taste or think I’m a fuckhead in a bad way. In either of those cases, I must ask you who told you to stop licking my testicles. Who, hmm? Who told you to stop? Nah, if you distrust my taste, then clearly you ought to be on scrotum spit-shine detail. I’m talkin’ iron out the wrinkles with your tastebuds. I want to see my reflection in those motherfuckers by the time you’re through.


All that silliness aside, we really do have an outstanding fuckin’ podcast in store for us. If you can’t hang with it now, I hope you find a way to do so in the future, perhaps with things that challenge you considerably less than this seemingly erratic assortment of musical jewels. Everyone has their own trails to blaze on their way to new ka-nowledge, so I’m grateful as fuck if part of your trail includes mine. Honestly, as verbose as I frequently am, I still lack the linguistic capacity to describe some of these tracks. I have no idea what genre some of these would fall under, but as I’ve said countless times in myriad ways, genres are a fine way to superficially understand music. Beyond that, you just need to trust your tastes, trust what sounds good to you.


Lemme say a few things here before Mission: Yojne commences:


1. There’s this group called Death Tour that I discovered recently who seem to be similar to Ho99o9, sort of hip-hop electro-punk I suppose. Well, I listened to Death Tour Radio on Spotify to hear more similar stuff, and thus we have Depth Stride, Lord Gasp, Strange Bones and WARGASM (UK). I was vaguely aware of that last one before, and I still possess only a basic understanding of these groups, but I definitely yojne the fuck out of what I’ve heard so far. Hopefully you will too, ‘cause it’s fuckin’ badass and it makes me miss moshpits so fuckin’ much.


2. There’s a new thing on Spotify called Blend where you can create a playlist with your friends. I’ve done three so far, and I’ve heard lots of cool shit in the process. The August Burns Red track, the Hydelic track from Tetris Effect and the Bella Poarch are directly from those Blend playlists. So far, it’s been just my friends Al, Vega, and my lovie Alex. I’m happy to make Blend playlists with pretty much anyone though, so feel free to hit me up if you’re curious how our tastes mesh together.


3. Additional shoutouts must be made to my boy Speleo for the Supersillyus jam, my friend Shy for the Ferry Corsten track (although I do keep track of his stuff fairly well either way), my friend Al again for showing me Animals As Leaders so they appeared again this week in my Release Radar, and my lovie Alex for the Days N Daze track. In showing me these tracks, they’ve all participated in the making of this podcast, and I most certainly appreciate the fuck out of that. Seriously, there’s no fuck left in it; I checked. Can someone cum put some fuck back in it, please? I need to appreciate it more, and more, and mmmmore… Okay, enough silliness! Time to get serious!



…Dog food lid backwards is dildo of God…



4. Ughhhh, alright. You really want some genres before we get into this? Let’s see… We’ve got synthwave, synthstep, dubstep, melodic dubstep, orchestral dubstep, colour bass, that aforementioned hip-hop electro-punk stuff, minimalist electro (I guess? I don’t fuckin’ know what Mux Mool does, but I yojne it), rock, hip-hop, lo-fi beats, acoustic punk (shit, even acoustic fuckin’ dubstep), liquid drum’n’bass, solid drum’n’bass, gaseous drum’n’bass comin’ at you through the speakers like “poof, motherfucker!,” jazz, classical, hardcore, j-core, breakcore, ALLTHEFUCKIN’COOOOOOOOOORES!!!!1!!1!!!!, TRANCE (I mean, *ahem*) trance, goa, prog metal, regular metal, industrial metal hip-hop? Yeah, bitch! Apparently so! pop, 90s dance pop, bedroom pop, fuckin’ kitchen pop? Who knows? Maybe someday! R&B, complextro (can’t even believe that I didn’t just make up that goofy-ass name, and I’m not even 100% what it means). Is that good enough for ya? Enough for a little listen? A tiny little browse through the tracklist?! Hmm?!


5. Near the end is a classical track by a composer I love named Erik Satie that was supposedly recorded using a binaural microphone. To the best of my knowledge (and my knowledge of such things is above average), that means it was recorded using a stereo miking technique meant to give you the feeling you’re in the room as you’re listening to it. There’s even a stereo microphone built in to a mannequin head that some engineers use to create that effect even more… effectively. Hah! That’s what they used in Hellblade for the voices that Senua hears throughout the game. That’s why it’s so heavily recommended that you play that game with a good set of headphones or a good home stereo, ideally with 5.1 surround sound capability.


6. Well, actually there ain’t no six this time. No six, no seven, eight or nine. See, ever since seven ate nine, six and eight just peaced the fuck out. I mean, what the fuck are number users like me expected to do? Are we just expected to yojne as if that’s not a serious situation and I’m just being a silly fuckhead? Maybe… The world may never know, but there is hope! There is hope that the world may someday yojne, and maybe it ought to start here and now.



01 HIGHSOCIETY - Decoded (from Decoded) [00:04:25]


02 Blanke - Boom (from Boom) [00:08:21]


03 Depth Stride - Welcome to My Heart (from Welcome to My Heart) [00:12:05]


04 Death Tour, nascar aloe - Fucked Up (from Blood Pact) [00:14:39]


05 Mux Mool - Boom Boom Boom Yeah (from Boom Boom Boom Yeah) [00:16:06]


06 grandson, Vic Mensa, Masked Wolf - Oh No!!! (from The Suicide Squad) (from Oh No!!! (from The Suicide Squad)) [00:19:55]


07 Jyay, Futuristic, Decay - Heart So Cold (Remix) (from Heart So Cold (Remix)) [00:23:28]


08 Days N Daze - Fuck It! (from Rogue Taxidermy) [00:26:04]


09 L.A.O.S - Begin Again (from Begin Again) [00:29:09]


10 Ducky - Rise (from Rise) [00:33:18]


11 Hydelic - City Lights (from Tetris Effect OST) [00:37:13]


12 Lord Gasp - Sudo (from Sudo) [00:39:35]


13 12th Planet, Virus Syndicate - Supernova (from Supernova) [00:41:28]


14 3TEETH - Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9) (from Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9)) [00:43:50]


15 Drumcorps - Monuments to a Poison Logic (from For the Living) [00:47:23]


16 Ferry Corsten - Poison (feat. Lovlee) (from Poison) [00:49:23]


17 Animals As Leaders - Monomyth (from Monomyth) [00:53:42]


18 Bella Poarch - Build a Bitch (from Build a Bitch) [00:57:05]


19 DJ Rap - Love Is Savage (from Love Is Savage) [00:59:07]


20 Elle Vee, IamCROW, Pop Mage - Bitch (from Bitch) [01:04:42]


21 Ghostemane - Convoluted (from Fear Network II) [01:07:13]


22 Whales - Atlantis Super Rave (from Atlantis Super Rave) [01:10:16]


23 Steve Kroeger, Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (from Gypsy Woman) [01:14:00]


24 BANKS - Skinnydipped (from Skinnydipped) [01:16:30]


25 Mr. Bill - Pleasure Seeker (from Pleasure Seeker) [01:19:23]


26 HighDro, Ekoh - Tap In (from Tap In) [01:21:58]


27 Coffee Date - Aria of the Soul (from Aria of the Soul) [01:25:03]


28 Death Tour - P.I.S.S./U.S. (from P.I.S.S./U.S.) [01:27:40]


29 Tom Morello - Driving to Texas (feat. Phantogram) (from Driving to Texas (feat. Phantogram)) [01:28:42]


30 Strange Bones - England Screams (from England Screams) [01:34:05]


31 Rick and Morty - The Battle of Blood Ridge (feat. Thomas Edinger & Ryan Elder) (from The Battle of Blood Ridge (feat. Thomas Edinger & Ryan Elder) [From Rick & Morty Season 5]) [01:37:14]


32 WARGASM (UK) - Rage All Over (from Rage All Over) [01:39:25]


33 Iron Maiden - Stratego (from Stratego) [01:42:53]


34 TheFatRat, Everen Maxwell, Lindsey Stirling - Warbringer (from Warbringer) [01:47:51]


35 August Burns Red - Internal Cannon (feat. Matthew K Heafy) (from Leveler: 10th Anniversary Edition) [01:51:26]


36 Death Tour, WARGASM (UK) - The Cycle (from The Cycle) [01:55:09]


37 ASCA - カルペディエム (Chime Remix) - Sakura Chill Beats Singles (from カルペディエム (Chime Remix) - Sakura Chill Beats Singles) [01:57:04]


38 Mr. Bill, The Widdler - Pasta Masta (from Pasta Masta) [02:01:00]


39 Azedia - Shaman (from Shaman) [02:04:25]


40 Supersillyus - A List of Instructions for When I'm Human (from Charade) [02:10:00]


41 Just A Gent, Xan Griffin - LSD (from LSD) [02:16:49]


42 Danny Elfman, Trent Reznor - True (from True) [02:19:02]


43 Nelver, Nic ZigZag - Prisma (from Prisma) [02:24:17]


44 MDK, Treyx - Colour Cannon (from Colour Cannon) [02:29:29]


45 M-Project, Kamikaze - Chain Reaction (from Planet Hardcore) [02:34:26]


46 Purrple Cat, Strong.AL& - Sky Lake (from Sky Lake) [02:39:48]


47 salute - Want U There (Logistics Remix) (from Want U There (Logistics Remix)) [02:42:24]


48 TheFatRat - Our Song (feat. Cecilia Gault) (from Our Song) [02:46:29]


49 Exquisite Classic, Erik Satie - Gymnopédie - 2. Lent et triste (Binaural 3D Sound - Music Therapy) (from Erik Satie - Gymnopédies et Gnossiennes (Binaural 3D Sound - Music Therapy)) [02:49:37]


50 Seven Lions, Wooli, Amidy - Shadows (Acoustic) (from Shadows (Acoustic)) [02:52:35]


51 Yunalesca - Chasing Phantoms (from The Amalgamation of Human Apathy) [02:56:39]


52 Lisa Miskovsky - Run for Cover (Idun Sessions) (from Run for Cover (Idun Sessions)) [03:01:04]


53 Crywolf - The Home We Made Pt. II (from Ghosts EP) [03:05:15]


54 Flitz&Suppe, JUICEBX - Sunny State (from Peakquilibrium) [03:10:33]

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