2021-03-22 (Liquid Makes Me Wet Edition Vol. 5)

IIIIIIIII’m goddamn exhaaaaaausted!
And IIIIII wanna go to fuckin’ beeed!

That was, “I’m Goddamn Exhausted (And I Wanna Go To Fuckin’ Bed),” by yours truly, the Fuckhead Extraordinaire, Double-fuckin’-O. By the fuckin’ way, emo-goddamn-muthafuckin’-clew to the 5th installment of the Liquid Makes Me Wet Edition! Surely to fuck y’all don’t need this shit explained to you still, do you? Really?! Well, okie fuckin’ dokie then.

Liquid is short for Liquid Funk &/or Liquid Drum’n’Bass. As far as I know, those two are basically synonymous. If I’m somehow incorrect, please forgive my ignorance and fuckin’ educate me! Anyway, what that means is that there’s more of a focus on melodic elements so it’s not just the genre’s namesake: drums and bass. Truth be told, there’s plenty of melody to be found in regular drum’n’bass, it just might be less prominent than it would typically need to be to be classified more accurately as liquid.

Liquid is fuckin’ fantastic, high-energy and (of course) melodic EDM that’s great for working out, especially running and various other forms of cardio. It’s also great if you say fuck that and just wanna chill on the couch playin’ games. You know I can fuck with both, and liquid works well either way. Absolutely fuckin’ excellent for driving too, although perhaps best at night so you don’t have the usual fucktrumpets clogging the roads.

Anyway, I won’t jaw your fuckin’ ears off this morning with the usual horse-hockey. Frankly, I didn’t sing that fuckin’ song at the beginning for no reason. I do it to myself by procrastinating, I know, but this week was a bit different for a reason I’ll mention in a sec. I will mention a couple things:

1. This whole thing is a little over 4 ½ hours because I’m too much, and I suck, and we all suck for not having enough time, and for living on Earth, and breathing air, and… I dunno. Maybe just yojne it throughout the week or some shit, hmm? Sound good, sweetie-muffin-cakes? The app does save your place after all.

2. The track order is far from fuckin’ random this time. I generally try to make some sort of story out of the track titles, you know, to create a good flow in the mix. Obviously, I don’t expect anyone to decipher it or anything, and some of it is indeed just placed where it’s placed for no particular reason. It’s just a little extra flavor I add for myself and for anyone else who might notice.

3. Out of the 60 tracks chosen for this mix, only 9 of them are from previous podcasts. That’s right, it’s almost completely brand spankin’ new shit we’ll be adding to our liquid repertoire this week. Some of the older tracks are there to commemorate March 18th, which marks 10 years since a woman I loved light years beyond words decided to end her life. Anyone who knows me at all knows that woman’s name was Sunny Rae, and I still miss her every single day. The specific older tracks I’m talking about are Arizon’s, “Meet You There,” (one of my all-time favorite songs, to be honest), Sub Focus’, “Turn Back Time (Metrik Remix),” Delta Heavy’s, “Ghost,” and GLXY & DRS’, “She Sings for Me.” All phenomenally beautiful tracks, and you’ll hear what I mean if you can hang. There are newer tracks all around those that are there for the same reason, but I’m not gonna name all of ‘em. I’m sure you can figure out which ones they are. It’s not fuckin’ rocket science.

4. Back in August of last dumpster fire, I played two artists on the Some Mo’ Gnu Shit Edition named Zardonic and Hallucinator. Anyway, very happy to have them make a glorious fuckin’ return to the podcast after what seems like far too long. I would say just listen to them and see why I love ‘em, but it’s even easier than that if you Google them and see what they look like. How could I not get down with these guys, hmm? Fuckin’ impossible, I tell you.

5. The Camo & Krooked song, “Watch It Burn,” when I found it yesterday, it had 13M streams. What the actual fuck?! How did I miss out on that absolute magma for so long?! Y’all have failed me! Not one of y’all brought that shit to my attention, and I’m ashamed of every one of you. Because, you know, it’s your fuckin’ jobs to constantly comb streaming services to keep me informed of awesome music. That’s reality, right? Anyway…

6. The Rameses B track, “Jenova?” Yes indeed, that is his rendition of the classic Final Fantasy VII track, and it’s fuckin’ sweet! Also, the Urbandawn track, “Come Together,” near the end? A muthafuckin’ liquid Beatles cover! No shit, really! I was pleasantly astonished, and perhaps you will be too.

7. No doubt you’d need a doctorate degree in some relevant field to figure this out, but the more frequently you see these artists’ names popping up in the podcast playlists, the higher I fuckin’ recommend them! If you don’t check them out, shit, you’re missin’ out, ya sad-ass muthafucka.

8. Before we get this shit crankin’, I’ve got a favor to beg of dear ol’ Gabe from The Office. Gabe, can you say somethin’ to these chirpity fuckin’ birds outside my window?

And with that, we commence, ze yojne! 

01 ShockOne - Follow Me (Blanke Remix) (from Follow Me (Blanke Remix)) [00:04:00]

02 Arizon - Meet You There (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 22 // August 2014) [00:08:23]

03 Reach - The Law (Zardonic Remix) (from The Law (Zardonic Remix)) [00:12:51]

04 Flux Pavilion - Pull The Trigger (Maduk Remix) (from Rampage Sampler 02) [00:16:34]

05 Camo & Krooked - Watch It Burn (feat. Ayah Marar) (from Cross The Line) [00:20:15]

06 Zardonic - Superhot (Hyperhot Mix) (from Superhot: Mind Control Delete Soundtrack) [00:23:36]

07 DRS, Dynamite MC, DJ Zinc - Get Down (from Playing In The Dark) [00:28:27]

08 Dimension - Pull Me Under (ft. Raphaella) (from BEM Playlist: 001 // JUNE 2015) [00:32:10]

09 Tantrum Desire - Oblivion (feat. Solah) (from Diversified) [00:36:34]

10 Sub Focus - Turn Back Time (Metrik Remix) (from Turn Back Time) [00:40:26]

11 Dimension, Culture Shock - Love To Give (feat. Billy Lockett) (from Love To Give) [00:44:32]

12 Cyantific, ShockOne - Body Movin' (from Bloodline) [00:47:50]

13 Operator Unknown - Ready For You (feat. Carmi) (from Ready For You) [00:51:54]

14 Dimension - Desire (feat. Sub Focus) (from Organ) [00:56:20]

15 Technimatic - Lakota (feat. A Little Sound) (from Lakota (feat. A Little Sound)) [00:59:51]

16 Hallucinator - Control VIP (feat. Kiara) (from Rejects LP) [01:03:53]

17 Metrik - Freefall (feat. Reija Lee) (from Freefall) [01:09:47]

18 Seba - Addicted (Technimatic Remix) (from Spearhead Presents: The Soundtrack) [01:13:41]

19 Riya, Villem, Mcleod, DRS - Ships (from Hurt Heals EP) [01:18:48]

20 Dr Meaker - Deep in My Heart (feat. Lorna King) (DJ Marky & Dr Meaker Remix) (from Deep in My Heart (DJ Marky & Dr Meaker Remix)) [01:23:57]

21 Snails, Pegboard Nerds - Deep In The Night (Muzzy Remix) (from Deep In The Night (Muzzy Remix)) [01:29:06]

22 Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Enter Night (from Portals) [01:33:10]

23 Halogenix - The Night (feat. Solah) (from Jump Suit) [01:37:01]

24 Nelver - Nightwalker (from Offworld Transmissions Volume 3) [01:41:34]

25 Tantrum Desire, Matrix & Futurebound - The Shadows (from Diversified) [01:48:24]

26 Degs, Pola & Bryson - Sleepless (from Sleepless) [01:52:58]

27 Blooom - Reality (from Reality) [01:57:24]

28 Feint - Horizons (from Liquicity Memoirs) [02:00:42]

29 Netsky - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (from Second Nature) [02:05:21]

30 Logistics - As Sure as Sunrise (feat. Hugh Hardie) (from Polyphony) [02:08:36]

31 Metrik - Chasing Sunrise (feat. Elisabeth Troy) (from Chasing Sunrise) [02:12:42]

32 Logistics - The Light Without You (feat. Salt Ashes) (from Hologram) [02:16:48]

33 Makoto - Bluebird (feat. Hugh Hardie) (from Sick Music 2019) [02:21:03]

34 Logistics - Watching The World Go By (feat. Alice Smith) (from Fear Not) [02:25:50]

35 Krakota - See For Miles (from See For Miles) [02:30:58]

36 Bladerunner - Jungle Jungle (Makoto Remix) (from Get Hype Remixed EP Part 1) [02:35:45]

37 [ K S R ] - Sweet Jungle (feat. Dogger) (from Sweet Jungle) [02:39:52]

38 Enei - Runnin (feat. Georgia Yates) (from Machines) [02:45:03]

39 Air.K & Cephei - Way Home (from GLOW/2) [02:49:58]

40 Degs - Levitate Your Mind (feat. Unglued) (from Levitate Your Mind) [02:55:35]

41 S.P.Y - Dreaming (from Alone In The Dark: EP 3) [02:59:41]

42 Pola & Bryson - Dream Days (from Lost in Thought) [03:04:16]

43 TwoThirds, Feint - Epiphany (feat. Veela) (Hollidayrain Remix) (from Epiphany) [03:09:03]

44 Rameses B - Memoirs (Feint Remix) (from Memoirs EP) [03:16:04]

45 Schematic, Polaris - Sculpture (from Sick Music 2018) [03:20:07]

46 Rameses B - Jenova (from Jenova) [03:26:21]

47 ShockOne, Ekko & Sidetrack - Klaxon (from A Dark Machine) [03:31:39]

48 Workforce - Fragments (from Late Night Soundtrack) [03:35:19]

49 Chase & Status - All Goes Wrong (feat. Tom Grennan) (Dawn Wall Remix) (from All Goes Wrong (Dawn Wall Remix)) [03:40:54]

50 Boxplot - We Lose It All (feat. Voicians) (from Alice (LIQUICITY)) [03:45:07]

51 Delta Heavy - Ghost (from BEM Playlist: 004 // JULY 2015) [03:50:31]

52 Hybrid Minds - Lost (from Hybrid Minds) [03:54:45]

53 T & Sugah - Lost On My Own (feat. ZAZU) (Flite Remix) (from Lost On My Own (Flite Remix)) [04:00:15]

54 Anile, DRS - Constant Reminder (from Constant Reminder) [04:04:44]

55 GLXY, DRS - She Sings for Me (from Research & Development) [04:10:18]

56 Camo & Krooked, Mefjus - No Tomorrow (feat. Sophie Lindinger) (from No Tomorrow) [04:15:14]

57 Delta Heavy - End of Days (from Down the Rabbit Hole EP) [04:19:38]

58 Urbandawn - Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly) (from Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly)) [04:24:09]

59 Stylus, Lunos - Do It Again (feat. LØREN) (from Do It Again) [04:27:59]

60 Feint - One Last Time (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 24 // October 2014) [04:32:43]

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