2021-01-18 (Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition Vol. 3)

Good fuckin’ lord, perverts… Welcome to the 3rd volume of the Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition! Such phenomenal fuckin’ shit ahead of us this week, and I don’t just mean this podcast. I’m fairly certain that at no point in history have so many people felt such profound anxiety centered around a single day, and in case y’all’ve been livin’ under a rock for the past 4 years, I’m talkin’ ‘bout Inauguration Day. We all watched absolutely stunned by the events of the 6th, while they did what they did. I actually had three different news feeds on simultaneously at one point. Journalists everywhere must’ve been going absolutely apeshit that day. 

As I said recently in a Facebook post, I saw a video that woman posted shortly before she was killed trying to breach a broken window into the barricaded and heavily-guarded halls of Congress (or the Senate, I’m not sure). She was ranting about California’s homeless problem. Granted, she may have been ranting about it because she had disdain instead of compassion for the homeless. If that’s the case, she can go fuck herself. If it’s not the case, then goddamn is it tragic that someone who was actually compassionate towards the homeless chose to… storm the Capitol… riiiiight. She’s dead right now because of Trump, because of what he told his easily-led followers to do, because he’s too small of a man to simply admit that he lost the election, and bow out with even the slightest modicum of dignity.

Now, there are lives being destroyed not merely due to his egregious mishandling of the COVID crisis, but due purely to his ego. The whole crux of his argument is absurd, because mail-in ballots are perfectly allowed in our particular democratic elections. Their challenges to the election results, not to mention the hapless supporters who (perhaps) unwittingly funded those efforts via political fundraising, have all failed (as far as I know, all 60 some-odd have failed). This is happening because your pitiful little orange bitch, your so-called “alpha,” is too much of the former to be any of the latter, so he calls upon his brigade of fools to do his bidding. Yes! He thinks of you as fools! That’s what con men do! They have to have some contempt for their marks, or else the con will fail.

I heard stories of people being surprised that Trump wasn’t marching with the crowd, and just… Why? Why would he march a mile or two with you when he already did indeed leave his own rally-going supporters in the freezing cold? I speculated that perhaps one of the reasons why so many people were unafraid to show their faces was because they figured the President had their backs. I’m sure there was no small amount of white privilege behind that sort of brazenness, but Jesus… these people genuinely do live in an alternate reality, and they’re actually dangerous now. Something must be done, or worse will come. Some of the details surrounding this are absolutely chilling on a, “let’s get the ever-loving fuck out of the country immediately,” sort of level.

Anyway, I hope this week will be uneventful, but I just… don’t know anymore. I do know that this podcast needs to get rollin’ already because I brought y’all the fuck down with that intro. Hardly my intention, just trying to voice concerns and observations. But yeah, this podcast is a little over 4 ½ hours long, which I think makes this one my longest Witch-rowave edition yet. Speaking of Witch-rowave Trap-House, let me break it down for the uninitiated by saying… fuck, I dunno. It’s a combination of the genres Witch House, Witch Trap, and Retrowave (aka Outrun, Synthwave, etc.). So, it’s all kind of nebulous, but one thing you can expect lots of is synth music in various forms. If you can hang with that, awesome. If not, wait ’til next week or somethin’. 

I should also mention the artwork as I have in the intros to previous editions. So, as some may have noticed, I went with another photo from the Neon Witch series. It’s really just too perfect for this theme for me to bother trying to deviate. Once again, you’ll have to forgive me as I butcher the absolute fuck out of these names, but the photographer is a guy named Sergey “Aku” Shetukhin, and the model’s name is Ekaterina Mozhina. They’re both on Instagram @akunohako & @katya_mozhina, respectively. Check them the fuck out, support them, buy a calendar, buy a print or three, do whatever you can do, because talent deserves support, goddammit; especially when said talent is lesser known. I have no idea how well-known either of them are, but still, support ‘em if ya can.

Anyway, all the tracks on this edition are new finds with three exceptions from some recent editions. Personally, I think this podcast is great to have on in the background or the foreground. So much awesome music found for this one, and with relatively minimal effort. Always delightful when that happens.

Know what else is delightful? The yojne… the yojne is delightful, you delighted-ass motherfuckers.

01 Brothel, Sidewalks and Skeletons, Clepsydra - Birth (from Birth/Rebirth) [00:04:07]

02 The Moody Blues - Rock 'N' Roll Over You (from The Other Side Of Life) [00:07:18]

03 King Plague - I Was Born Here and I Will Die Here (from Pestilence) [00:12:06]

04 Le Castle Vania, Hyper - Pray For My Enemies (from Pray For My Enemies) [00:13:33]

05 ΔXIUS LIИK x ножевые ранения ‎– NНΞЙ (from NНΞЙ) [00:17:38]

06 Kick Puncher - Horizon (from Horizon) [00:21:43]

07 åpostol, Slasher of Souls - Fucking Dawn (from Fucking Dawn) [00:25:48]

08 Bryant Lowry - Powerup (from Dark Triad) [00:29:43]

09 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Kvrt in Space (from Scattering) [00:33:21]

10 Essenger, PYLOT - Offworld (Extra Terra Remix) (from After Dark (The Remixes) (Deluxe Edition)) [00:38:39]

11 Sidewalks and Skeletons, Brothel - Higher (from Higher) [00:42:23]

12 DEADLIFE - Terminal Velocity (from Singularity) [00:45:48]

13 Nevaeh, Ankou - Out of Body Experience (from Out of Body Experience) [00:50:31]

14 Misanthropix - Ethereal (from Ethereal) [00:55:29]

15 Ritualz - Third Eye Sixth Sense (from Ghetto Ass Witch) [00:59:49]

16 Baddon, Misanthropix - Sinner (from Sinner) [01:03:42]

17 FUNΞRᐃL ‡ FLØWΞRS - Поиграй со мной (from Поиграй со мной) [01:07:47]

18 Acryl madness - Tango with the Devil (from Extending Through Hell) [01:11:34]

19 Jessaudrey, Svperior Dwells, secret souls - spell fire (from spell fire) [01:15:19]

20 Neon Nox - Fahrenheit (from Syndicate Shadow) [01:19:20]

21 CASHFORGOLD, Sidewalks and Skeletons - Char (from Char) [01:24:34]

22 Urbanstep, Misfit, Peter Piffen - Blowin' Smoke (Extra Terra - Cyberpunk Remix) (from Blowin’ Smoke (Extra Terra - Cyberpunk Remix)) [01:27:45]

23 Lorn - Acid Rain (from The Maze To Nowhere) [01:31:04]

24 Essenger, Scandroid - Empire Of Steel (from After Dark (Deluxe Edition)) [01:33:56]

25 King Plague, Suicidewave - Pestilence (from Pestilence) [01:37:45]

26 LICK - REBEL (from DIMENSION) [01:41:32]

27 CASHFORGOLD - Queen (feat. Sidewalks and Skeletons) (from Queen) [01:45:43]

28 The MVI - In The Dark (from In The Dark) [01:49:32]

29 CHVRN - Find You (from Find You) [01:52:33]

30 Fury Weekend - Automatic Love (feat. Essenger) (from Automatic Love (feat. Essenger)) [01:55:49]

31 DEVILNOTCRY - Notenoughofyou (from King of Horror MMXIX) [01:59:47]

32 Matteo Tura - Fall (from Fall) [02:04:15]

33 Enjoii - love with heart (from love with heart) [02:08:18]

34 Futurecop!, DWNTWN - Lost Love (Thunderclaw Remix) (from Fairy Tales: Remixed) [02:10:54]

35 HEALTH - FEEL NOTHING (from VOL. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR) [02:15:33]

36 EDDIE - Still Healing (from Bad Habits) [02:18:28]

37 Enjoii - Not Alone (from Not Alone) [02:24:08]

38 Megan McDuffee - Watch Your Back (from River City Girls (Original Video Game Soundtrack)) [02:26:43]

39 Skeler, Juche - Proxima (from Proxima) [02:31:05]

40 Megahit - Fear (from Wrath Of The Machine) [02:35:49]

41 Sidewalks and Skeletons, Brothel, Prgtry - Glass Coffin, Pt. 2 (from Glass Coffin, Pt. 2) [02:40:31]

42 Vosto, Kashmir11 - Nano Fire Flies (from Metro Holografix) [02:43:56]

43 Pvri$ - 8/16/1999 (from 8/16/1999) [02:51:41]

44 Cassetter - Slasher (Extra Terra Remix) (from Slasher (Extra Terra Remix)) [02:55:11]

45 Brothel, DRYVE - Trauma (from Trauma) [02:59:56]

46 Inexedra - Cyberkinetic (from Lexicon) [03:04:00]

47 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Cybercrimes (from Cybercrimes) [03:09:42]

48 F.O.O.L - Criminals (from Revenger) [03:13:37]

49 Juche - Enight (from Enight) [03:17:44]

50 Shortwire - Reconfig (from Reconfig) [03:21:50]

51 Summer of Haze - Ұoung God (from Holy Heavenh∞d) [03:25:34]

52 Fury Weekend - Black To The Future (from Avengers After Dark) [03:29:31]

53 VSN7, ∆XIUS LIИK - Outcast (from Memorial) [03:34:20]

54 DEADLIFE - Downpour (from Downpour) [03:38:07]

55 PLVGUES - Planes ov Nav (from Planes ov Nav) [03:42:34]

56 Misanthropix - Boostergangs (from Boostergangs) [03:46:02]

57 Damn Whøre - Vladah (from Vladah) [03:49:54]

58 Scandroid - Neo-Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix) (from Dreams of Neo-Tokyo (Deluxe Edition)) [03:51:42]

59 Skeler - Tel Aviv (from Tel Aviv) [03:57:26]

60 Vogel - Imperivm (from Imperivm) [04:00:56]

61 Kareful, Pholo - Second Sword (from Second Sword) [04:06:03]

62 Rogue VHS - Nighthawk (from Nighthawk) [04:09:43]

63 palence - Hazer (from Hazer) [04:13:34]

64 Signal Void - Ultra Violet (from This Liminal Reality) [04:16:53]

65 ††† - The Beginning Of The End (from The Beginning Of The End) [04:22:57]

66 Brothel, Sidewalks and Skeletons, Clepsydra - Rebirth (from Birth/Rebirth) [04:27:25]

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