2021-07-12 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 7)

What in the actual, tangible, non-fungible fuck is up, dearest perverts and preveretties?! Clew-to-the-muthafuckin’-emo upside-down, backwards & inside-out to the 7th installment of the Send Newds Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! What are “newwwwwds?!” Simply put, you complex-ass motherfucker, just some new shit I heard recently. Actually, I do have a number of throwbacks from many, MANY moons prior, but they’re still new to this podcast as far as I know. Anyone who was into trance music in the late 90s and early aughts ought to know this artist. If not, well boy-girl-rainbow-unicorn-howdy do you have a treat comin’ to you.


Speakin’ of treaties, let’s discuss ‘em, sweeties:


1. I suppose the fact that there’s a lot of liquid drum’n’bass on this edition is appropriate considering the amount of rain we’ve been getting around the northeast. I’m sure most of y’all have seen the viral video of the flooded subway by now. Let me just say, I think the only thing that would get me even considering dipping a toe in that nauseatingly toxic stew is a written, signed, notarized agreement of transfer of all funds from the bank accounts of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, basically every billionaire so that I could give the money back to the people. Basically, HELL TO THE FUCK NAW! GET THE ACTUAL, THEORETICAL, METAPHYSICAL & FUCKIN’ QUANTUM FUCK UP ON OUT OF HERE AND OFF A GODDAMN CLIFF! Mothafuckas must be out they goddamn minds trudging through that disease-ridden muck to get to what, your job? How the fuck you showin’ up to work after doing that? More to the point, what the fuckdoodle makes you think the trains are even running?! Muthafucka, those trains stop for all sorts of reasons that don’t include suddenly trying to run aquatically. Fuckin’ Jason Momoa gonna come out of the sludge with extra limbs, glowing and shit, all to propel you to your shitty fuckin’ office job? Even if you’re goin’ to your house or apartment, wouldn’t most sane people just take a fuckin’ stroll instead?! Even if it’s a 50 block stroll just to avoid even being within noseshot of that putrid mess? Holy fuck, hail a passing gondola or somethin’. Are gondolas gonna be exclusive to the rich as NYC goes underwater in the coming years? Is Manhattan gonna be the American Venice? Fuckin’ sigh, all this shit is avoidable. I guess the only question remains to be will we have the willpower, people power, fuckin’ Assassin’s Creed power to actually avoid it? I dunno, anyway…


2. The Pharoah Sanders track called, “Prince of Peace,” was a random find from The Sopranos, believe it or not. My roommate and I are watching through the series to get hyped for the Saints of Newark movie. The track is goddamn arrestingly hilarious. You’ll hear what I mean, but the way it’s used in the show is even more hilarious. It’s just Tony’s sister Janice driving down a neighborhood road and pulling into the driveway, but she’s bumpin’ this jam, and it sounds so outlandishly bizarre; it’s just extra hilarious because it reminds me of myself when I’d bump Halber Mensch by Einstürzende Neubauten out my car. That, and the number of times I played some difficult to ignore music in bars. I know I’m a dick for doing that, I accept it, I just goddamn fucking hate bars and I wish people would stop submitting to such tired (not to mention potentially dangerous and expensive) social rituals when far safer, cheaper and more intimate gatherings can be held within residences. If not, shit, there are still concerts, museums, theatrical performances, conventions, there are so many better (or at least less lazy) ways to meet people than fucking bars. I dunno, maybe I’m just a poopy-pants fuckin’ weirdo. Anyway…


3. Just in case y’all into deathcore and haven’t yet heard of this group called VCTMS, I included 3 of their jams this week. I’ve played them numerous times since I discovered them in 2019, and I haven’t heard a bad track since. Then again, I’m me, and I try to find something to like in just about everything I listen to. That’s not to say that every track is share/podcast-worthy. On the contrary, I’d say to ¾ of the stuff I hear just ends up in my personal Recent Likes playlist or I just pass it by altogether like a bland Tinder. Like I’ve said on previous editions, I don’t bother putting anything on these podcasts that isn’t at least a 4.5 or 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. Mayyyyybe a 4 every once in a blue moon, but there’s no accounting for taste. Ya know? Quality is subjective. Anyway, moving on…


4. I’m mad at myself for forgetting to include The World Over on my Pride podcasts last month. The singer of that group is fuckin’ phenomenal, and she actually just got married. My roommate and I saw them back innnn late 2019 (I think?) when they opened for Otep. Good heavens, my oh me, what a fuckin’ show. Even though it was at Dingbatz (I fuckin’ hate it there), such a fantastic night. Anyway, yeah, definitely keep your ears open for that track.


5. Little Big did a cover of Backstreet Boys’, “Everybody,” and it was too goddamn hilarious to exclude. My favorite part is the sheep sample used to substitute for the “yeeeahs” in the background. Kinda hearkens back to how I felt about pop music in general when I was younger. I’ve softened on it over the years, but I still see it as one of the fast foods of music, if that makes any sense. Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with Little Big, do yourself a ginormagantic fuckin’ favor and look into them, especially their videos on YouTube. I most highly recommend Hateful Love. That song fills me with warm fuzzies.


6. Pretty solid amount of trance on this one, as well. It really goes to show that shit continues to happen in many, many artists’ lives well beyond when you stop keeping up with them. I used to be much more plugged in to trance and stuff when I was first getting into it, and I still love it to death. I will rave with some glowsticks all fuckin’ night. Gimme a pair when I’m fuckin’ 80 and I’ll wave those motherfuckers ‘round ’til my goddamn hip breaks, fuck outta here. I know, fuckin’ 80, right? That’s a fuckin’ laugh. It’s fun to dream. Anyway, yeah, the artist that I was talking about in the beginning of the intro issssss…. fuckin’ Ayla! That’s right, I actually dug that deep in the crate, so to speak. It started from the Luke Bond track called, “Last Goodbye,” which led to the Ben Nicky & Luke Bond remix of the song, “Ayla,” originally by the artist of the same name (of course), which then led to my browsing Ayla’s Spotify page and finding some awesome singles and comps I had no idea about until last night. You see how much fuckin’ fun it can be just goin’ down a rabbit hole? Or branchin’ out? Expanding your fuckin’ horizon? I dunno, you pick the fuckin’ metaphor. Doesn’t take much effort, and you can discover cool shit you might never have otherwise realize existed. I don’t know about y’all, I fuckin’ live for that shit. I’ve got a few other reasons too, but discovering & learning new shit are big ones.


7. The track by carolesdaughter called, “please put me in a medically induced coma,” holy hell… I love the lyrics and overall feel of that track. I loved the track title immediately, but I had no idea she’d actually use it in the chorus, and she did it really well, too. Definitely keep your tender ear sphincters receptive for that one.


8. The artist untrusted who did the downtempo lo-fi-ish cover of WAP a few editions back, they made another appearance this week with an instrumental cover of Never Gonna Give You Up. I honestly think I might want that played at my funeral. I would love to posthumously make people laugh, and I think that would be great towards that end. Hah, that end. Get it? I know, I’m dark as fuck. That’s just the life that chose me. What can I do?


9. Nope! No nine here either! Fuck nines like fork tines in flick lines & strychnine, mothafucka! I dunno, shut up.


10. Berried Alive’s the fuckin’ shit. Recognize. Also, yyyyyyyyyojne!



01 Death Tour - D*E*S*T*R*O*Y (from D*E*S*T*R*O*Y) [00:05:45]


02 Little Big - Everybody (Little Big Are Back) (from COVERS) [00:07:20]


03 VCTMS - What Doesn't Kill You (from Vol. IV Numb the Ache) [00:09:55]


04 Blaine Stranger, Voicians - Sirens (from Sirens) [00:11:42]


05 Bear Grillz, Five AM, BLUPILL - End Of The World (from Rest In Peace EP) [00:15:35]


06 carolesdaughter - please put me in a medically induced coma (from please put me in a medically induced coma) [00:18:37]


07 The Prodigy - Breathe (feat. RZA) [Liam H and René LaVice Re-Amp] (from Breathe (feat. RZA) [Liam H and René LaVice Re-Amp]) [00:21:41]


08 Vitas - 7 Element (Blblbl Festival Club Extended Remix) (from 7 Element (Blblbl Remixes)) [00:24:10]


09 Deftones - Ceremony (WHOKILLEDXIX Ceremonial Version) (from Ceremony (WHOKILLEDXIX Ceremonial Version)) [00:27:39]


10 Yunalesca - Main Character Complex (from The Amalgamation of Human Apathy) [00:29:34]


11 William Black, Thomas Laurent - Only One I Need (feat. HALIENE) (from Only One I Need) [00:33:03]


12 Berried Alive - The Pun-Isher (from Fuego) [00:36:26]


13 Kai Wachi - Muscleville (from MUSCLEVILLE EP) [00:40:42]


14 Ayla, Yel - Sun Is Coming Out (Ayla's Uplifting Mix) (from Ayla Presents Yel - Sun Is Coming Out, Vol. 1) [00:42:59]


15 GRiZ, ProbCause, Chrishira Perrier - Rainbow Brain (from Rainbow Brain) [00:51:27]


16 Feint - Silent Light (from Silent Light) [00:55:48]


17 L.A.O.S - Bright Lights (from Bright Lights / Give Me) [01:00:13]


18 Kotori - Death from Above (from Birdhouse) [01:04:26]


19 Tom Morello, The Bloody Beetroots - Lightning Over Mexico (feat. Ana Tijoux) (from The Catastrophists EP) [01:08:02]


20 Jarren Benton, FastLane Trap - Appalled (from Appalled) [01:12:05]


21 Void Stare, Dav Dralleon - Annihilation Dogma (from Annihilation Dogma) [01:14:47]


22 Blanke - Survive (w/ Luma) (from Survive (w/ Luma) [01:18:19]


23 M-Project, DJ Dynamax - Feel Your Body & Mind (from Feel Your Body & Mind) [01:22:01]


24 Ghastly - Creep It Real (from The OG EP) [01:26:20]


25 Enduser, Metalogue - Polychrome Shadow (from Network’s Edge) [01:29:17]


26 We Butter The Bread With Butter - 20 km/h (from 20 km/h) [01:37:45]


27 Access To Arasaka - Cynosure (from Orbitus) [01:40:54]


28 Figure - Pixel Riddim (from Pixel Riddim) [01:45:28]


29 Tom Morello, The Bloody Beetroots - Radium Girls (feat. Pussy Riot, The Last Internationale, Aimee Interrupter, White Lung) (from Radium Girls) [01:48:02]


30 Sub Focus - Airplane (Culture Shock Remix) (from Airplane (Culture Shock Remix)) [01:51:48]


31 S.P.Y - Alpha Centauri (from Alpha Centauri) [01:56:09]


32 The Algorithm - Segmentation Fault (from Segmentation Fault) [02:01:05]


33 Pharoah Sanders - Prince of Peace (from Izipho Zam (My Gifts)) [02:05:32]


34 NGHTMRE, Alexandar Smash - Speak Easy (feat. Ghostlo) (from Speak Easy (feat. Ghostlo)) [02:14:17]


35 Nelver - Time Forward (from Time Forward) [02:17:59]


36 Ayla - Ayla (Ben Nicky & Luke Bond Remix) (from Ayla) [02:23:13]


37 TheFatRat - Hiding In The Blue (feat. RIELL) (from Hiding In The Blue) [02:27:31]


38 High Contrast, BIM - Arcadia (Dillinja Remix) (from Notes_from_the_Underground_2.0_Remixes.zip) [02:31:08]


39 Essenger - Plague Doctor (from Plague Doctor) [02:36:52]


40 S.P.Y - Darkmttr (from Darkmttr EP) [02:39:41]


41 Telomic - Paro (from Paro) [02:44:53]


42 Kotori - Hummingbird (feat. Synthion) (from Birdhouse) [02:48:56]


43 M-Project, DJ Dynamax - Hope (from Feel Your Body & Mind) [02:54:00]


44 Hyper - Control (from Control) [02:57:53]


45 L-Side, DRS - No Sound (Dogger & Mindstate Remix) (from No Sound (Dogger & Mindstate Remix)) [03:01:35]


46 Texas, Wu-Tang Clan - Hi (UNKLE Reconstruction) (from Hi (UNKLE Reconstruction)) [03:06:46]


47 Dibyo, Alan Watts - REFLECTION (from REFLECTION) [03:15:27]


48 Purrple Cat - Wanted (from Adventure Island) [03:17:45]


49 Marcin Patrzałek - Chopin Nocturne (from Chopin Nocturne) [03:21:18]


50 BT, Matt Fax - 1AM in Paris (Paul Thomas & Dylhen Remix) (from 1AM in Paris (Paul Thomas & Dylhen Remix)) [03:25:43]


51 Andrew Rayel, Tensteps, RUNAGROUND - Carry You Home (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) (from Carry You Home (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)) [03:29:03]


52 Ayla - Angelfalls (2011 Rewire) (from Unreleased Secrets) [03:32:44]


53 Bear Grillz - Thoughts Of You (feat. Peytn) (from Thoughts Of You) [03:37:01]


54 QUIX - Make Up Your Mind (feat. Jaden Michaels) (from Make Up Your Mind (feat. Jaden Michaels)) [03:40:01]


55 The World Over - Shallow (from Shallow) [03:43:38]


56 Maduk - Alone (feat. Marianna Ray) (from Alone) [03:47:33]


57 Minnesota - Desolation Peak (from Desolation Peak) [03:51:38]


58 VCTMS - Pull From The Hurt (from Pull From The Hurt) [03:55:20]


59 Lex the Hex Master - Highway of Heartbreak (from Highway of Heartbreak) [03:58:04]


60 Kayou. - Soundscape to Ardor (Bleach) (from Anime Trap Beats) [04:00:15]


61 Mik, The Amity Affliction - Soak Me in Bleach (Lo-Fi) (from Soak Me in Bleach (Lo-Fi)) [04:02:20]


62 VCTMS - Numb The Ache (from Vol. IV Numb the Ache) [04:05:16]


63 Seven Lions, Trivecta, Blanke - Wild And Broken (feat. RBBTS) (from Wild And Broken (feat. RBBTS)) [04:08:03]


64 untrusted - Never Gonna Give You Up (from Never Gonna Give You Up) [04:12:00]


65 Luke Bond, BOND - Last Goodbye (from Last Goodbye) [04:14:27]

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