2021-06-07 (Pride Edition)

Well, howdy! Welcome perverts, pervettes and all gender identities beyond and in-between to the inaugural Pride Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex! I have no good excuses for why the inaugural edition is being released in 2021. I’m trying to be a better ally now, I suppose. To be fairrrrr… I have featured LGBTQIA+ artists on the podcast numerous times individually. This is just a collection of ‘em. That’s not all, though. There are at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours of brand spankin’-that-ass new stuff that I found specifically for this edition. Lots of epic classics in here as well that you’re sure to yojne.


As far as good allyship goes (if that’s even a word), I actually got registered in New York to marry people specifically for the marriage of two of my favorite women, Navil & Celestine. They’ve been together for 6 years now, and even have a daughter now, too. Sadly, I haven’t officiated any marriages other than theirs, but I’m so very proud of the one I did. I told them around when they first started dating that they were never allowed to break up because they were too goddamn adorable together to ever part. Aside from that, I do regularly donate to LGBTQIA+ charities, and I advocate for civil rights whenever possible. 


Anyway, this isn’t about me. Just wanted to give y’all a little background just in case this is the first time you’re hearing it. As far as what we’ll be hearing, we’ve got all sorts of EDM, hip-hop, pop, indie, punk, metal, R&B, soul, even fuckin’ disco! Otep appears in this edition more than any other because, well, she’s an all-time favorite of mine. Actually wearing one of her shirts right now. I was so goddamn giddy when I met her. She’s phuckin’ phenomenal, and if ya disagree, it’s all good. Like I say, no matter how many rights the owners take from us in this country, nobody can ever take away your right to be wrong.


Also, I want to mention one of the reasons I included some old-school Green Day. One of my best friends, Tommy, was a huge fan of theirs when we were in elementary school. Tommy introduced me to a lot of stuff besides Green Day, though. Horror movies, Power Rangers, even porn. We hung out a lot, pretty much as often as we could. It always annoyed me when he’d twist my arm to go outside and do shit with him instead of just chilling inside and playing video games, but that was part of what was great about him. He challenged me to do things with which I was uncomfortable. Never anything sexual or dangerous, really. He did get caught stealin’ some shit once though, and coupled with the fact that we were forced to go to different middle schools, that was pretty much when our friendship faded away. I barely saw or spoke to him after that incident back in the mid-90s. Unfortunately, Tommy passed in 2009 while I was in college in Florida. I wish I would’ve been better at reaching out and/or keeping in touch, and I’m pretty sure we all have some story like that from our respective lives. You gotta tell people how much they mean to you while they’re around to hear you. It’s impossible to live life completely free of regrets like that, no doubt, but we can all try harder towards that end.


Anyway, I hope all my LGBTQIA+ friends yojne the fuck outta this edition. Straight people, y’all can yojne right along so long as you’re allies. If not, feel free to go fuck yourselves with a sharp stick. Get some splinters all up in there, and maybe it’ll change your minds along with the country that’s changing whether y’all like it or not. Homophobia is fuckin’ pathetic, I swear. Only intellectually bankrupt-ass cunts have that trash occupying their otherwise vacant fuckin’ minds. 


All that done did and fuckin’ said, have a fabulous Pride month everyone, and let us now commence the yojne! 



01 Alaska Thunderfuck - ROY G BIV BBT (from ROY G BIV BBT) [00:02:29]


02 Placebo - Pure Morning (from Without You I’m Nothing) [00:04:57]


03 Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (from Born This Way) [00:09:07]


04 Otep - Equal Rights, Equal Lefts (from Generation Doom) [00:13:30]


05 Two Feet - Go Fuck Yourself (from First Steps) [00:16:52]


06 Freddie - BASHBACK! (from BASHBACK!) [00:19:00]


07 Amelia Clarke - fuck you (from fuck you) [00:20:32]


08 Skunk Anansie - This Means War (Dux n Bass Remix) (from This Means War (Dux n Bass Remix)) [00:22:59]


09 Angel Haze - Battle Cry (feat. Sia) (from Dirty Gold (Deluxe)) [00:27:06]


10 Green Day - Basket Case (from Dookie) [00:31:53]


11 Queen - Stone Cold Crazy (from Sheer Heart Attack) [00:34:49]


12 RuPaul - Supermodel (You Better Work) (Ready to Wear Mix) (from Supermodel (You Better Work)/House of Love) [00:37:01]


13 Alaska Thunderfuck - Pride (from Vagina) [00:40:45]


14 T.V. Carpio - I Want to Hold Your Hand (from Across The Universe OST) [00:44:44]


15 Tim Curry - Sweet Transvestite (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show OST) [00:47:19]


16 Otep - Sweet Tooth (from Smash The Control Machine) [00:50:38]


17 GRiZ - Juicy (feat. Blunts & Blondes) (from Bangers[6].Zip) [00:54:56]


18 Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy (from Up) [00:58:03]


19 Sister Sledge - We Are Family (from We Are Family) [01:00:52]


20 Ducky - Stable Heart (from Optimism) [01:09:12]


21 Perfume Genius - Queen (from Too Bright) [01:13:08]


22 Halestorm - Bad Romance (from ReAniMate: The CoVeRs eP) [01:16:47]


23 Alphabet Rockers - They / Them (Interlude) (from The Love) [01:20:51]


24 Danna Paola, MIKA - Me, Myself (from K.O.) [01:21:39]


25 Ashnikko - Deal With It (feat. Kelis) (SEBii Remix) (from Deal With It (feat. Kelis) (Remixes)) [01:24:33]


26 Little Big - Big Dick (from Funeral Rave) [01:27:01]


27 Bizarrap - Snow Tha Product: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 39 (from Snow Tha Product: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 39) [01:29:39]


28 Otep - We Dream Like Lions (from Atavist) [01:32:30]


29 Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (from A Night At The Opera) [01:35:36]


30 Judas Priest - Painkiller (from Painkiller) [01:41:25]


31 Angel Vivaldi - . _ _ _ _ (from Away With Words, Part 1) [01:47:28]


32 Elton John - Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) (from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) [01:52:37]


33 P!nk - Raise Your Glass (from Raise Your Glass) [01:57:25]


34 Green Day - Welcome To Paradise (from Dookie) [02:00:45]


35 Patrick Hernandez - Born to Be Alive (from Born to Be Alive) [02:04:28]


36 Rina Sawayama - Dance In The Dark (Spotify Singles) (from Dance In The Dark (Spotify Singles)) [02:07:32]


37 CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above (from Cansei De Ser Sexy) [02:11:13]


38 GRiZ - Astro Funk (from Astro Funk) [02:14:42]


39 imbi, Slim Set - Heatsink (from Heatsink) [02:17:57]


40 Niña Dioz, Rebeca Lane, Twin Palms - Kamikaze (from Amor, Locura & Otros Vicios) [02:21:45]


41 Brooke Candy - Opulence (from Opulence) [02:25:07]


42 girl in red - Serotonin (from if i could make it go quiet) [02:27:23]


43 sarya, maniatrix - PROFESSIONAL WOMAN (from PROFESSIONAL WOMAN) [02:30:22]


44 Poppy - Am I A Girl? (from Am I A Girl?) [02:33:35]


45 Pussy Riot, Dorian Electra - TOXIC (from TOXIC) [02:37:10]


46 Victoria Monét - F.U.C.K. (from F.U.C.K.) [02:40:02]


47 Shea Diamond - I Am Her (from I Am Her) [02:43:24]


48 Otep - Perfectly Flawed (from The Ascension) [02:46:51]


49 Michael St. Laurent - Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn) (from Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn)) [02:50:33]


50 Claud - Wish You Were Gay (from Wish You Were Gay) [02:54:55]


51 Kelela - Rewind (from Hallucinogen) [02:58:02]


52 Little Big - Skibidi (Romantic Edition) (from Skibidi) [03:01:57]


53 Lil Nas X - C7osure (You Like) (from 7 EP) [03:05:03]


54 Placebo - Centrefolds (from Sleeping With Ghosts) [03:07:26]


55 Otep - Be Brave (from KULT 45) [03:12:14]


56 Jim Sturgess & Dana Fuchs - All You Need Is Love (from Across The Universe OST) [03:14:56]


57 Queen - We Are The Champions (Remastered 2011) (from News Of The World (Deluxe Remastered Version)) [03:18:11]

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