2021-08-16 (Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition Vol. 4)

Wwwwwelcome one and all to the 4th volume of the Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! What in the blue wackadoo fuck is “witch-rowave trap-house,” you may so rightfully be inclined to inquire? It’s an orgiastic portmanteau I came up with in 2019 as I started exploring and noting similarities between the genres of witch house and retrowave, along with all their respective subgenres. Basically, expect lots of electronic music, lots of cyberpunk vibes, lots of fuckin’ cavernous reverb on the vocals of some of the witch house jams. I don’t know why that’s kind of a staple, but it’s definitely noticeable and actually quite lovely so long as you’re not trying to understand and/or write out the lyrics. The thought of virtually anyone doing that these days seems as laughable as, I dunno, any sort of positive future for anyone in the wake of relentless human greed.


This shit is kind of a perfect soundtrack to our ever-declining dystopia, but I wouldn’t say it’s all gloom & doom. A lot of it is instrumental, so you’re left to interpret the tonal tenor on your own. Generally speaking though, anytime you have things in minor keys, people will interpret sadness, negativity of some sort. That’s one of the most fascinating things about music to me: the ways in which so many of us are hardwired to interpret things, subconscious ways most of us don’t even understand or acknowledge. Anyway, I could go on and on, so I’ll spare y’all and stop.


The fourth installment of this edition is appropriately a little over 4 hours long. It’s all new stuff except 7 tracks that have appeared on previous podcasts. Lots of one of my favorite witch house groups called Fraunhofer Diffraction (not 100% sure if I’m pronouncing that correctly, actually). I haven’t heard a bad track from them yet. Also, I’ve included some more synthstep in this mix this time. I’ve flirted with it before in previous editions, mostly coming from an artist named Extra Terra, but it seems like it might be a growing hybrid genre. So, I s’pose I apologize if you’re too fuckin’ rigid to hang with dubstep-ish rhythmic patterns in your synthwave, but maybe removing the enormous stick from your anus would alleviate said rigidity. I dunno, it’s your right to be as wrong as you like.


As with all my previous installments of this edition, I’ve used a photo from Sergey “Aku” Shetukhin’s epic Neon Witch series. You can find him on IG @akunohako, and I’ll credit the model too once I actually figure out which picture I’m using. I typically prepare the edition’s artwork as one of my very last steps in my process, and obviously I’m still at the intro-writing step. I actually fucked up and napped for too long last night, which is why this edition is being released far later than I would’ve liked. Sleep has been something of an elusive stranger to me over the past few weeks, so I definitely needed it. Anyway, yeah, support the photographer, the models, give them likes, follows, buy something from them, ‘cause they’re goddamn awesome and awesome shit deserves support, especially when it’s lesser known awesomeness.


With all that done did and done said, well, we pretty much have nothing left to do but yojne, amiright?



01 Alice Glass - STILLBIRTH (from STILLBIRTH) [00:02:08]


02 LöKii - Smoke (from Smoke) [00:04:53]


03 CASHFORGOLD - Queen (feat. Sidewalks and Skeletons) (from Queen) [00:08:08]


04 Apashe - Work (feat. Vo Williams) (SWARM Remix) (from Work (SWARM Remix)) [00:11:57]


05 Juche - Till We Fall (from Till We Fall) [00:16:00]


06 Thred - Ground Zero (from Ground Zero) [00:19:38]


07 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Pure (from White Light) [00:23:52]


08 BlackGummy - The Machine (from Singularity) [00:28:47]


09 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Exaltation (from Exaltation) [00:31:42]


10 Jake the Kid - Machina (from Clarity) [00:35:53]


11 Mr.Kitty - Hold Me Down (from Time) [00:40:34]


12 Prismo - Breakaway (Totto Remix) (from Breakaway (Remixes)) [00:44:25]


13 KAVERN - On You (from On You) [00:47:58]


14 Fynn's Arcade - Escape (from Escape) [00:52:27]


15 Deadcrow - Lies (from Lies) [00:56:54]


16 Extra Terra - Projekt 2077 (from Projekt 2077) [00:59:56]


17 SecretiveSuicide - Kłamstwa (from #4) [01:04:40]


18 Carbon Killer - Under the Skin (feat. Aya) (2019 Version) (from Divided We Fall) [01:07:47]


19 CASHFORGOLD - i could be your goddess (from i could be your goddess) [01:13:03]


20 VHS Dreams - R.e.d.m (from Trans AM) [01:16:16]


21 Crystal Castles - Baptism (from (II)) [01:19:49]


22 Essenger - After Dark (from Downfall (feat. Lexi Norton)) [01:23:57]


23 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Last Light (from Fading) [01:27:34]


24 Fury Weekend - 12 To Midnight (from Retro Rangers) [01:34:32]


25 Sorsari - Luna (from wave 003) [01:39:58]


26 Neuroc - Dial Me Up (from Dial Me Up) [01:43:14]


27 Kareful - Darker Waters (from Deluge) [01:46:42]


28 VHS Dreams - Nightdrive (from Trans AM) [01:49:27]


29 CHVRN - Find You (from Find You) [01:53:27]


30 New Arcades - Another Night (from Returning Home) [01:56:43]


31 foxwedding - Hell Of A Thing (from wave 001) [02:00:39]


32 Donbor - Chaos (from Chaos) [02:03:14]


33 Memphis., Codxinx., Djedi - Beyond the Waves (from Beyond the Waves) [02:07:16]


34 La Vie Sauvage - I Thrive in Chaos (from I Thrive in Chaos) [02:10:31]


35 Courtesans - Genius (Sidewalks and Skeletons Remix) (from Genius (Sidewalks and Skeletons Remix)) [02:13:32]


36 Extra Terra, Lazerpunk - Neo Wick Mode (from Neo Wick Mode) [02:18:57]


37 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Zero Gravity Dance (from Star Trails) [02:23:00]


38 Sikdope - Follow (ATRIP Remix) (from Follow (ATRIP Remix)) [02:26:30]


39 Mr.Kitty - give/take (from A.I.) [02:29:56]


40 Kalax, Kidburn - Out of Control (from III) [02:33:37]


41 K1llrgvp - Train (from Summer (feat. Spice Mouse) - EP) [02:37:23]


42 SYML - Clean Eyes (The Midnight Remix) (from Clean Eyes (The Midnight Remix)) [02:40:54]


43 Rayless - Tears (from Synesthesia 3.0) [02:44:42]


44 Mark Holiday, Magnus Deus - Retro Synthwave (Trendsetter Remix) (from Retro Synthwave (Trendsetter Remix)) [02:47:57]


45 Summer of Haze - Pussy Juice (from Gospel) [02:51:56]


46 Waveshaper - CRT Days (Droid Bishop Remix) (from CRT Days (Droid Bishop Remix)) [02:55:01]


47 Crystal Castles - Pale Flesh (from (III)) [02:59:08]


48 ZETA - Elysian Fields (from Zeta) [03:02:06]


49 Forxst, Jutro - Aurea (from Aurea) [03:05:35]


50 Vincenzo Salvia - The Pineapple Pizza Slayer (from The Pineapple Pizza Slayer) [03:09:46]


51 Kareful, Deadcrow - Iridescence (from Iridescence) [03:13:10]


52 M.A.D.E.S - Return (from Return) [03:16:24]


53 Lorn - Oxbow B (from The Maze to Nowhere) [03:21:24]


54 ZABO, Social Kid - Ultima (from Ultima) [03:25:48]


55 Skit - Crepuscular (from West London Empath) [03:29:01]


56 Malo - Suffermore (from Suffermore) [03:33:10]


57 OBESØN - Enemy (from Enemy) [03:37:51]


58 Sung - Overizer (Remaster) (from Overizer EP (Remaster)) [03:40:35]


59 MVEJIMV - fatigue (from fatigue) [03:44:35]


60 Von Kaiser - Future Sight (from Animals) [03:49:39]


61 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Time (from Vice) [03:53:02]


62 Essenger - Downfall (feat. Lexi Norton) (from Downfall (feat. Lexi Norton)) [03:58:54]

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