2021-01-04 (New Year, New Shit Edition)

Welcome to 2021, muthafuckas! As you can clearly tell with the fully-functional fuckin’ eyeballs in your overgrown fuckin’ melons, this here is the New Year, New Shit Edition! Welcome to this too, by the way. Y’all oughta know the fuckin’ drill. If you somehow don’t, surely to Fuck you can figguh it out, eh? Some of these tracks aren’t really new. I most likely played them on podcasts ages ago, but I’ve been strapped for time over the past week. Long fuckin’ story…

Anyway, yeah, I could’ve checked to make sure, but I’m fairly certain you’ll forgive me for not doing so. I was actually thinking of making this an hour shorter this week because of the aforementioned time strap, but I figure that if I don’t hold myself to the standards I set, then why bother fuckin’ having standards at all? It’s not like anyone else is payin’ that close attention. I get the impression that most of these “new shit,” editions are pretty much exclusively for myself, which is fine since all this shit I compile is fuckin’ awesome, and I know whoever sleeps on these is missin’ the fuck out. Like I’ve said, I wouldn’t bother including anything under 4 ½ stars out of 5, but as is the case with so many other things in life, taste is subjective. Expecting anyone to be able to hang with all this stuff would be a supreme exercise in futility; I just provide it in case anyone else feels like joining me on my adventure for a little while.

Aside from all that, I was thinking of writing some rant about 2020, but I honestly don’t want to think about it anymore. I’m not going into 2021 even remotely as hopeful as I did going into 2020. Kinda think I mighta jinxed myself there. I have goals I’m gonna keep working towards, but I’m not gonna talk about them until they’re achieved. Hopefully they actually will be achieved at some point. As I say though, hope in one hand, shit in the other and see which gets filled first. 

All that dumb garbage done did and said, let us fuckin’ yojne!

01 No Doubt - New (from Go OST) [00:01:21]

02 ††† - The Beginning Of The End (from The Beginning Of The End) [00:05:27]

03 Ice - Entrance (from Cytus: Prologue OST) [00:09:57]

04 REAPER, SYN - LEVITATE (from LEVITATE) [00:11:35]

05 Sneo - Binary (from Contact) [00:14:21]

06 Above the Law - Freedom of Speech (from Pump Up the Volume OST) [00:18:46]

07 The Banger Bros. - Rock That Style (from ReRave OST) [00:22:57]

08 Brooke Candy - Cum (feat. Iggy Azalea) (from SEXORCISM) [00:24:33]

09 t+pazolite - Overcome Me!!!!!!! (from Overcome Me!!!!!!!) [00:27:08]

10 Ugly Kid Joe - Goddamn Devil (from America’s Least Wanted) [00:30:25]

11 VCTMS - Between Tragedy Deadly Flowers Bloom (from Between Tragedy Deadly Flowers Bloom) [00:35:16]

12 Oh! the Horror - Halloween 365 (Remix) (feat. Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Young Wicked, Boondox, The R.O.C., Lex the Hex Master, Rapper REDD) (from Halloween 365 (Remix)) [00:38:11]

13 Point.Blank & Gambit - Point.Blank Skankah (feat. MC General) (from Dirt On The Side EP) [00:42:24]

14 Venetian Snares - Tache (from Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore) [00:46:43]

15 Fracus, Haywire - Another Life (from Collabz) [00:53:08]

16 TwoThirds - 23 Reasons (from ReRave OST) [00:58:48]

17 Yamajet - キャンディ☆ギャリー (from Resident V.A. ~Tribute To Taka~) [01:00:21]

18 Astral Projection - Enlightened Evolution (Uni Remix) (from Enlightened Evolution (Uni Remix)) [01:04:42]

19 Numbernin6 - Nebulous (from Dubstep Onslaught) [01:13:47]

20 Lex the Hex Master - Sleep at Night (feat. HB the Grizzly) (from Party Castle, Ep. 1) [01:20:34]

21 Sigur Rós - Ný batterí [New Batteries] (from Ágætis Byrjun [An Alright Start]) [01:25:01]

22 Seven Lions - Days To Come (feat. Fiora) (Coyote Kisses Remix) (from Days To Come) [01:32:58]

23 Crankdat - Redo (from Redo) [01:38:02]

24 Barely Alive - Dead Link (VIP) (from BEM Playlist: 001 // JUNE 2015) [01:41:19]

25 Project 46 - Search and Rescue (feat. HALIENE) (from BEM Playlist: 005 // AUGUST 2015) [01:46:08]

26 JVNA - Living in Hell (Kotori Remix) (from JVNA REMIXED: VOL. 1 (CATCH ME)) [01:48:51]

27 Blue Stahli - Lakes of Flame (from Lakes of Flame) [01:52:59]

28 Jaenga, Charmae - WILDFIRE (from LINGUISTICS EP) [01:56:31]

29 Bring Back the Demon - Lost in a Dark Wood (Covant Remix) (from BEM Playlist: 005 // AUGUST 2015) [02:01:16]

30 GentleBeatz - Alone in the Woods (from Away from Home) [02:05:09]

31 Dec3mber & QUEST! - Electric Forest (from BEM Playlist: 002 // JUNE 2015) [02:07:53]

32 Connect.Ohm - 9980 (from 9980) [02:11:32]

33 Sublab, Azaleh - Cosmica (from Cosmica) [02:19:36]

34 Deftones - Teenager (Robert Smith Remix) (from White Pony (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)) [02:24:58]

35 Fury Weekend - Automatic Love (feat. Essenger) (from Automatic Love (feat. Essenger)) [02:28:00]

36 Champagne Drip - Me and You (feat. Lucii) (from Me and You) [02:31:57]

37 Direct - Labyrinth (feat. Essenger) (from Labyrinth) [02:35:38]

38 Darren Styles - Us Against The World (Protostar Remix) (from Us Against The World (Protostar Remix)) [02:39:27]

39 Illenium & Said The Sky - Painted White (feat. Cristina Soto) (from BEM Playlist: 005 // AUGUST 2015) [02:44:18]

40 Rootkit - Only Knew (feat. Nevve) (from Only Knew (feat. Nevve)) [02:49:59]

41 Kaivon - Don't Leave Me (from Don’t Leave Me) [02:52:52]

42 Yinyues - Everything (feat. Mimi Page) (from Everything) [02:55:53]

43 Aaron Lansing - Faded Dreams (from Faded Dreams) [03:00:06]

44 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Sundown (from In Search of Sunrise 16) [03:01:52]

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