2020-11-16 (Entranced Edition Vol. 6)

What’s up, muthafuckaaaaaas?!!?saaaaaakcufahtum ,pu s’tahW Welcome to the 6th volume of the Entranced Edition of Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! Naturally, as with all the previous Entranced editions, you can expect 3 straight hours of just utter, ear-obliterating noise. Just actual Noise groups cramming your delicate ear sphincters with the sperm of destruction, except no and not at all, but that sounds fuckin’ hilarious. Imagine having pregnant ears, giving birth to evil noise babies, which are coincidentally quite similar to actual babies. But nah, this is… trance music. Yup, I admit it. The name “Entranced,” could’ve been thought out a little better, but I’m 6 volumes deep already, so I’m not going to go changing shit at this point.

If somehow you’re unfamiliar with trance music, yet you find yourself listening to this 6th installment of a random fuckhead’s podcast instead of starting at the 1st like a noooooormal person, trance is a big subgenre of the overall EDM soundscape. Trance is some of the best music to dance to, in my opinion. I know you didn’t ask, but it’s my podcast, so you’re gonna take my opinion whether ya like it or not, unless you’re fuckin’ lame and already hit skip on the intro ‘cause you hate me or something. Anyway, yeah, most of this edition is melodic trance (which kind of goes without saying, but not entirely), and psytrance. I’ve got a J-Trance track hiding in there somewhere, too. Not bigly significant, but it is noticeably different to seasoned listeners such as myself, and mrah mrah mrah. Psytrance is… can ya guess? Yup, psychedelic trance. So, lots of pulsing bass, lots of room for the melody to frolic up and down the scales, often some sci-fi and/or cyberpunk sort of samples incorporated. 

Definitely fantastic shit right there, especially from one of the all-time greatest groups to emerge from the genre, Infected Mushroom. Their roots are in psytrance, but they’re now more electronic rock with hints of psytrance sprinkled around. Their live shows are usually lots of fun too, unless you encounter some shitty manager of a shitty venue/bowling alley who makes you take your mask off for whatever stupid fuckin’ reason… Anyway, yeah, if we ever get to go to shows again, if we as Americans actually ever get through this fucking pandemic and they come through your town, get you a ticket or three and have yourself a jolly good time. Aside from that, melodic trance is just that. I only specify it being, “melodic,” because some trance can be rather minimalistic with its melodies. This ain’t that. 

Also also, you may notice that I used the extended mixes of many of these tracks. That’s because I strongly feel that trance is one of those genres that’s best enjoyed with an attention span at least moderately greater than that of a fucking goldfish. Not much of a trance to be experienced if you’re in and out of it in 3 minutes, in my opinion. Not impossible, and there are some tracks here that are around that length, but I prefer the longer ones. 1,000% giggity. Also also also, all these tracks are new finds that I spent around 8 hours looking for, so yojne this shit good and hard for me, will ya?

Also also also also, I found a few video-game-related jams for the hopelessly childish nerds that actually play video games. Mrahhhh, so immature, right? We ought to be doing adult things with our lives so we can be as miserable as possible and never wonder why. Yup, that’s how we do in this red, white & blue pile of smiling corpses called America, or whatever. I will say though that I have a couple faint glimmers of hope now. I vaguely remember what hope feels like, and it’s kinda nice, but we’ve still got a lot to do to expunge the virus that’s infected this country for the past four years. Speaking of which, before we yojne, I’ve got a lil’ secret for ya… Come closer…

(tells secret)



(mirth-ter, or something)

AND WITH THAT, we yojne.

01 Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Monday Morning Madness (feat. Shannon Hurley) (Original Mix) (from Monday Morning Madness) [00:03:31]

02 Vini Vici, Pixel - Anything & Everything (Infected Mushroom Remix) (from Anything & Everything (Infected Mushroom Remix)) [00:09:41]

03 DJ Space Raven, DJ Dean - Nobody Ever Knows Any More (from Nobody Ever Knows Any More) [00:15:12]

04 Abraxis, Seven Lions, Dimibo - Half Of It (from Half Of It) [00:21:46]

05 Mercurius FM, Stux.io - Prelude (Final Fantasy VII) (from Remako (Final Fantasy 7)) [00:26:27]

06 Witness45 - Lightspeed (feat. Jess Morgan) (Skyline Remix) (from Lightspeed (The Remixes)) [00:29:34]

07 Alessandra Roncone - What Makes You Feel Alive (Extended Mix) (from What Makes You Feel Alive) [00:35:32]

08 Tenishia - Never Let You Down (feat. Susana) (Cold Rush Remix) (from Never Let You Down (Cold Rush Remix)) [00:41:56]

09 Gareth Emery - Laserface 03 (Leaving You) (Extended Mix) (from Laserface 03 (Leaving You)) [00:48:24]

10 Eaglewing - Bullseye (Tycoos Remix) (from Bullseye (Tycoos Remix)) [00:53:43]

11 NG Rezonance - Syndicate (Original Mix) (from Syndicate) [00:56:31]

12 bLiNd - Put Em Up (Punch-Out!!) (from NESteryears) [01:02:30]

13 DRYM, AMTM - Zeus (Extended Mix) (from Zeus) [01:08:48]

14 Dimatik - War of the Gods (from War of the Gods) [01:14:47]

15 Bruce Cullen - Skyscraper (from Skyscraper) [01:17:39]

16 Davey Asprey - The Road So Far (from The Road So Far) [01:23:28]

17 Tomena - Moonlight Sonata (Original Mix) (from Trancemaster 6001) [01:26:40]

18 Juno Reactor - Dakota (Undercover Extended Mix) (from Dakota) [01:34:03]

19 Gaudium - Fragments of Insanity (from Fragments of Insanity) [01:41:49]

20 _ensnare_ - I Drop Gems (from Tech Switch) [01:49:14]

21 Steve Brian, Patrik Humann - Eivissa Ultima (DJ Version) (from Eivissa Ultima) [01:53:56]

22 Electric Universe - Bansuri (from Bansuri) [01:58:55]

23 Solarstone, Future Disciple - Monkey Mia (David Forbes Extended Remix) (from One+) [02:06:22]

24 Shiki - Rose Quartz (Ver.Cristierra) (from Cristierra) [02:12:22]

25 Sideform - Quantum Flux (from Quantum Flux) [02:16:42]

26 Costa Pantazis - Navigator (Original Mix) (from Navigator) [02:24:42]

27 RYDEX - Beyond Infinity (Extended Mix) (from Beyond Infinity) [02:31:47]

28 Ferry Corsten - Your Face (feat. Eric Lumiere) (Extended Mix) (from Blueprint The Extendeds) [02:37:35]

29 RAM, Susana, Tales Of Life - You Are Enough (Extended Mix) (from You Are Enough) [02:43:44]

30 GXD - Sail (feat. Elle Vee) (Extended Mix) (from Sail) [02:51:10]

31 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Empty World (Extended Mix) (from Evolver (The Extended Mixes)) [02:57:35]

32 Susana - A Million Memories (Extended Mix) (from A Million Memories) [03:04:27]

33 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Till We Meet Again (from Till We Meet Again) [03:11:05]

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