2021-08-23 (Chill the Fuçk Out Edition Vol. 7)

Eeeemo-muthafuckin’-clew to the 7th installment of the Chill the Fuck Out Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Some real river-of-warm-chocolate-type jams for us all to drift along to this week. All you gotta do is be cool. Can ya handle that? As if the name wasn’t obvious e-fuckin’-nough, this is chill music from a variety of genres. We’ve got chillwave, chillstep, jazzy hip-hop (aka chillhop), chillout trance, are ya sensin’ the fuckin’ theme here? It’s mostly electronic sorts of music this time, but there are still a good number of more acoustic, actual instrumental numbers as well.


This one has 29 tracks from previous podcasts and 49 brand spankin’-that-ass-like-it-owes-me-money new tracks for a grand total of 78 tracks, clocking in at around 5 fuckin’ hours and 15 celibate minutes… Okay, okay, maybe those 15 minutes are fuckin’ too. I think they are, but perhaps you’ll need to render your invaluably valuable fuckin’ opinions on the matter yourselves. Also, just because I’m calling them “new” tracks doesn’t mean they’re recent releases. Some are only just new to this podcast, some are tracks I’ve known for years and just never got around to playing, but some are indeed recent releases. That goes for the Vestascension track, which I was especially delighted to find because I fuckin’ love that band. They were seemingly on hiatus for 6 something years after they put out their album, but they just released some singles in the past year or so. They’re dreamy as fuck, and you’re about to find out for yourself.


Also, watch out for the tracks by The Kiffness. I heard his Numnum Cat track on Instagram a week or so ago, and then he put out Alugalug Cat, and I had to find out more about him. Holy hell, that dude is amusing as fuck. Go check him out if you enjoy the tracks I put on this edition ‘cause you’ll probably like a lot more than just these two. Also also, I’m apparently super late to the fuckin’ Tove Lo party, and I’m super pissed about it ‘cause the track I picked for this week is fantastic, and it has almost half a fuckin’ billion streams. I almost never pick tracks that are that popular, and it’s actually a pretty hot song in contrast to many other examples with similar numbers of streams under their belts. I’m definitely gonna delve deeper into her stuff ‘cause I dig her like desert graves. What? Also also ALSO, I’m apparently also late to the Alina Baraz party. Same deal with her having hundreds of millions of streams, although the tracks I picked aren’t as popular as some of her others. I chose an original and a remix of that original ‘cause they’re both great, and it can be fun to compare & contrast.


Anyway, I’ve also been hearing the phrase, “Deep House,” in my travels lately, so I delved into it and included a number of those tracks on here too. I can’t exactly put my finger on why it’s, “deep,” except for maybe a less prominent beat in favor of the more prominent melody. Who knows why or how these genre names come to be, ya know? I’m sure some people know, but even I only know so much. Regardless, it’s pretty awesome stuff, and far more satisfying than regular House music, in my opinion. Lastly, much like many, many other editions of this podcast, there are personal stories of mine loosely woven throughout these tracks. Not all of the tracks, of course, and some stories are more significant than others. Sometimes it’s in the lyrical content, sometimes it’s just the track titles, but I do still go that little extra mile to make these podcasts special.


All that said, even though I could say more, I’ll spare y’all muthafuckas so we can get to the chillin’. So, pour that glass of fuckin’ wine, zip up that gimp suit, feed your mother’s poodle another slice of bacon on the roof and fuckin’ yojne!



01 The Kiffness - Numnum Cat (from Cat Jams) [00:02:57]


02 untrusted - WAP (from WAP) [00:04:50]


03 Alina Baraz, Galimatias - Make You Feel (Ark Patrol Remix) (from Urban Flora (Remixes)) [00:07:20]


04 MitiS - Born (from Born) [00:11:27]


05 Champagne Drip - Kaleidoscope (feat. Crystalline) (from Starman) [00:15:53]


06 Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan) (from Humanz (Deluxe)) [00:19:22]


07 TheFatRat - MAYDAY (feat. Laura Brehm) (from MAYDAY) [00:22:22]


08 YOUTH 83, Tima - Unfold (from Unfold) [00:26:23]


09 Jai Wolf - Starlight (from Starlight) [00:30:11]


10 BLACK NEON - Midnight In LA (Champagne Drip Remix) (from Midnight In LA (Champagne Drip Remix)) [00:33:48]


11 JUICEBX, WES WAX - Vantablack (from Satori) [00:38:00]


12 VIQ - Over The Clouds (from Last Path) [00:41:36]


13 Zane Alexander - Orion's Belt (from Death by Space) [00:45:21]


14 What So Not - Gemini (feat. George Maple) (from Gemini (feat. George Maple)) [00:48:04]


15 Marcin Patrzałek - Chopin Nocturne (from Chopin Nocturne) [00:52:29]


16 Oilix - Nightrider (from Nightrider) [00:56:54]


17 Killigrew - Sweet Solitude (from Sweet Solitude) [00:58:34]


18 Rifti Beats - Chouzetsu Dynamic (DBS Opening 1) (from DRAGON BALL LOFI) [01:03:22]


19 The Kiffness - Alugalug Cat (Funk Mashup) (from Cat Jams) [01:06:03]


20 The Glitch Mob - Bad Wings (from Drink The Sea) [01:07:48]


21 Dibyo, Alan Watts - REFLECTION (from REFLECTION) [01:14:23]


22 Blu - Amnesia (from Her Favorite Colo(u)r) [01:16:40]


23 Victoria Monét - F.U.C.K. (from F.U.C.K.) [01:19:37]


24 Koda, Dabin - The Take Down (from Spotlight Compilation Vol. 1) [01:22:59]


25 Michael St. Laurent - Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn) (from Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn)) [01:28:51]


26 Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) (Hippie Sabotage Remix) (from Queen Of The Clouds) [01:33:15]


27 Bim - Stop You (from Two) [01:37:29]


28 A.L.I.S.O.N - Subtract (from Signal Flow) [01:40:39]


29 Tom Bates - Yet another dream (from Just a fool) [01:45:44]


30 Major Lazer - Be Together (feat. Wild Belle) (Vanic Remix) (from Peace is the Mission (Extended)) [01:50:25]


31 Syd - Missing Out (from Missing Out) [01:54:54]


32 Vindata - All I Really Need (feat. Kenzie May) (from For One to Follow) [01:58:45]


33 Clams Casino - Blast (from 32 Levels (Deluxe)) [02:04:32]


34 Blackmill - Spirit of Life (from Miracle) [02:06:38]


35 Неделька - Youth (from Youth) [02:12:42]


36 Douran - Avalanche (Joachim Pastor Remix) (from Avalanche (Joachim Pastor Remix)) [02:15:28]


37 Rifti Beats - Gohan Angers (from DRAGON BALL LOFI) [02:22:17]


38 Sundance, Cardiac P, Ocean Jade, Ozay Moore, Sojourn - Cycles (from Cycles) [02:25:55]


39 Grimes, i_o - Violence (from Miss Anthropocene (Deluxe Edition)) [02:30:04]


40 Lastlings - False Reactions (from First Contact) [02:33:42]


41 Chat One - August (from August) [02:38:47]


42 ZHU - Risky Business (from Risky Business) [02:41:37]


43 Ark Patrol - Tokyo (from Ambition EP) [02:46:55]


44 OSC - Yoru No Kosoku Doro (from Yume No Machi) [02:51:33]


45 Zyphyr - a v a s t h a (from a v a s t h a) [02:56:03]


46 Lydia Baskow Trio - Nuages Creux (from Nuages Creux) [02:59:37]


47 Mr Little Jeans - The Suburbs (from The Suburbs) [03:02:06]


48 Xinobi - Boats (from Boats) [03:07:08]


49 Voyage - Paradise (from Paradise) [03:12:53]


50 Hollow Clouds - Cherry Pie Jam (from Cherry Pie Jam) [03:18:18]


51 Jason Fabus, Brian Ward, Tyler Kreutel, Harry Mack - Mack's Stacks (from Three Ways) [03:21:53]


52 KUČKA - Divinity (Mazde Remix) (from Divinity Remixed) [03:24:16]


53 HawkOne - Blue Casket (from Blue Casket) [03:28:46]


54 keshi - blue (Jai Wolf Remix) (from blue (Jai Wolf Remix)) [03:31:17]


55 Purity Ring - Better Off Alone (from Better Off Alone) [03:34:36]


56 Alina Baraz, Galimatias - Make You Feel (from Urban Flora) [03:38:24]


57 Somna - Secret (feat. HALIENE) (Chillout Mix) (from Secret) [03:42:01]


58 Yoav - Where Is My Mind (feat. Emily Browning) (from Sucker Punch OST) [03:45:38]


59 San Holo, Broods - Honest (from Honest) [03:51:46]


60 Rameses B - I Need You (from Memoirs EP) [03:55:30]


61 Sarah Proctor - Lost (from Lost) [04:00:33]


62 Annie - In Heaven (from Dark Hearts) [04:04:02]


63 Tenishia - Strong (feat. Sue McLaren) (Chill Out Mix) (from Frozen Roads, Vol. 3) [04:07:37]


64 Arctic Lake - Night Cries (from What You May Find) [04:11:34]


65 CLANN - I Hold You (from Seelie) [04:14:21]


66 The Postal Service - This Place Is A Prison (from Give Up) [04:23:24]


67 w00ds, Lokel - Please Don't Go (from Please Don’t Go) [04:27:15]


68 Yinyues - Everything (feat. Mimi Page) (from Everything) [04:29:41]


69 untrusted - Never Gonna Give You Up (from Never Gonna Give You Up) [04:33:56]


70 LukHash, Meredith Bull - Dying Breath (from Dying Breath) [04:36:22]


71 Moonnight - Sunset Kindness (feat. Elles De Graaf) (Chill Out Mix) (from Best of Chill Out Vocal Trance 2017) [04:40:39]


72 Sublab - Last Time I Saw U (from Traces) [04:44:46]


73 Mik, The Amity Affliction - Soak Me in Bleach (Lo-Fi) (from Soak Me in Bleach (Lo-Fi)) [04:49:37]


74 Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge (from Among My Swan) [04:52:33]


75 Lofi Fruits Music, Orange Stick - Wish You Were Here (from Wish You Were Here) [04:57:14]


76 Foals - Spanish Sahara (from Total Life Forever) [04:59:09]


77 Vestascension - Everything Ends (from Everything Ends) [05:05:51]


78 One Million Flowers - and in the end, we never went to the beach (from and in the end, we never went to the beach) [05:10:04]

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