2021-07-19 (Entranced Edition Vol. 7)

Up the fuck’s what, motherfuckerinos and motherfuckerinas?! Cum well to the 7th installment of the Entranced Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Oh, sweet cream of Satan’s Canadian snatch have I got some lovely treats in store for us this week, but before we get to that, I suppose we gotta get to this. For anyone somehow not in the know, Entranced is just… trance. Fuck you, I don’t have to be clever all the time. More than trance though, I’ve included a number of its subgenres (even though trance itself is a subgenre).


Thus, we have hard trance, J-trance, chillout, psytrance (even psycore, which I just discovered last fucking night and I already adore), melodic, progressive, instrumental, vocal, even a fuckin’ EDM cover (which normally wouldn’t be that notable except that it’s an EDM cover of another EDM song). I also wanted to share a little strangeness with y’all. So, there are a number of tracks in this edition that I’ve played before, but I tried to find as much new stuff as I could in the time I allotted myself. One of the older tracks is called Winter by DT8 Project. What’s strange about that? Well, sit the fuck down and I’ll tell you.


As I was compiling tracks for this edition, Winter comes on randomly as I’m skimming through a playlist. Cool, I didn’t even know that track was on Spotify. It’s been a while since I’ve even thought about that track, but I remembered playing it on my podcast once (and only once). An hour or two later, I’m checking Facebook memories. Turns out that 5 years ago to the day, I posted the last podcast before my near 3 year hiatus, an edition simply called Fuck Summer. Get it, Fuck Summer, a track called Winter, a whole bunch of winter-related tracks? Hah! Fuck you, you didn’t think of it. Anyway, this Fuck Summer edition was the only edition I ever played that Winter track on. Pretty fuckin’ strange coincidence, if ya ask me. This is where shit starts to reach, but guess what year Winter was released? 200-fuckin’-5. 2005, 5 years ago?! Nothin’?! Ahh, fuck it.


Anyway, aside from that weirdness, I also threw in a current DT8 Project track ‘cause apparently he’s still makin’ music, and it’s pretty nice. Seven Lions, Trivecta and Au5 (or A-U-5, whichever pumps your crank) are making surprising appearances on here. They’re far better known for their dubstep jams, and you’ll definitely hear some dubstep around the end of Trivecta’s song. Anyway, fantastic shit and keep an ear out. That psycore genre I mentioned? You’ll hear what I’m talking about in the tracks Paranubis and Interdimensional. I’m pretty sure it’s not fast enough to be considered speedcore, so think of it as psychedelic hardcore. Basically, trippy and fast as fuck, boiiii!


Also, in case anyone’s curious, the sample used in the Nicholson and Quake track called Life’s A Dream is a sadly departed comic named Bill Hicks. He was talking about what a positive story about doing drugs might sound like since all we ever hear about are the negative ones. Phenomenal man right there, and if you’re unfamiliar with him, treat yourself to some research. I would venture a guess that Bill Hicks may have inspired some of Carlin’s divergence into edgier material from the 80s to the 90s. Who knows, though? Maybe I’m full of shit and Carlin inspired him, or maybe both are true. I dunno, that’s why I called it a fuckin’ guess. People ought to leave greater margins for error than they typically do these days with their hot takes on Twitter ’n’ shit. That’s actually the full name of the site. Did you know that? Not a lot of people know that.


Okay, sorry for that. I’m still working through the trauma of the past 5 years. I’ma just up the fuck shut now so we can yojne. K? Potassium to you too, muthafucka. Yooooojneeeee!



01 Adam Taylor - Time Flies (feat. Claire Willis) (from Time Flies) [00:02:40]


02 kors k - No Regrets (from Massive Circlez 4) [00:10:53]


03 BT, Matt Fax, Nation Of One - Walk into the Water (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) (from Walk into the Water (Craig Connelly + Toby Pearce Remixes)) [00:15:19]


04 Sheridan Grout, Mark Bester - Under Water (feat. Julia Ross) (Extended Mix) (from Under Water) [00:22:58]


05 Omnia - Massive (Extended Mix) (from Massive) [00:29:28]


06 Infected Mushroom, Xerox - Gravity Waves (Infected Mushroom 2017 Remix) (from Return to the Sauce) [00:34:04]


07 Elysian - Moonchild (Trivecta Remix) (from Water EP (The Remixes)) [00:42:29]


08 Audiopathik, Bombax - Interdimensional (from Star Beings) [00:46:28]


09 NWYR, FLRNTN, W&W, Darius & Finlay - InterGalactic (from InterGalactic) [00:52:42]


10 Fahjah - Far From Home (SR) (feat. Emma Chatt) (from EP pt. 1) [00:55:24]


11 Nicholson, Quake - Life's A Dream (from Life’s A Dream) [00:59:29]


12 i_o - Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix) (from Castles In The Sky) [01:06:34]


13 Omnia - Arcanum (Extended Mix) (from Arcanum) [01:12:29]


14 Hallucinogen - LSD (Astral Projection Remix) (from Goa Classics Remixed) [01:16:55]


15 Nicholson, Paul Skelton - Serenity (from Reverent) [01:25:33]


16 DJ Tiësto - Sweet Things (feat. Charlotte Martin) (from Elements Of Life) [01:32:02]


17 Alex M.O.R.P.H., Aimoon, Northern Storm - Mission Control (Extended Tech Mix) (from Mission Control) [01:37:15]


18 Bizzare Contact - Collision (Indra Remix) (from Collision (Indra Remix)) [01:44:13]


19 Zombic, DJ 9oh - Energy (from Energy) [01:51:43]


20 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Glowing In The Dark (from Glowing In The Dark) [01:54:24]


21 Dennis Sheperd, Roger Shah, Adam Is A Girl - We Are One (Extended Mix) (from We Are One) [01:57:58]


22 DT8 Project - Who Knows For How Long (Extended Mix) (from Where We Go From Here Pt. 2) [02:05:23]


23 Van Der Karsten - In Between (Extended Mix) (rom In Between) [02:11:46]


24 Paralocks, Anubis - Paranubis (from Star Beings) [02:15:53]


25 Astral Projection, DJ Jorg - Kabalah (Shivatree Remix) (from Kabalah) [02:22:15]


26 Ferry Corsten, Gouryella - Orenda (from Orenda) [02:31:31]


27 Mandragora - Shiva Style (Phanatic, Berg Remix) (from Back Catalog (Radio Edits)) [02:36:07]


28 Nicholson - Chainsaw (from Reverent) [02:39:43]


29 Marc Aurel - Running (Elucidus Extended Remix) (from Running (Elucidus Remix)) [02:46:17]


30 Ramin Arab - Hope For Freedom (Extended Mix) (from Hope For Freedom) [02:53:52]


31 DT8 Project - Winter (feat. Andrea Britton) (Original Vocal Mix) (from Winter) [02:59:21]


32 Signum - Flashback (Mix Cut) (from The Tidy Lockdown Annual) [03:07:10]


33 Armin van Buuren, Rising Star - The Voice (feat. Cari) (Extended Mix) (from The Voice) [03:12:43]


34 Rene Ablaze - The One (feat. Sarah de Warren) (Extended Mix) (from The One) [03:19:13]


35 Somna - Secret (feat. HALIENE) (Chillout Mix) (from Secret) [03:25:42]


36 Ferry Corsten - Bloodstream (feat. Ruben de Ronde) (Extended Mix) (from Bloodstream) [03:29:19]


37 Seven Lions - Rush Over Me (feat. HALIENE) (Seven Lions 1999 Extended Mix) (from Rush Over Me (Seven Lions 1999 Remix)) [03:35:46]


38 Omnia - Eternity (Extended Mix) (from Eternity) [03:40:59]


39 Ferry Corsten - Our Moon (feat. Lovlee) (Protoculture Remix) (from Our Moon (Protoculture Remix)) [03:45:22]


40 GXD - Sail (feat. Elle Vee) (ReOrder Extended Remix) (from Sail (ReOrder Remix)) [03:49:18]


41 Seven Lions - Worlds Apart (feat. Kerli) (Seven Lions 1999 Extended Mix) (from Worlds Apart (Seven Lions 1999 Remix)) [03:54:34]


42 Au5 - Was It You (feat. HALIENE) (Taylor Torrence Remix) (from Was It You (feat. HALIENE) (Taylor Torrence Remix)) [04:01:04]


43 Ferry Corsten - Wherever You Are (Solis & Sean Truby Remix) (from Blueprint Remixed) [04:05:38]


44 Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere - Anthem (from Trance Maniacs Party - Sun (Special Summer Edition ’08)) [04:09:39]


45 RAM, Susana, Tales Of Life - You Are Enough (Extended Mix) (from You Are Enough) [04:17:20]


46 Gareth Emery - You'll Be OK (feat. Annabel) (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) (from You’ll Be OK) [04:24:45]

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