2021-04-26 (Vantablack & Neon Edition Vol. 4)



am profoundly…




But a-fucking-las, the show must go on! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the 4th volume of the Vantablack & Neon Edition on Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! That said, yes, I am indeed profoundly exhausted. I’ve been running on 4ish hours of sleep for the past 16 because I’m a dumb, stupid idiot who’s dumb and stupid. Nah, I just didn’t prepare properly. That shit kinda comes and goes, ya know? My dedication to puttin’ out this podcast might feel like torture sometimes, but I still think it’s worth the effort. 


Any-fuckin’-way, enough of all that shit. “What the backwards goose fuck is Vantablack & Neon supposed to be?”, the uninitiated might ask. Simply, goth, industrial and synthwave music. Less simply, it’s all variations of those three general genres. I hear lots of stuff in common between it all, and you likely will too if ya just sit the fuck down and give it a chance! Gosh golly-gee willickers! What? I dunno. I’m tired, bitch; don’t judge me.


Let us discuss the tune-age, shall we?


1. If you think any of this stuff doesn’t fit the theme, well, feel free to tell me about it so long as you’re polite about it. If you’re incapable of civility, well, I’m sure there are many disease-ridden moose balls you can suck somewhere out there. I don’t have the disease-ridden moose ball tracker either, so you’re on your own there.


2. With all these duo-theme editions, I always try to alternate between A- and B-type stuff track by track, but sometimes I over-compile and there’s more of one than the other. I could just delete whatever throws it off balance, but that would mean depriving myself and all y’all of some delectable fucktacularity. Who the fuck do you think I am? You think I’d do that to you, dearest perverts? Hell-to-the-fuck-no. So, ya know what? Asymmetry can be tolerable, and ya may have to just tolerate it. Plenty of chaos like that in the universe. Either that, or you could turn off the podcast, and maybe catch up with the moose ball suckers from #1. Don’t let me stand in your way.


3. As I also frequently do, I did attempt to arrange the playlist in that magnetic poetry sort of fashion. Some of the tracks relate to each other in title, lyrics, tonality, or some other way, but some don’t have much or any relation to speak of. So, if you’re listening to the podcast and you feel a sort of flow, that’s me tweakin’ shit for an hour or so behind the fuckin’ scenes. See how good I am to you? No need to tickle my testes to express your gratitude, I just want y’all to yojne.


4. As far as the new/old status of the tracks, well, some are returning favorites from past V&N editions, some are classics that haven’t yet made an appearance on the V&N editions, but most are brand spankin’ new, even to me. We’re all in for some delicious treats this week.


5. As you may recall, I said last week I wasn’t sure if there were any notable distinctions between retrowave and synthwave. Well, I finally fuckin’ looked it up! Turns out, nah, they’re pretty much synonymous. Outrun is another name for both of those, but supposedly that tends to have more video-game-style synths and tends to be purely instrumental. Know what else I just learned about that’s supposedly been a thing for a number of years now? “Fashwave…” a portmanteau of fascist and wave, and is supposedly some white-supremacist, alt-right version of “vaporwave.” Let me tell ya, I already don’t understand vaporwave. Maybe I’m getting old, but holy shit, I just don’t get the point of it. Maybe I just haven’t heard anything in the genre that appeals to me yet. All I know is I delved into it for a few hours one night, and I actually felt compelled to dig myself back up and out of the rabbit hole rather than farther down in. 


So, “fashwave,” eh? You can eat my asswave. Don’t forgetwave to caresswave my nutswave, and handywave my pulsatingwave prickwave. You’ve chosen the political ideology of some of the biggest losers in human history, and one day, just like them, you will lose. It’s funny, your so-called replacement theory is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’d love so much to see you all disappear from existence forever so the rest of us can get some fuckin’ shit done around here, but I know there are much greater enemies who pull your strings. You’re a bunch of pitiful little puppets, and you might go your whole lives never realizing that. Truly pitiful.


Any-fuckin’-way, 6. Track 17 is by a group called Einstürzende Neubauten. Let’s say it together: Ein-shtur-zenda Noy-bowten. I’ll be happy to remind you of that if ever you forget. To be frank, I’m likely not even pronouncing it as well as a native German speaker, but since I’m not one, you’re stuck with me and mine until you find one your damn selves. Anyway, that group is fucking phenomenal. Do yourselves an enormous favor and look into them. Try to find some live footage and just admire the spectacle. If you’re similarly as inquisitive as I, you’ll probably love it. The first time they reeled me in, I was laying in my bed reading a book while a playlist of them and Skinny Puppy was playing. When Halber Mensch came on, fuck, I thought I’d died and was at the gates of hell. That song is haunting as 10 fucks in a canoe built for one. Highly, highly recommended.


7. Watch out for the fun-ass funkwave or whatever-the-fuck-wave that is the Revival track by Van Derand. New discovery of mine, and it’s danceable as fuck. I mean, most anything is danceable if ya try hard enough. That is if ya can stop bein’ such a damn neurotic ninny long enough to embrace the absurdity of life and all its impermanence, to let the music move that fuckin’ pile of flesh you’re piloting, to bask in the downright miraculous mystery of music itself and its myriad effects on the mind… You get the idea.


8. The Trevor Something track called The Ghost, wow. Minimalistic as fuck, but really quite satisfying nonetheless. I know I have a broad-ass palette, but give it a whirl. Y’all can skip it and run screaming back to your comfort zones if you’re uncomfortable with anything you don’t already know, but good lord, that seems like a boring-ass way to squander a life. 


9. Nope, no fuckin’ 9 here either. Never any nines! Nein nines!


10. Because fuck my entire fuckin’ life, bud. No, 10 is a shoutout to the lovely and talented proprietor of Penny Wigs, Ms. Amanda Tea, for showing me Kælan Mikla and Houses of Heaven. Yojne those tracks, and be sure to hit up Penny Wigs on Etsy for all your Vantablack and Neon style hair accessories, because eventually this pandemic will get under control, and there will be reasons to dress up again. Don’t want to be caught with your pants down when that happens, or maybe you do. That does sound like fun.


And with that, we now commence ze yojne…

01 Ministry - Just One Fix (V.E.) (from Just One Fix) [00:05:07]


02 Extra Terra - Neural Link (from Neural Link) [00:09:26]


03 Anti-Mechanism - Ready To Detonate (from The Ending Swallows Us Whole…) [00:12:44]


04 Olexandr Ignatov - Take Off (from Take Off) [00:17:01]


05 Nine Inch Nails - Into The Void (from The Fragile (Right)) [00:20:48]


06 Rogue VHS - Nighthawk (from Nighthawk) [00:25:36]


07 Damn Whøre - Vantablack (from Pure Salope) [00:29:26]


08 Xryo - Neon Dreams (from Neon Dreams) [00:32:53]


09 SWARM - Throw Me In The Fire (from Throw Me In The Fire) [00:36:19]


10 Van Derand - Revival (from Revival) [00:39:50]


11 KMFDM - D.I.Y. (from Adios) [00:44:36]


12 Signal Void - Stasis (from Stasis) [00:49:23]


13 Skinny Puppy - Love in Vein (from Last Rights) [00:53:44]


14 YOUTH 83, Tima - Unfold (from Unfold) [00:59:16]


15 3TEETH - Lights Out (feat. Ho99o9) (from Lights Out) [01:02:59]


16 The Midnight, Timecop1983 - River of Darkness (from Nocturnal) [01:07:09]


17 Einstürzende Neubauten - Seele Brennt (from Halber Mensch) [01:13:09]


18 Tonebox - Nocturn (from Nocturn) [01:17:03]


19 Nostalghia - God Be You (from God Be You) [01:22:38]


20 Toxxify - Ruined System (from Dark Future) [01:27:18]


21 Psyclon Nine - Flesh Harvest (from Crwn Thy Frnicatr) [01:30:41]


22 Carpenter Brut - Disco Zombi Italia (from TRILOGY) [01:34:58]


23 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - The Days Of Swine & Roses (from Confessions Of A Knife (Remastered)) [01:40:13]


24 Void Stare - Neuromancer's Call (from Neuromancer’s Call) [01:46:12]


25 Dulce Liquido - Pissed Off (from Shock Therapy) [01:51:05]


26 Deathpact - ID (CloZee Remix) (from ID (CloZee Remix)) [01:56:42]


27 Ministry - Supermanic Soul (from Dark Side of the Spoon) [02:00:15]


28 Moonrunner83, Megan McDuffee - Streets (from Streets (Deluxe Edition)) [02:03:28]


29 Panzer Ag - Battlefield (from This Is My Battlefield) [02:07:34]


30 Kælan Mikla - Næturblóm (from Nótt eftir nótt) [02:12:29]


31 SWARM, Sentinel Complex, Man Ov God - Make It Out Alive (from Make It Out Alive) [02:16:30]


32 Signal Void - Find You (feat. King Protea) (from Find You) [02:19:43]


33 KMFDM - Juke-Joint Jezebel (Metropolis) (from Juke-Joint Jezebel: The Giorgio Moroder Mixes) [02:23:34]


34 Ollie Wride, Sunglasses Kid - Stranger Love (from Stranger Love) [02:28:50]


35 Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut (from Herzeleid) [02:34:34]


36 Fury Weekend - Automatic Love (feat. Essenger) (from Automatic Love (feat. Essenger)) [02:39:21]


37 Nostalghia - Cool For Chaos (from Cool For Chaos EP) [02:43:18]


38 Annie - In Heaven (from Dark Hearts) [02:47:50]


39 Houses of Heaven - In Soft Confusion (from Silent Places) [02:51:27]


40 Gunship - Art3mis & Parzival (feat. Stella Le Page) (from Dark All Day) [02:54:35]


41 :wumpscut: - Turns Off Pain (Recommended Version) (from Dried Blood of Gomorrha) [02:59:14]


42 Amphibious Assault - By Any Other Name (from Simulacrima) [03:05:10]


43 Genitorturers - Lecher Bitch (from Flesh Is The Law) [03:08:58]


44 Trevor Something - The Ghost (from The Ghost) [03:13:11]


45 Nine Inch Nails - Terrible Lie (from Pretty Hate Machine) [03:17:06]


46 World Complete - Synthétique (from Synthétique) [03:21:41]


47 Combichrist - Not My Enemy (from Not My Enemy) [03:26:21]


48 Shadowrunner, Primo - Sunrise (from Sunrise) [03:30:58]


49 kidneythieves - Zerøspace (from Zerøspace) [03:35:39]


50 VHS Dreams - Holon (The 4th Dimension) (from Lost World) [03:39:28]


51 Gabriel and the Apocalypse - pointTHREE (TIMELINES Remix) (from pointTHREE (TIMELINES Remix)) [03:46:58]


52 The Evening - Told Ya (from Told Ya) [03:50:02]


53 Молчат Дома - Судно (Борис Рыжий) (from Этажи) [03:53:31]


54 Saint Mars, Tryzdin - Ocean Blues (Droid Bishop Remix) (from Ocean Blues (Droid Bishop Remix)) [03:55:50]


55 KillMatriarch - Monotone (from Order through Chaos) [04:00:45]


56 Vogel - Night City (from Hologram) [04:03:50]


57 Hammershøi - Hammershøi assassiné (from Cathédrales) [04:09:26]


58 NyxTheShield - Vantablack (from Glitchtale: Do Or Die OST) [04:13:32]


59 D'Abyss - Drive or Die (from Drive or Die) [04:18:27]


60 LukHash, Meredith Bull - Dying Breath (from Dying Breath) [04:22:45]


61 Hocico - Our Death (from haTe neVer dieS (tHe celebratIon)) [04:27:03]


62 OSC - The Ride Home (from Girls on Bikes) [04:32:25]


63 Teargas & Plateglass - One Day Across the Valley (from Black Triage) [04:36:03]


64 Rogue VHS - Pale Blue (from Pale Blue) [04:41:38]


65 Mushroomhead - Embrace the Ending (from Savior Sorrow) [04:46:38]

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