2020-11-23 (Osmium 11: Osmium Out Your Anus Into Outer Space Edition)

Deep within the indifferent void of outer space, what the humans had pitifully come to think of as the “universe” suddenly shook in sheer terror. Osmium had finished crushing every hapless inhabitant of the sad little dirt ball known as “Earth.” With no lifeforms left on the planet left to obliterate into dust, the Osmium lifted off into the sky and beyond the atmosphere, irreparably tearing the ozone apart as it left our meager remnants behind. Life would no longer be possible on this planet. No tales would be told of so-called civilizations, none of the pathetic strides and bounds of progress would ever be reported to anyone. Humanity and all the life upon which it inflicted itself were erased forever until the end of time. Now, the Osmium set off to roam hundreds of thousands of galaxies in search of more life to snuff out of any and all memory. 

Fuckermothers! Welcome one and all to the Osmium 11: Osmium Out Your Anus Into Outer Space Edition! Be sure to wear some super sensitive headphones for this because this edition has just a snail’s testicular fibre over 5 hours worth of gentle jams to ease you through your stressful, 1st-world Mondays. Be sure to rotate the gain knob to 11 for maximum yojnement, too. You might be deaf at the end, but are functional ears even worthwhile when you have such fervent enthusiasm for these extraordinary musical stylings? Make sure also to keep a hanky nearby to wipe up the blood dripping from your ears. This is some seriously hardcore relaxation, futhermuckers.

So, why are we in space this time? Well, naturally. Whenever a series gets to the tenth installment or more, going to space is pretty much a requirement. Why? Because reasons, that’s why. Fuck you and your questions. Oh, and if you’re wondering why this is the 11th and not the 12th installment (as if you’d even fuckin’ notice that I’ve done 12 of these bitches now… that’d be fuckin’ hilarious), it’s because Osmium-20: The Mutation was from the future. Don’t ask me how. Some fuckhead cyborg that kind of looked like me showed up one day, handed me a flash drive, and that’s what was on it. It was a warning about a virus that will eventually annihilate all life on Earth, starting with this nightmarish red, white & blue pisspot called America. Apparently, it killed all the blithering fucking imbeciles, the moronic troglodytes who didn’t take it seriously, didn’t wear protective face coverings, and they paid the ultimate price. Those who were left could only enjoy the peace and quiet for a short time before they too fell like the perpetual fuckin’ victims they had always been.

Any-fuckin’-way, I’m gonna stop yammering all this fuckin’ nonsense now so we can get this shit underway. First though, I ought to mention that this edition is mostly made up of tracks from earlier Osmium editions. Sort of a greatest hits, I suppose, but there are a handful of newer finds from this year and the last as well. Also, I decided to include some classic gabber, hardcore, and dubstep tracks because they’re equally as osmiumic as all the rest of the osmium. If you disagree, don’t tell me about it. Just take a nailgun and punch as many holes into your head with it as you can before you pass out and/or die. You’re wrong, they do belong on this playlist, and you and your ever-so-valuable opinion can choke on a dead elephant’s flaccid cock and die. Sound good? I figured you’d like that. 

With all that said… good morning… Sunday morning… you don’t get that reference, and YOJNE!!!!!!

01 Devin Townsend - ZTO (from Ziltoid The Omniscient) [00:03:10]

02 Slipknot - Surfacing (from Slipknot) [00:04:27]

03 White Zombie - Feed The Gods (from Airheads OST) [00:08:04]

04 Erra - Eye of God (from Eye of God) [00:11:54]

05 Arch Enemy - Dead Eyes See No Future (from Anthems of Rebellion) [00:15:23]

06 Bad Acid Trip - Beware Of The Little People With Terrible Visions (from Lynch The Weirdo) [00:19:35]

07 Slipknot - Eyeless (from Slipknot) [00:19:47]

08 Walls of Jericho - The American Dream (from The American Dream) [00:23:42]

09 Mushroomhead - Qwerty (from The Righteous & The Butterfly) [00:26:55]

10 Hatebreed - Doomsayer (feat. Gir) (from The Rise of Brutality) [00:30:19]

11 Atari Teenage Riot - Too Dead For Me (from 60 Second Wipe Out) [00:33:37]

12 Gut - Embalmed In Pig Sperm (from Odour Of Torture) [00:37:33]

13 Fear Factory - Slave Labor (from Archetype) [00:37:47]

14 The Dillinger Escape Plan - When Good Dogs Do Bad Things (feat. Mike Patton) (from Irony Is A Dead Scene EP) [00:41:40]

15 Sullivan King - Reckless (from Show Some Teeth) [00:47:38]

16 Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave (from From the Cradle to Enslave EP) [00:50:55]

17 Spineshank - The Height Of Callousness (from The Height Of Callousness) [00:57:29]

18 Evil Activities - Back On Track (feat. Neophyte) (from Army Of Hardcore Vol. 3 (Disc 2)) [01:00:26]

19 Tenacious D - The Metal (from The Pick Of Destiny) [01:05:35]

20 Pantera - War Nerve (from The Great Southern Trendkill) [01:08:15]

21 In Flames - Disconnected (from A Sense Of Purpose) [01:13:07]

22 KoЯn - Twist (from Life Is Peachy) [01:16:29]

23 KoЯn - Good God (from Life Is Peachy) [01:17:28]

24 Temper Tantrum - Still The Hardest (from Industrial Fucking Strength 2: Unleash The Brutality (Disc 1)) [01:20:48]

25 IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - Alaskan Flounder Basket (from IWRESTLEDABEARONCE EP) [01:24:59]

26 Ministry - Let's Go (from The Last Sucker) [01:27:34]

27 Snails - Crank Bass (feat. Liam Cormier) (from SLIMEAGEDDON) [01:32:25]

28 Daniel Tidwell - Knee-Deep in the Dead [At Doom's Gate E1M1] (DooM) (from Versus Video Games 3) [01:36:48]

29 I Got Shot In The Face - You. Dead. (from How Am I Not Myself) [01:40:01]

30 GWAR - Sick Of You (from Scumdogs of the Universe) [01:42:49]

31 After The Burial - A Vicious Reforming Of Features (from Rareform) [01:45:56]

32 Between the Buried and Me - All Bodies (from Alaska) [01:51:38]

33 Dubloadz - Break The Rail (feat. Sullivan King) (from Dubloadz and the 9000 Ghosts) [01:57:49]

34 E-Town Concrete - Time 2 Shine (from Time 2 Shine) [02:01:51]

35 BIGdumbFACE - Burgalveist (from Duke Lion Fights The Terror!!) [02:05:15]

36 Interruptvector vs. DJ Plague - Ahh Das Ist Musik (from Speedcore.ca) [02:08:01]

37 PainKiller - Purgatory Of Fiery Vulvas (from Guts Of A Virgin) [02:12:40]

38 Kittie - Brackish (from Spit) [02:13:02]

39 Daughters - Fur Beach (from Canada Songs) [02:16:03]

40 American Head Charge - Americunt Evolving Into Useless Psychic Garbage (from The War Of Art) [02:16:42]

41 The Gerogerigegege - Gynecologist (from Yellow Trash Bazooka 7" EP) [02:19:15]

42 The Fall Of Troy - We Better Learn To Hotwire A Uterus (from Doppleganger) [02:19:19]

43 Cycle Sluts From Hell - I Wish You Were A Beer (from Cycle Sluts From Hell) [02:21:28]

44 The Locust - Twenty-Three Lubed Up Schizophrenics With Delusions Of Grandeur (from Plague Soundscapes) [02:23:44]

45 Buckethead - The Hand (feat. Maximum Bob & Ani Maldjian) (from Enter The Chicken) [02:24:34]

46 Daughters - The Fuck Whisperer (from Hell Songs) [02:28:55]

47 System of a Down - Cigaro (from Mezmerize) [02:30:40]

48 Excision, Downlink - Resistance (from Resistance) [02:32:52]

49 Meshuggah - obZen (from obZen) [02:37:24]

50 Devin Townsend - Ziltoidia Attaxx!!! (from Ziltoid The Omniscient) [02:41:47]

51 DJ Narotic Vs. U.V.C. - Step Into The Pit (from Industrial Fucking Strength 2: Unleash The Brutality (Disc 1)) [02:45:29]

52 Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - Yippie-Kay-Yay Mother Fucker (from Danza III: The Series Of Unfortunate Events) [02:50:01]

53 Lamb Of God - 11th Hour (from As The Palaces Burn) [02:53:23]

54 Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man (from Brave New World) [02:57:05]

55 Dir en Grey - Obscure (from Vulgar) [03:01:35]

56 Strapping Young Lad - S.Y.L.R.M.H.A. (from City) [03:05:32]

57 Strapping Young Lad - Zen (from Alien) [03:05:35]

58 Soilwork - Grand Failure Anthem (from A Predator’s Portrait) [03:10:37]

59 Shadows Fall - Failure Of The Devout (from Threads Of Life) [03:15:55]

60 Damageplan - Fuck You (from New Found Power) [03:21:18]

61 Beneath The Massacre - Symptoms (from Incongruous) [03:24:25]

62 The Devil Wears Prada - Dez Moines (from With Roots Above and Branches Below) [03:27:27]

63 Dissonant - Charles Bronson Was Great In Death Wish 5 (from Copy Burn Distribute Repeat) [03:31:28]

64 System of a Down - P.L.U.C.K. (from System of a Down) [03:35:46]

65 DevilDriver - These Fighting Words (from The Last Kind Words) [03:39:12]

66 Mod Flanders Conspiracy - Just Because I Got My Arms And Legs Surgically Lengthened Doesn't Make Me A Sell-Out Midget (from The Tragic Urn Spill) [03:43:05]

67 The Berzerker - Eye For An Eye (from Animosity (Disc 1)) [03:47:07]

68 At The Gates - Blinded By Fear (from Slaughter of the Soul) [03:49:23]

69 Sawtooth Grin - A 2 Minute Lecture On The Finer Points Of Instability (from Cuddlemonster) [03:52:18]

70 Skrape - What You Say (from New Killer America) [03:54:22]

71 Slipknot - Birth Of The Cruel (from We Are Not Your Kind) [03:57:41]

72 Deftones - Phantom Bride (from Gore) [04:02:16]

73 All That Remains - Two Weeks (from Overcome) [04:07:09]

74 Converge - The Broken Vow (from Jane Doe) [04:11:21]

75 All Shall Perish - Never…Again (from Awaken The Dreamers) [04:13:30]

76 Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache (from The End of Heartache) [04:16:40]

77 Dog Fashion Disco - The Darkest Days (from Adultery) [04:21:37]

78 Metallica - Dyers Eve (from ...And Justice For All) [04:25:57]

79 Dream Theater - Panic Attack (from Octavarium) [04:31:11]

80 Rollins Band - Volume 4 (from Weight) [04:39:23]

81 Mudvayne - Severed (from L.D. 50) [04:43:57]

82 Five Pointe O - Sympathetic Climate Control (from Untitled) [04:50:20]

83 VCTMS - Sick // Tired (feat. Devin MacGillivray) (from Vol. II Inside the Mind) [04:55:25]

84 SWARM - Void (from Void) [04:57:46]

85 The Amity Affliction - Forever (from Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them) [05:01:36]

86 Excrementory Grindfuckers - H.T.L.T.P.T.M.G.T.CoooolW. (from Bitte Nicht Vor Den Gaesten (Do Not Ask Before The Guest)) [05:04:42]

87 Hatebeak - Birdseeds of Vengeance (from https://youtu.be/8h5xS_xFUZg) [05:06:55]

88 Excrementory Grindfuckers - For Whom The Shit Rolls (from Fertigmachen Szeneputzen!) [05:08:49]

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