2021-03-08 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 2)

MuthafuckAAAAS! Emo-goddamn-muthafuckin’-nun-cunt-suckin’-clew to another Monday and another Monday Morning Aural Sex! This week, we have the second volume of the Send Newds Edition! That’s right, 48 brand spankin’-dat-ass-like-it-disobeyed-you new tracks to consume with your insatiable fuckin’ ear mouths. Wait, do you not have ear mouths?! Really??!! Wow… fuckin’ weirdos. Anyway, anyone familiar with my new shit editions oughta know the drill by now, and that drill’s fuckin’ thick. Yeah, y’all know what’s up, down and all ‘round town. For those who don’t, well, I’m sure ya can fuckin’ figure it out, but I’ll enlighten your uninitiated derrieres anyway, I do declay-ah!

This is all just new finds from the past week or so. Why am I doing another one of these so soon? Well, I felt like I got a bit lazy with new stuff last month, so this is me tryin’ to do better. I know y’all probably prefer the genre-themed editions, and I get it. I like ‘em too, obviously. These editions are just for those like me with torn-the-fuck-open minds, willing to at least try expanding their horizons in one or many different directions. I don’t expect anyone to be able to hang with ALL of my picks, ‘cause shit, then you’d probably be a clone of me, and I’d have a fuckin’ question or 7 for ya.

So, you might beg the question, on your knees, looking up at me so lovingly… wait, what? Oh, yeah. You might beg the question, “What fuckin’ genres can I expect to hear, fuckhead?” Well, shit, I’ll tell ya if you can tone down the fuckin’ ‘tude! Geeeez… We’ve got liquid drum’n’bass, liquid metal, riddim, funk, hip-hop, J-core, synthwavestep (although I’m 99% sure it’s called something else), synthwave/retrowave/fuckin’ oceanwave (I dunno. Why not?), industrial AND fuckin’ industrialstep?! Yeah, that’s a thing now apparently. 

Let’s seeeee… Also got pop, punk, fuckin’ Rod Stewart (and I did know the Young Turks track, but I forgot it was called that, and that Rod Stewart did it. Fuckin’ sue me, alright? I’ve got a lotta miscellaneous fuckin’ info rattlin’ ‘round my melon.), colour bass by my boy Chime and company, metal of the most osmiumic variety, a Brazilian live orchestral track (gorgeous shit right there), a Vietnamese pop ballad (because I like another artist named Annie, and since the name is so common, I often get recommendations from other artists with the same names. I even get weird gospel tracks because of Ministry, which is fuckin’ hilarious.), trance, breakcore, glitchstep (I guess?), horrorcore, deathcore, all the fuckin’ cores all lined up, you know I’ll give you all that you want. That is, so long as what you want is what I want, ‘cause this is my fuckin’ podcast, and you can always skip shit if ya don’t like it! Ain’t that shit fuckin’ neat?! You can even customize how long the skips are in the Podbean app, although I recommend sticking with the default 30 secs.

What else, what else? Hmmm… Well:

1. That first track, “Mystery,” was picked not just ‘cause it’s a sweet jam like fuckin’ Polaner in this bitch, but because I’m Double-muthafuckin’-O and I’m all about that mystery like Unsolved. Anyone who knows what Double-O is short for, anyone who’s translated it to ASCII text or just simply been fuckin’ unfortunate enough to have to hear me explain it, y’all know I live for the questions. It’s the question that drives us, perverts, and I just happen to drive for a fuckin’ living. Well, used to before COVID hit… Anyway,

2. The Newcleus, Rod Stewart and Solomon Burke tracks are all from Snowfall. Fantastic show which has tragically not been awarded nearly as many golden trophies and various other accolades as it deserves, in my opinion. It’s all about the crack epidemic, how it started, the CIA’s role in it, etc. Shit pops the fuck off in that show, and I’m pissed that my roommate and I are almost all caught up, forcing us to wait for weekly episode releases. Ç’est la fuckin’ vie, I s’pose. By the way, I’m ashamed of myself for not having played the Rod Stewart track called Young Turks sooner considering I’ve been tuning in to the YouTube network The Young Turks for a year and a half or so now. Better late than never.

3. Speakin’ of shit poppin’, the second track appropriately-named is relatively amelodic, but goddamn is it great for head-bobbin’. I generally gravitate towards whatever has some sort of compelling melody, especially with dubstep, but sometimes I just need somma that wreck-shit shit. You’ll hear what I mean in just a bit.

4. t+pazolite is a J-core artist that I’ve played countless times on this podcast, and if you can hang with J-core, that man has very few (if any) bad tracks. In fact, I’d say the worst t+pazolite track is merely medio-core. Get it?! Fuck you, I thought it was amusing.

5. SWARM is the fuckin’ truth, and if you don’t know of him yet, you’re ‘bout to find out. He’s another guy I’ve played countless times, and he too was just a random find I came across like uhhhh-oooohhh-ohhhh-fuck! Yeeeah, now I’m all sticky. Anyway, that’s the aforementioned industrialstep, and it’s some of the wreck-shitenest shit available. Devour that motherfucker as eagerly as mutantly possible with your normal human ear mouths.

6. Berried Alive, I’ve mentioned him in previous intros. Random fuckin’ find on Instagram, and the man’s a goddamn guitar virtuoso. He deserves your time and attention.

7. Amphibious Assault is the group that Fallon Bowman (formerly of Kittie) started years ago. They just put out a new album, and it’s pretty sweet. I retain a special place in my cold, black heart for the Kittie girls and all they’ve gotten up to over the years. Definitely going to make an All-Star edition for them at some point.

8. Two of the last tracks are by the groups Oh! the Horror and Alla Xul Elu, who (as far as I know) are signed to Twiztid’s Majik Ninja Entertainment (aka MNE) record label. Twiztid is the muthafuckin’ shit, and they keep provin’ it through the years, especially by signing artists like these. I hope they all have bright futures ahead of them, ‘cause I fuckin’ love ‘em.

9. Nope! No 9 this time either! I know, I’m such a tease.

10. Well, ten is nothin’ but the yojne, baby. Yojne in good health, both mental and physical. Yojne with all your fuckin’ hearts and other squishy insidey bits. Secure your fuckin’ wig, which reminds me to give a real quick shoutout to the lovely and talented Ms. Tea of Penny Wigs on Etsy who may or may not be hearin’ this shit right now. If you’re in the market for a wig for whatever reason, maybe your own got split by this podcast or some shit, let Penny Wigs hook y’all up with a new one. I’m not sponsored or any shit like that, I just give ample credit wherever I feel it’s due, and she’s fuckin’ due.

11. Goddammit, this numbered list bullshit is gettin’ outta control now, so hurry up and fuckin’ yojne already!

01 Blanke - Mystery (from Mystery) [00:05:12]

02 Riot Ten, CHRMNDRS - Poppin (feat. Krystall Poppin) (from Poppin (feat. Krystall Poppin)) [00:09:16]

03 Newcleus - Jam On It (from Jam On Revenge) [00:11:44]

04 Merkules, Twista - LowKey (from LowKey) [00:18:07]

05 t+pazolite - Break the House, Make the Rave. (from Break the House, Make the Rave.) [00:21:09]

06 Extra Terra - Virtual Reality (from Virtual Reality) [00:24:34]

07 Dimension - Sensory Division (from Organ) [00:28:33]

08 The Algorithm - userspace (Signal Void Remix) (from userspace (Signal Void Remix)) [00:33:25]

09 ERIEL INDIGO - Basics for Breakfast (from Basics for Breakfast) [00:38:18]

10 SWARM, Sentinel Complex, Man Ov God - Make It Out Alive (from Make It Out Alive) [00:42:08]

11 Alaina Castillo - stfu (i got u) (from stfu (i got u)) [00:45:21]

12 Chime, Franky Nuts, Oliverse - On My Mind (from Tritone EP) [00:48:21]

13 Ashnikko - Slumber Party (feat. Princess Nokia) (from DEMIDEVIL) [00:51:52]

14 Icreatedamonster - Snake In The Garden (from Snake In The Garden) [00:54:49]

15 Rod Stewart - Young Turks (from Storyteller - The Complete Anthology: 1964 - 1990) [00:59:10]

16 Cyrus Gold - Change Ur Mind (from Subsidia Dusk: Vol. 3) [01:04:05]

17 Cosmic Gate - Your Mind (Extended Mix) (from Your Mind) [01:08:10]

18 Berried Alive - Illemonati (from Illemonati) [01:15:32]

19 Tenside - Cannibals (They Don't Care) (Zardonic Remix) (from Cannibals (They Don't Care) (Zardonic Remix)) [01:20:04]

20 Bob Vylan - I Heard You Want Your Country Back (from We Live Here (Deluxe)) [01:24:34]

21 Lenny Dee, Malke - Liberate the Aggression (from Liberate the Aggression) [01:26:52]

22 Combichrist - Not My Enemy (from Not My Enemy) [01:31:10]

23 Architects - Little Wonder (feat. Mike Kerr) (from For Those That Wish To Exist) [01:35:44]

24 Rodrigo Leão - Lula Mistério (Ao Vivo) (from Eléctrico (Temporada 2) - Capitólio - 3 Julho 2020 (Ao Vivo)) [01:39:29]

25 Zeds Dead - late night drive (from late night drive) [01:42:47]

26 Kotori - Chariot Charge (from Chariot Charge / Cobalt Attack) [01:46:39]

27 Alex M.O.R.P.H., Aimoon, Northern Storm - Mission Control (Extended Tech Mix) (from Mission Control) [01:50:33]

28 Deathpact - ID (CloZee Remix) (from ID (CloZee Remix)) [01:57:33]

29 Dreamshade, Darkest Hour, John Henry - Nothing but the Truth (from Nothing but the Truth) [02:01:05]

30 Vampa - Blood Moon (from Blood Moon) [02:04:41]

31 Lydmor, Eivør - Nevada (from Nevada) [02:08:19]

32 NGHTMRE, KLAXX - Falling (from Falling) [02:12:06]

33 Dossa & Locuzzed - Right Way (feat. Anastasia) (from Right Way / Tommy) [02:15:35]

34 Kai Wachi - Over My Head (feat. Dia Frampton) (from Over My Head) [02:19:06]

35 The Midnight - Neon Medusa (from Neon Medusa) [02:23:00]

36 Trampa - Your Luv (from Your Luv) [02:28:00]

37 Chime, Franky Nuts, Oliverse - Let Me Go (from Tritone EP) [02:31:01]

38 MaxRevenge - No Tomorrow (Extended Mix) (from No Tomorrow) [02:34:50]

39 Amphibious Assault - By Any Other Name (from Simulacrima) [02:41:55]

40 Igurí - 4-1 (feat. Astrid Engberg) (Opica Remix) (from 4-1 (Opica Remix)) [02:45:43]

41 Phạm Đình Thái Ngân - Liệu Ta Sẽ (feat. Annie) (from Liệu Ta Sẽ) [02:53:20]

42 Futuristic - You Said It (feat. Michael Minelli) (from You Said It) [02:58:20]

43 TYNAN - UNDONE (feat. Aaron Gillespie) (from UNDONE (feat. Aaron Gillespie)) [03:01:42]

44 Rise Against - Broken Dreams, Inc. (HEALTH Remix) (from Broken Dreams, Inc. (HEALTH Remix)) [03:05:03]

45 Solomon Burke - None Of Us Are Free (from Don’t Give Up On Me) [03:09:33]

46 Oh! the Horror - Dead Inside (from Dead Inside) [03:14:52]

47 Ruby My Dear - Fin de partie (from Fin de partie) [03:17:36]

48 Alla Xul Elu - Say Goodbye (feat. Rittz) (from Say Goodbye) [03:21:38]

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