2020-10-05 (Lo-Fi Beats to Study, Protest, Vote and Smash Capitalism to Edition)

What’s up, muthafuckas and muthafuckaettes?! Welcome to another Monday in what may be the final season of the trashy reality TV show called America, and of course, another Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! This week, we have more loaves to stuff in our ears! Can you do that for me? Just focus on the loafiness… The extreme gourmet loafiness of the Lo-Fi Beats to Study, Protest, Vote and Smash Capitalism to Edition! 

I’m not gonna explain the title, and you’re just gonna have to deal with it. Maybe develop a sense of humor at some point? I dunno, just a suggestch. Life is a lot more palatable when you can laugh about shit. I know there’s not much to laugh about this year; maybe ya just gotta dig a little. I’m not gonna bother going off on another political tangent, but I will say this: I really don’t care, do you?

Ya know, when ya bash your head against the wall repeatedly, when ya get millions of people to follow suit, when ya ignore friendly advice to, ya know, not do that, it’s kinda difficult to summon up some semblance of sympathy. Never even mind all the other shit that drained that particular well while the “swamp” continues to thrive. I do hope he survives long enough to lose, but I have no doubt he’ll deny having lost anything. Funny how nothing bad is ever his fault, ya know? I’ve known a few people like that in my life. Anyway…

In case you’re somehow unaware of what Lo-Fi Beats are, they’re mostly instrumental hip-hop beats with some element that’s deliberately low fidelity, thus the name, “lo-fi.” I did throw in a few chill hop tracks because they’re definitely complementary, so enjoy the fuck out of those and everything else. Shout out to David the Human who’s a local artist. He actually helped me get wood for a new shed we built recently. Turned out to be quite a talented-ass motherfucker to boot, so keep your ears peeled for his tracks, and check out his Soundcloud if you’re so inclined.

All that done did and said……… yojne!

01 j'san - Awakening (from Awakening) [00:01:26]

02 oh, the joy. - 1am in nyc (from 1am in nyc) [00:05:06]

03 Lunchmoney - Buzz Me In (from Buzz Me In) [00:07:25]

04 Substantial, Malcolm Jackson - Closing (0037) (from Substantial Sundays) [00:09:27]

05 Joe Nora, Sxmniak - Cat Goes Moo (from Cat Goes Moo) [00:12:14]

06 Hazy Year - Quit Asking Me for Sandwiches (from No Txpxs Allowed) [00:14:21]

07 RandomBeats, Rifti Beats - Mother (from Ff7 Lofi) [00:16:32]

08 The 49ers - Picasso (from The World Record) [00:19:07]

09 Pokérus Project - i wanna put one of these long nonesense titles to a lo fi song (Undertale) [from "Undertale"] (from Lo-fi 1UP - Relaxing Video Game Music) [00:22:18]

10 City Girl - Walking in the Rain to a Café to Write Down Private Thoughts in Public (from Loveless Shadows) [00:25:51]

11 Garot Michael Conklin - Apartment (from Apartment) [00:28:55]

12 Hakaisu - Shelter (feat. Alys) (from 001) [00:31:01]

13 Qumu - All-Star Rest Area (From "Super Smash Bros. Melee") (from All-Star Rest Area (From "Super Smash Bros. Melee") [00:32:42]

14 Statistix - Pizza (from Pizza) [00:35:32]

15 Pat D, Sene - Peace (from Take A Little Time) [00:38:59]

16 Uyama Hiroto - Laidback (from Freeform Jazz) [00:41:48]

17 Garot Michael Conklin - Lazy Daze (from Lazy Daze) [00:44:08]

18 invention_ - Levitating (from Chillhop Essentials Spring 2019) [00:46:25]

19 David the Human - Lost In Space (feat. KovuSoul) (from https://soundcloud.com/davidthehuman) [00:49:20]

20 .ihaveaface - Vibes from Another Universe (from Vibes from Another Universe) [00:53:27]

21 Avocuddle, Snuggles, Orange Stick - In the forest thou shalt see (from In the forest thou shalt see) [00:54:55]

22 Epidemic - Rhyme Writers (from Somethin’ for Tha Listeners) [00:56:48]

23 Emancipator - Natural Cause (from Dusk to Dawn) [01:00:07]

24 ToMC Beatz - Revolution (from Revolution) [01:05:13]

25 Cap Kendricks - Yoruba (from Yoruba) [01:08:43]

26 Blazo - Righteous Path (from Alone Journey) [01:10:50]

27 Lofi Lia, Lofi Waifu - Aerith's Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII") (from Aerith's Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII") [01:13:08]

28 Sango, Xavier Omär - Hipster Girl (from Hours Spent Loving You) [01:16:48]

29 Funky Notes - Sweetest Thing (from Sweetest Thing) [01:20:00]

30 Hoopsandhiphop - Unwavering Emotions (From "Pokémon Black and White") (from Pocket Horizons) [01:22:39]

31 Dubtrack - Supercalifragilistic (from Supercalifragilistic) [01:25:47]

32 Single Friend - Lofi Audition For Marriage (from Lofi Audition For Marriage) [01:27:59]

33 Alex Moukala II - Amusement Park (From "NieR Automata") [Lofi Hip Hop Remix] (from Amusement Park (From "NieR Automata") [Lofi Hip Hop Remix]) [01:30:02]

34 .Sinh, Cantsleep, Massaman - Blankets (from Blankets) [01:33:42]

35 BluntOne, A N T I T H E S I S - Timing (from A N T I T H E S I S, Vol. 1, Pt. 2) [01:34:50]

36 coffee? - distance (from distance) [01:36:47]

37 Nokiaa, Dontcry - Love and Fear (from Love and Fear) [01:38:45]

38 Lofi Lia, Lofi Waifu - Melee (From "Super Smash Bros Melee") (from Melee (From "Super Smash Bros Melee") [01:40:51]

39 Old Man Saxon - The Perils (from The Perils) [01:44:06]

40 Granata, Phoniks - You Dont Need Me (from You Dont Need Me) [01:47:51]

41 Kenichiro Nishihara, mabanua - my leaving (from Jazzy Folklore) [01:52:04]

42 mell-ø, Ambulo - Gloom (from Afloat Again) [01:55:57]

43 David the Human - DreamSesh Disaster (from https://soundcloud.com/davidthehuman) [01:58:05]

44 Me Mo - Abandoned Ship (from Poke Lofi, Pt. 2) [02:02:23]

45 MSNGR - Everything's Okay (from Everything’s Okay) [02:05:14]

46 Nas - Purple (from The Lost Tapes) [02:09:29]

47 Musiq Man - Twilight (from Lost in Beats, Vol. 1) [02:13:02]

48 Noflik - Night Shift (from Night Shift) [02:16:58]

49 Soulaced - In the Middle of Nowhere (from It’s Ok) [02:18:36]

50 Shuko - Autumn 96 (from 1996) [02:20:36]

51 Katashi Kaitō - Winter In Lofi Land (from Winter In Lofi Land) [02:24:12]

52 J-Live - Them That's Not (from The Best Part) [02:26:39]

53 eli filosov [ p h i l o ] - artifacts_stbb375 (from 2007) [02:31:49]

54 Otaam - Quetzal (from Quetzal) [02:34:26]

55 Fthmiss - Dahlia (from Dahlia) [02:36:46]

56 Nico.Wav - Lookup (from Lookup) [02:39:02]

57 Dusty Decks - Disque Magique (from Disque Magique) [02:43:42]

58 TooBusy, ILL Bill - Boatman Bill (from Red Tape) [02:46:13]

59 Sidual. - On Peets (from On Peets) [02:48:41]

60 Funky DL - Ode To Nujabes (from Blackcurrent Jazz 2) [02:50:38]

61 G R I Z - Cordon Bleu (from Cordon Bleu) [02:54:12]

62 Garot Michael Conklin - Tarumi (from Tarumi) [02:56:31]

63 Kenichiro Nishihara - Waves Dub (from Rugged Mystic Jazz) [03:00:21]

64 Shag - Zora Hall (from Flyrule: A terrible fate) [03:03:21]

65 Vice Souletric - Father in My Life (from The Reality of All People) [03:06:12]

66 Rajstar, soho - Shh (from Shh) [03:10:36]

67 Uyama Hiroto - One Day (from Freedom of the Son) [03:12:14]

68 Supastition - End of Forever (feat. Audessey & Octavio N. Santos) (from Gold Standard) [03:17:14]

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