2021-05-24 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 5)

Up what fuck is the, dearest preverts and postverts?! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the 5th installment of the Send Newds Edition! Y’all oughta know the drill, but for those who only know the wrench, this is just a collection of new discoveries I’ve made over some relatively brief span of time. It’s been quite a month since the last one; all sortsa fucknomenal Shiite in store for us this week. Over 4 ½ fuckin’ hours, actually. I know, I ask too much of your time and attention week after week. Maybe you’ll make the time someday, maybe you’ll go the rest of your goddamn life never knowing about all this fucktacular music. Up to y’all, but I think the latter’s a goddamn shame. I could speculate on why ’til the cows come home, get slaughtered, turned into burgers, eaten and shat out with all the rest of our relentless consumption and petty judgments, but fuck, I’d rather just turn up this muthafuckin’ aural sex!


Speaking of which, let me get started with my nerdy list of boring shit I do before every podcast actually begins:


1. Graey is a deathcore group I found through the filthybreakdowns Instagram account. They’ve only released this one song so far, and they’re a new band as far as I can tell, so there’s some (relatively) exclusive shit for y’all. Pretty badass, too. Keep your eyes peeled for anything else they release, ‘cause I imagine they’ve got plenty of fucktacularity in store for the world.


2. JEFF?! is an artist that I found while looking for the previous artist, Graey. I was amused by the name, and good heavens does this track slap, so there ya go. See? I’m pretty much ALWAYS lookin’ for cool new shit, even when I’m busy lookin’ for other shit. You could be that way if you wanted, too. Ain’t no fuckin’ law against it, and even if there was, I’d happily break it every damn day.


3. Little Big put out… a metal track?! Yeah, actually! That one’s pretty fuckin’ sweet as well. If you don’t already know and love Little Big, first of all, you’re fuckin’ up. Second, they’re sorta like goofy Russian rave music, and I love the fuck out of ‘em. I even made my boy Al learn the Skibidi dance with me so we could do it when we saw them live. Shoutout to my homie Ryan Kore who went with us that night, too. Anyway, listen well to that, and then listen to the rest of their stuff, because they’re fuckin’ awesome.


4. Sullivan King and FEVER 333?!! Together on one track?! How can one song accommodate such a fucktastic pairing? Well, listen to LOUD and you’ll hear how! There’s another Sullivan King track on here called Domination with… Papa Roach?! What the actual and/or fictitious fuck is that about? I haven’t ever really given a damn, fuck, shit or squirt of piss about Papa Roach, but hey, that track’s quality doesn’t lie. Look forward to those two comin’ up real soon.


5. Any fans of the 80s jam Higher Love by Steve Winwood are almost sure to love (higherly?) the track by The Watchmen, Rob IYF & Al Storm called HGHR LV. See what they did there? THEY CONDENSED THE TITLE BY TAKING OUT THE VOWELS, AND THEY CAPITALIZED THE TITLE TOO BECAUSE HARDCOOOOOOORRRRRREEEE! Anyway, yeah, fun shit right there. I’ma be bobbin’ my head, drivin’ fast down the highway to that one. Some jams need air for the best experience of them. Truly, your environment plays a huge part of how a track affects you, so put your big people pants on and go somewhere when you listen to certain stuff like this. I promise you’ll notice a difference if you’re not already well aware of all that.


6. The mighty Dir en Grey makes a return to the podcast this week with T.D.F.F.! I haven’t been keeping up with them since fuck… way too long. Never stopped lovin’ ‘em, there’s just too much shit to keep track of in life sometimes. I’m sure y’all can relate. Anyone unfamiliar with them ought to look up the uncensored video for Obscure. Their Visual Kei style is fuckin’ badass, and even though I can’t understand a goddamn word Kyo says, I damn sure can appreciate the music. Y’all oughta know by now that understanding isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for appreciation and/or enjoyment. It helps, of course, but it’s certainly not necessary. I’ve had beautiful women put my penis in their mouths before, like… I definitely don’t understand why that ever happened, but hey, I’d be a damn fool not to appreciate and/or enjoy that.


7. The Linda Lindas are a punk band of young Asian American girls who recently went viral on Tikbookgramchat or whatever with this track called Racist, Sexist Boy. So awesome to see girls that young speakin’ on some real shit like that, especially considering the tense fuckin’ state of race relations in this bass-ackwards fuckin’ country of ours. I mean, I wish situations weren’t such that they felt compelled to do so, but I’m glad to see them channel that negativity into something positive. They were even featured briefly on TYT because of this jam, which is how I found them.


8. Shoutout to my boy Al for the Amigo the Devil track called Quiet as a Rat, shoutout to Ducky for the Grace Gale jam called Tijuana vs. Albuquerque, and shoutout to Shy for the phenomenal fuckin’ song CRISPr Me Baby One More Time by Troldhaugen (that shit’s fuckin’ bananas, and you’re about to find out for yourselves). If you wanna be shouted out, just try shootin’ me a track that you think I’d enjoy! I obviously listen to ALL sortsa fuckin’ shit. All anything’s gotta do is move me enough to be memorable, make me fuckin’ feel something, and I’m always movin’ y’all. Movin’ and feelin’ shit? I dunno, sure.


9. Apparently there is a nine this time, but this shit’s gettin’ a bit extensive, so let’s see if I can condense the rest of this intro. Let’s go through some especially notable jams here: HEALTH & Nine Inch Nails on a track together? Check! JUICEBOX is an artist I found when I was looking for tracks called “Vantablack,” for the recent Vantablack & Neon edition, but their jams didn’t fit on that edition, so they’re here now. 3 additional tracks called Vantablack, actually, and they’re all fuckin’ awesome. The track by We Are PIGS features Morgan Lander of Kittie fame, so if you’re still down with Kittie like I am, you ought to love that one. The Dark Lotus jam is a bonus track I just discovered, even though I’ve loved them for 20 fuckin’ years. I completely fuckin’ forgot that Opaque Brotherhood had a deluxe edition, so hey, all my juggalos ought to dig that. Washington is an artist that a Lyft passenger of mine turned me on to, and I’ve yet to hear a bad track from her. Hope y’all feel the same. Finally, CLANN, I found them from some random ad on Instagram talkin’ about a double vinyl release of their most recent album. I could’ve easily just scrolled away since I had no idea who the fuck they were at the time, but I decided to take the opportunity to learn some shit, and boy was I richly rewarded for my curiosity. I even posted about it a little over 2 months ago, but I forgot to include it on one of these editions until now. Like I said before, sometimes there’s too much shit to keep track of in life, ya know?


10. I know, I kinda cheated with that last point making it so fucking long. I know none of y’all are takin’ notes or anything on the info dumps that these intros typically are, but guess what?! Now, there’s nothing left to do but yojne! So yojne! What are you waiting for?! Me to stop talking?! Fair point, so just fuckin’ yojne, muthayojners!



01 NOISE NETWORK - Power Up (from Power Up / Drop It) [00:05:21]


02 PEEKABOO, ISOxo - POWERMOVE (from POWERMOVE) [00:07:15]


03 Blanke - Alchemy (ShockOne Remix) (from Alchemy (ShockOne Remix)) [00:10:27]


04 Sullivan King - LOUD (feat. Jason Aalon from FEVER 333) (from LOUD (feat. Jason Aalon from FEVER 333)) [00:14:09]


05 Colette - When the Music's Loud (from When the Music's Loud) [00:17:36]


06 Millennial Trash, Ace Aura - Noddin' (Asteroid Afterparty Remix) (from The Noddin’ Remixes No One Asked For) [00:21:45]


07 The Watchmen, Rob IYF, Al Storm - HGHR LV (from HGHR LV) [00:24:36]


08 Troldhaugen - CRISPr Me Baby One More Time (from Idio+syncrasies) [00:29:22]


09 Otto Von Schirach, Qebrus - Enter the Sacred Triangle (from Ottobrus) [00:32:50]


10 Gammer - THE DROP (Stonebank Remix) (from THE DROP (The Remixes Pt. 1)) [00:38:14]


11 Gawr Gura - Sharkventure!! (from Hololive English -Myth- Image Soundtrack(ft. Camellia)) [00:42:05]


12 HEALTH, Nine Inch Nails - ISN'T EVERYONE (from ISN’T EVERYONE) [00:46:27]


13 Onyx, Cappadonna - Ha Ha Ha (from Onyx 4 Life) [00:51:41]


14 We Are PIGS - Moot (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Moot) [00:55:09]


15 Dir En Grey - T.D.F.F. (from 朧 (Oboro)) [00:59:12]


16 Cassetter - Neon Pills (feat. Voicians) (from Neon Pills (feat. Voicians)) [01:02:08]


17 Hardage - There's Enough For All of Us (feat. Michael Franti) (Jay Caruso & Pagany Re-Funk Mix) (from There’s Enough For All of Us (Remixes 2021)) [01:06:39]


18 ERIEL INDIGO - Wasted (from Wasted) [01:12:24]


19 Astronaut - A$tronaut (from A$tronaut) [01:15:58]


20 Dark Lotus - Hallucinations (Bonus Track) (from The Opaque Brotherhood (Deluxe Edition)) [01:18:15]


21 Hallucinator - Sick Society (feat. MC Coppa) (from The New World Disorder LP) [01:21:27]


22 The Linda Lindas - Racist, Sexist Boy (Live at LA Public Library) (from Racist, Sexist Boy (Live at LA Public Library)) [01:26:57]


23 Eptic - Payback (from Payback) [01:28:59]


24 Nova Twins - Undertaker (FEVER 333 Remix) (from Undertaker (FEVER 333 Remix)) [01:32:28]


25 Andy Moor, Adam White, Whiteroom - The Whiteroom (from The Whiteroom) [01:34:42]


26 Evil Activities, Korsakoff - Shadows (from Shadows) [01:38:33]


27 LICK - IN THE DARK (feat. Calivania) (from IN THE DARK) [01:42:08]


28 JUICEB☮X, WES WAX - Vantablack (from Satori) [01:44:55]


29 Omnia - Beautiful (from Beautiful) [01:48:33]


30 Luma, Blanke - Like a Nightmare (from Like a Nightmare) [01:51:54]


31 Graey - Blind (from Blind) [01:55:29]


32 JEFF?! - Grey Blood (from Grey Blood) [01:59:38]


33 Karma - We All Float (feat. Jamie Madrox) (from We All Float) [02:03:03]


34 Amigo the Devil - Quiet as a Rat (from Born Against) [02:06:46]


35 Argatu', Andreea Niculae - Foaie Verde-A Bobului (from Vol. 5) [02:09:57]


36 CLANN - I Hold You (from Seelie) [02:15:06]


37 Excision, UBUR, Armanni Reign - Back To Back (from Back To Back) [02:24:10]


38 August Burns Red - Paramount (Reprise) (from Guardians Sessions EP) [02:27:01]


39 La Dispute - FOOTSTEPS AT THE POND (Zeal & Ardor Remix) (from Panorama Remixed) [02:32:00]


40 Asheni - Shelter Me (from La Maison De L’Elephant) [02:36:24]


41 Elle Vee, Sentient, JAGO - What Would It Take (from Subsidia Dawn: Vol. 3) [02:42:02]


42 Intervals - Vantablack (from Circadian) [02:45:44]


43 DJ Fastcut, Onyx - Bad Poets (from Bad Poets) [02:50:44]


44 Trampa, Space Laces - Shank (from Disrespect) [02:53:43]


45 The Toxic Avenger - Sorcery (from Sorcery) [02:56:43]


46 Shygirl - SIREN (Basement Jaxx Cruise Mix) (from SIREN) [03:01:55]


47 Synymata - Where Does Love Go (feat. Elle Vee) (from Where Does Love Go) [03:07:25]


48 Jokabi - Lost Woods (from Lost Woods) [03:11:45]


49 SLANDER - Love Is Gone (feat. Dylan Matthew) (Synymata Remix) (from Love Is Gone (Synymata Remix)) [03:14:10]


50 Ekoh, Locksmith - Nothin To Me (from Nothin To Me) [03:18:19]


51 Drumcorps - Human Nature (from Better Days) [03:21:25]


52 Maduk - Bringing Me Down (from Poison / Bringing Me Down) [03:23:47]


53 Friction - Falling Down (feat. Poppy Baskcomb) (from Falling Down) [03:27:49]


54 Gammer, Naeleck, Hige Driver - Virtual Gaming (Gammer Remix) (from Virtual Gaming (Gammer Remix)) [03:31:31]


55 Little Big - WE ARE LITTLE BIG (from WE ARE LITTLE BIG) [03:34:06]


56 Extra Terra, Max Brhon - Elon Trust (from Elon Trust) [03:36:13]


57 Cosmic Gate - Feel It (from Feel It) [03:40:10]


58 Redman - 80 BARZ (from 80 BARZ) [03:43:35]


59 Kayzo, Sullivan King, Papa Roach - DOMINATION (from DOMINATION) [03:46:40]


60 Token - Dentures (from Dentures) [03:49:25]


61 Illest Uminati - Mister Freeze (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie & Jamie Madrox) (from Mister Freeze) [03:52:37]


62 Grace Gale - Tijuana vs. Albuquerque (from A Few Easy Steps to Secure Heli-Camel Safety) [03:56:13]


63 Eivør - Gullspunnin (Live at Nordic House, 2020) (from Gullspunnin) [03:59:36]


64 Panda Eyes - Colorblind (from KIKO) [04:07:40]


65 Yunalesca - Vantablack (from Vantablack) [04:12:25]


66 Slushii - Valhalla (from Valhalla) [04:15:40]


67 Pendulum - Come Alive (from Come Alive) [04:18:54]


68 Wevlth - Come Alive (from Come Alive) [04:22:41]


69 The Birthday Party - Context (from Context) [04:25:35]


70 Washington - My Happiness (from My Happiness) [04:29:06]


71 Vexare - Still Remaining (from Rattlesnakes) [04:32:34]


72 JUICEB☮X, WES WAX - Time Will Tell (from Satori) [04:36:47]

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