2020-10-26 (Maximum Spoop Edition)

Maximum Spoop, muthafuckaaaaaaa! Emoclewelcome to the Maximum Spoop Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex! Know what “spoop,” is? Perhaps it’s better left unknown… so it’s easier to spoop you, like BOO! See? That’s spoopiness, spoopification, spoopacalifragilisticexpialadocioliciousness and all that. Halloween is coming up, but with COVID being what COVID unfortunately is in this bassackwards, pitiful-ass excuse for a country, we’re gonna need to get a little more creative to properly yojne this holiday this year. This, dearest perverts and pervettes, is part of that! This right here is just a chinchilla’s cunt hair (that is, if chinchilla cunt hairs were 3 minutes long) over 5 hours worth of pure, maximum spoopiness! 

I know, I know, way too much to feasibly listen to in just one sitting. Know what’s cool, though? You can close the Podbean app, go fiddle with your titties all damn day, and then come back to it! Yes, it saves your place, so you can yojne the Maximum Spoop to the greatest amount possible on your particular, individually-calibrated spoopometer. You will no doubt notice that I organized the tracks meticulously for, you guessed it, maximum spoopiness. Among the spoopscape, we have songs about masks, fear, darkness, monsters, demons, clowns, insanity, demonic clowns, insane clowns, insanely monstrous clown demons? (fuckin’ sure, why not?!), aliens, ghosts, vampires, zombies, psycho maniac killa muthafuckas, and of course, MUTHAFUCKIN’ SATAAAAAN!!! 

HOWEVER, I will note that Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhein, etc. isn’t directly mentioned very much at all, beeeeecause for weirdo maniac morons like me, this season is merely an annual widespread celebration of the spoop I live all year long. I don’t mean superficial spoop like donning orange and black, carvin’ pumpkins, eating candy, getting fucked up, or any other such activity engaged in by other participants of the spoopy festivities. Nothin’ wrong with all that, but some of us live the spoop 24/7. If you know anything about me, you know that to be true. It’s a fun way to live, to be honest (even though I wouldn’t lie about such a thing, especially not to y’all).

Aaaaaanyway, with all that muthafuckin’ shit muthafuckin’ done and muthafuckin’ said, let us muthafuckin’ YOJNEEEEEE!!!!

01 Halfbreed - Merry Halloween (from Serial Killaz) [00:01:55]

02 Poppy - Scary Mask (feat. FEVER 333) (from Scary Mask) [00:03:03]

03 Slayer - Dead Skin Mask (from Seasons In The Abyss) [00:06:01]

04 Oh! the Horror - Scream! (feat. Jamie Madrox) (from Scream!) [00:11:13]

05 Helicopter Showdown - The Terror (from The Wrestler) [00:14:57]

06 Ministry - Fear (Is Big Business) (from Rio Grandé Blood) [00:18:36]

07 Cradle of Filth - Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden cover) (from Lovecraft & Witch Hearts (Disc 2)) [00:23:27]

08 3TEETH - Lights Out (feat. Ho99o9) (from Lights Out) [00:30:34]

09 Daniel Deluxe - Darkness (from Darkness) [00:34:43]

10 ShockOne - A Dark Machine (feat. Reija Lee) (from A Dark Machine) [00:38:53]

11 Mushroomhead - Sun Doesn’t Rise (from Freddy Vs. Jason OST) [00:42:38]

12 Killswitch Engage - When Darkness Falls (from Freddy Vs. Jason OST) [00:45:49]

13 Perturbator - I Am the Night (from I Am the Night) [00:49:43]

14 Boondox - Dead of Night (feat. Bukshot & Young Wicked) (from Dead of Night) [00:55:57]

15 Dimmu Borgir - The Invaluable Darkness (from In Sorte Diaboli) [01:00:15]

16 Die Antwoord - WHEN THE SUN GOES OUT (feat. Roger Ballen) (from HOUSE OF ZEF) [01:04:56]

17 Miss May I - Shadows Inside (from Shadows Inside) [01:07:13]

18 Ministry - Paint It Black (Rolling Stones cover) (from Every Day Is Halloween: The Anthology) [01:11:06]

19 CLFRD - In the Dark (from Growth) [01:15:03]

20 Misfits - I Turned Into A Martian (Master Sound) (from Misfits Box Set - Sessions: Disc 3) [01:18:19]

21 Twiztid - Boogieman (Skit) (from The Darkness) [01:20:11]

22 Twiztid - Boogieman (from The Darkness) [01:21:15]

23 Insane Clown Posse - Boogie Woogie Wu (from The Great Milenko) [01:25:35]

24 Rob Zombie - Call of the Zombie (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [01:29:58]

25 Rob Zombie - Scum of the Earth (from The Sinister Urge) [01:30:29]

26 Misfits - Astro Zombies (Master Sound) (from Misfits Box Set - Sessions: Disc 3) [01:33:23]

27 SWARM - Eat Me Alive (feat. Soundr) (from Eat Me Alive EP) [01:35:32]

28 Behemoth - Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel (from The Satanist) [01:40:12]

29 Soundtrack Dialogue - Talking About The Anti-Christ (from Halloween OST) [01:44:34]

30 Slipknot - The Devil In I (from .5: The Gray Chapter) [01:44:35]

31 Dirtyphonics, Bossfight - Evil Inside (from Evil Inside) [01:50:08]

32 Alla Xul Elu - Belial (feat. Insane Poetry) (from The Almighty) [01:53:11]

33 Matt Uelmen - Tristram (from Diablo - The Music of Diablo 1996-2011 - Diablo 15 Year Anniversary) [01:57:14]

34 Moth - 666 (Corruptor Remix) (from 666 Remixes) [02:04:51]

35 Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast (from Best of the Beast (CD2)) [02:07:50]

36 Behemoth - O Father O Satan O Sun! (from The Satanist) [02:12:39]

37 Pantera - By Demons Be Driven (from Vulgar Display Of Power) [02:19:36]

38 Rob Zombie - Demonoid Phenomenon (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [02:24:14]

39 Josh A, Iamjakehill - Pennywise (from Better off Dead) [02:28:17]

40 Perturbator - Humans Are Such Easy Prey (from Dangerous Days) [02:30:57]

41 Dark Lotus - Villainous (from The Mud, Water, Air and Blood) [02:35:13]

42 Tech N9ne - Mind of a Killer (from The Worst 2K Edition) [02:38:59]

43 Tech N9ne - Am I A Psycho (feat. Hopsin & B.o.B.) (from All 6s and 7s) [02:40:02]

44 Ghastly, MOONBOY - Psycho (from Psycho) [02:44:06]

45 The Reborn Identity - Violent At Heart (from Mashed In Plastic - The David Lynch Mashup Album) [02:47:42]

46 Coal Chamber - Rowboat (from Dark Days) [02:52:38]

47 Ghostemane - Bonesaw (from N / O / I / S / E) [02:57:25]

48 Figure, Code:Pandorum - RedRum (from Monsters 7) [02:59:18]

49 White Zombie - Real Solution #9 (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [03:02:57]

50 Venetian Snares - Dollmaker (from Doll Doll Doll) [03:07:25]

51 The Midnight Marionettes - Doll Haus (from They Only Come Out at Night) [03:13:13]

52 Soulfly - Eye For An Eye (from Strangeland OST) [03:17:36]

53 After The Burial - A Vicious Reforming Of Features (from Rareform) [03:21:09]

54 Pantera - Slaughtered (from Far Beyond Driven) [03:26:50]

55 Graeme Revell - We Belong Dead (from Bride of Chucky OST) [03:30:46]

56 The Amity Affliction - All My Friends Are Dead (from All My Friends Are Dead) [03:34:00]

57 Children of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet? (from Are You Dead Yet?) [03:37:42]

58 The Agonist - Everybody Wants You (Dead) (from Prisoners) [03:41:35]

59 eevee - I wonder if we're dead (from ep seeds) [03:46:30]

60 Chester Bennington - System (from Queen of the Damned OST) [03:49:05]

61 Von Kaiser - Blood Moon (from Landline) [03:54:01]

62 clipping. - Body & Blood (from CLPPNG) [03:59:23]

63 Tech N9ne - The Dark Side: Psycho Bitch II (feat. Liquid Assassin) (from Killer (Disc 1)) [04:03:51]

64 Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones (from American Psycho) [04:09:39]

65 Camille Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre, Op.40, R. 171 (from Danse Macabre) [04:12:30]

66 SKYND - Elisa Lam (from Elisa Lam) [04:19:47]

67 Delta Heavy - Ghost (from BEM Playlist: 004 // JULY 2015) [04:23:43]

68 A Black Rose Burial - An Awakening of Revenants (from An Awakening of Revenants) [04:27:57]

69 The Clay People - Awake (from Strangeland OST) [04:30:59]

70 Trent Reznor - Driver Down (from Lost Highway OST) [04:34:27]

71 Slipknot - Iowa (from Iowa) [04:39:43]

72 Mushroomhead - Destroy The World Around Me (from XIII) [04:54:38]

73 Type O Negative - Untitled (from October Rust) [05:02:59] 

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