2020-09-21 (Spread Love Edition)

Ahhhhh!!! Perverts! It’s getting cold out again! I so essited! Always love seeing summer fuck the fuck off to usher in the cold months. If you’re one of those summer people, tell ya what: you try building an air conditioner and I’ll try building a fire and we’ll see who finishes first (giggity). Any-fuckin’-way, welcome one and all to the Spread Love Edition of Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! “¿Por qué?” you might so Spanishly inquire? Because fuckin’ 2020, that’s why. Seriously, I’m sure I’m not the only one sick and tired to fuckin’ apoplectic exhaustion of the hate and division in this country. I know why it’s happening. Well, maybe not know, but I’ve got some real strong fuckin’ suspicions. I’m pretty sure we’re all on the same page there.

It’s funny, one of my favorite movies is Donnie Darko, and one of the things they talk about in the movie is the contrast between love and fear. In fuckin’ case you’ve been living under a goddamn boulder for the past 30 years or something, Donnie at one point just rants about how it’s bullshit and that life is more complex than that. Something I’m learning more and more as I get older is that while he’s right, he’s not entirely right. Anyone familiar with advanced mathematics knows that lots of complex things can be simplified if you know how to do so. That is taught in schools, but I think it gets easily forgotten, especially nowadays with the deluge of other information that bombards us on a daily. 

For example, my political leanings are those which promote love for my fellow human instead of fear of them. No doubt many fearful (and typically hateful) people think that’s naïvé. I get it. I don’t have any love for Nazis, because to love that which is anti-love essentially brings things to a standstill, or worse. White supremacists in general have a downright psychotic fear of their fellow man (unless of course, they’re white like them). It’s pitiful, really. I genuinely pity them, because if they could only get over their bullshit, their lives would probably feel a lot better. Hate is fuckin’ baggage, man. Ironically, hate is even anti-freedom, although you’d never guess it from how much the fuckers clamor about freedom. 

Even more pathetic is the passion they piss away on trash like that when they could be directing it towards the real enemies at the top, the ones for whom love is an entirely foreign and likely ridiculous concept. I don’t give a fuck who you are, if you’re making less than $100K a year, if you’re in danger of bankruptcy from medical bills or anything like that, your enemies aren’t the ones marching in the streets demanding police accountability. Your enemies are the ones whose sole purpose is keeping us as divided as possible so that the political pressure is never so overwhelming that they can’t just comfortably kick back, collect fat donor checks and ignore the voices of their constituency in favor of often brutal corporate agendas. 

For decades now, people in this country have loved the rich to absolutely masochistic degrees. I suppose they think that they too can be rich someday if they just work hard enough, if they have a good enough idea someday. For the vast majority of us, that won’t ever be the case. Despite that seemingly more and more apparent reality, the rich have been loved in the form of tax breaks, admiration, respect, etc. They’ve got a fuckin’ surplus, mmkay? The people down in the gutter need love a lot more than the rich do. Personally, and I know I’m biased here, but being on the side of love, compassion, etc. I think love will just about always conquer hate. If it somehow doesn’t, then that’s a goddamn shame, and the human race never deserved love in theory or practice. We’ve got to fight to protect and preserve love, and if we lose that, then I just don’t know what purpose life would have at all except for a hope that love will return or at least live on quietly in the hearts of those who remember it fondly. We’ll see what’s up in November. Canada’s lookin’ pretty sexy these days, I’ll tell ya.

So yeah, the only way we’re gonna be able to fight the hate is by spreading love. We need each other. This is why, “fam-i-ly,” is one of the most common chants at juggalo concerts. So long as we’re willing to believe in it, and practice it to whatever reasonable extent we can, it’ll be as real as anything else in this fucked up world. So, on that subject, I would like to once again extend my profound gratitude to any and all who’ve contributed to this podcast in any way, by listening, by sending me music and/or by co-hosting, even if they haven’t even listened to the edition they were on. I love the everloving fuck out of you for spending any amount of effort in this direction. You were a part of something small, but also something very special to me. Really, all my experiences gifted me with new knowledge and/or wisdom, and I only hope I’ve been able to reciprocate at some point either directly or indirectly. 

Granted, I can’t say I cared for all the ways that lessons were learned to acquire said knowledge and/or wisdom. Far from it, but the knowledge and/or wisdom is invaluable nonetheless. Gratitude like that, another fine example of love. What would the fear equivalent be? Bitterness? Shiiiiiit… I’ve got plenty of that to last me to my last breath if I ever need it. It’s junk food for the fuckin’ soul, though. Love is like ambrosial fuckin’ nourishment, and one of the ways it’s richest is when it’s given. Obviously, it’s best when it’s reciprocated, but love can be given unconditionally too. So yeah, I say spread love. I say do something kind for someone you care about. I say do it regularly, because the more you do it, the more you’ll realize how rewarding it feels. Love takes practice, though. That’s where most people get lost. Love means a million different things to a billion different people, and it gets tangled up in all sorts of bullshit all the time. 

Again, though, you can simplify things. Me, I want people to live dignified lives, free from struggle. Struggle builds character, of course, but it’s certainly not the only thing that does. Love builds it even more, I think. Maybe you agree. Maybe you think I’m a stupid, liberal snowflake soy boy beta cuck, blah-blah-blah. Don’t worry, I’ll pray for you, haha. It’s like Jimi Hendrix supposedly said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” And now I’ve got fuckin’ Huey Lewis in my head, and now I’m including it last minute on the fuckin’ podcast. Enjoy.

No, wait, don’t enjoy just yet. I’ve got some shit to say:

1. All of these tracks are new appearances to this podcast, even fuckin’ Huey Lewis. This podcast, just like all the other one-off, generally ambiguously-named editions is pretty much an entirely whimsical compilation from all around the musical genre spectrum. We’ve got hip-hop, R&B, drumstep, melodic dubstep, riddim, liquid drum’n’bass, dream rock, j-core, jazz, blues, happy hardcore, lo-fi beats, death metal, deathcore, breakcore, stoner rock, funk, synthwave, trance, soul… I mean, fuck, if you can’t find anything to dig in here, I’m not sure your ears work properly.

2. In the course of compiling this, I learned that Korn did a cover of The Devil Went Down To Georgia with Yelawolf… I didn’t include it, I just silently backed away from it. I don’t even care for the original, frankly. Soooo, yeah, now you know that exists and we can share the burden.

3. The Lionel Richie song is dedicated to a friend of mine who sang a bit of it last night for an amusing reason, and it made me laugh, so I included it, so there. Live with it, or don’t.

4. Deftones! Deftones are releasing their next album next week! I don’t know ‘bout y’all, but Deftones are one of my all-time favorite bands. I’m honestly hard-pressed to identify any songs of theirs I dislike. In my opinion, the worst anything in their catalog could be is a little less memorable than other tracks. So yeah, I included two tracks from the upcoming album, and they’re fuckin’ awesome, so keep your ears peeled for those. Speaking of which, I watched a short Deftones documentary on Youtube the other night in which they featured other bands whose sound may have been inspired by Deftones. That’s where the Rolo Tomassi song, “Stage Knives,” comes from. I can see what they mean, but they’re pretty awesome as their own entity, too.

5. The Camellia track called, “THE MUZZLE FACING,” is going to melt your fuckin’ faces off, so go get you a goddamn bowl to collect your melty face goop so it doesn’t stain the fuckin’ carpet, or even worse, go between the floorboards or some shit. You’ll hear what I mean a little later.

6. The White Swan? I’ve talked about them. That’s Mercedes Lander’s new band. You know, Mercedes Lander from Kittie? Yeah, I’m definitely gonna do an all-star edition for the Lander sisters at some point. Might wait until the new Karkaos stuff comes out. I know Morgan’s got some other witch house project going on too, and I’d love to throw that in there.

7. Jon Batiste is the pianist from Late Show with Stephen Colbert! Think what you want about the show, Jon Batiste is one talented motherfucker, and he’s a delight to watch and listen to. You’ll hear what I mean when you get to that track.

8. Yellopain’s video for My Vote Will Count has been makin’ serious waves lately. I encourage y’all to check it out. That’s how I found him, and I hope I enjoy other stuff in his catalog as much as I enjoy this song.

9. The Black Noi$e track is dedicated to my friend Malcolm who played it in the car during a little trip we took to McDonald’s the other night. Similarly, the Caro Emerald track called Paris is dedicated to my friend Al who shared it with me via text the other day. Also similarly, the Royal Thunder track called Time Machine is dedicated to my dear friend Veronica who posted it on my Facebook timeline the other day. Ya see? I’m always on the fuckin’ hunt for awesome new music to share with y’all. This passion doesn’t slow down somehow. I’m ecstatic that it hasn’t yet (or simply won’t ever), so I’m making the most of it while I feel it as strongly as I do.

Pretty sure that’s all I need to say, so as I wrap up this preposterously long intro, I would just like to say…


01 RandomBeats, Mega Run, DJ DN³, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo & Storyville - Spread Love (from Ages, Vol. 2) [00:07:15]

02 Huey Lewis & The News - The Power Of Love (from Greatest Hits: Huey Lewis And The News) [00:10:45]

03 Lionel Richie - All Night Long (All Night) (Single Version) (from The Definitive Collection) [00:14:34]

04 ShockOne - Follow Me (from Follow Me) [00:18:49]

05 Dimension - If You Want To (Remix) (from If You Want To (Dimension Remix)) [00:22:40]

06 Feint, Andromedik - I'll Be There (feat. Cammie Robinson) (from I’ll Be There) [00:26:13]

07 Friction, Flowidus, Raphaella - By Your Side (from By Your Side) [00:30:28]

08 Deftones - Genesis (from Ohms) [00:33:49]

09 Camellia - THE MUZZLE FACING (from THE MUZZLE FACING) [00:39:05]

10 Lou Donaldson - Autumn Nocturne (from Blues Walk) [00:41:38]

11 Erra - Snowblood (from Snowblood) [00:46:28]

12 Lenzman, Children of Zeus - Rain (from Bobby) [00:50:37]

13 Similar Outskirts - Crescent (from Crescent) [00:55:05]

14 Fracus & Darwin, S3RL - Moonlit Eyes (Extended Mix) (from Moonlit Eyes) [00:58:49]

15 GentleBeatz, FIFexclamation, Linearwave - Moon Blur (from Moon Blur) [01:03:48]

16 Kataklysm - Underneath the Scars (from Underneath the Scars) [01:06:09]

17 Otto Von Schirach, The Galactic Effect - Planetary Boom (from Planetary Boom) [01:09:50]

18 HIGHSOCIETY - Dark (from Dark) [01:12:44]

19 The White Swan - Nocturnal Transmission (from Nocturnal Transmission) [01:15:48]

20 Kayzo, SYN, Zero 9:36 - Breakdown (from Breakdown) [01:21:01]

21 iSorin - Dissociate (from Dissociate) [01:25:04]

22 Idealism - Somehow (from Somehow / Remember Me) [01:28:39]

23 Jon Batiste - Ask Me Now (from Jazz Is Now) [01:31:22]

24 Deftones - Ohms (from Ohms) [01:36:44]

25 Tobe Nwigwe - I NEED YOU TO (BREONNA TAYLOR) (from THE PANDEMIC PROJECT) [01:40:50]

26 Yellopain - My Vote Will Count (feat. Sevyn Streeter) (from My Vote Will Count) [01:41:30]

27 Public Enemy - Fight The Power (Remix 2020 feat. Nas, Rapsody, Black Thought, Jahi, YG & Questlove) (from Fight The Power (Remix 2020)) [01:44:40]

28 Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (from The Revolution Begins: The Flying Dutchman Masters) [01:49:37]

29 Black Noi$e - Mutha Magick (feat. bbymutha) (from OBLIVION) [01:52:40]

30 Acrynm - Core As Fuck (from Miscellaneous) [01:54:12]

31 Rolo Tomassi - Stage Knives (from Grievances) [01:56:54]

32 Caro Emerald - Paris (from The Shocking Miss Emerald) [02:00:44]

33 LÜNE - Rêve Lucide (from Rêve Lucide) [02:05:26]

34 Neoh, Eskyzo, Rob Renedie - Spibairon (from Spibairon) [02:08:55]

35 DJ SHARPNEL - Lost Pixels (from Inherited Pixels EP) [02:11:49]

36 Nyamai - ANIMA (dj-Jo Remix) (from ANIMA (dj-Jo Remix)) [02:17:44]

37 Keeno - Futurism (from Futurist) [02:22:24]

38 Sunset Neon - Metrocenter 84 (from Metrocenter 84) [02:27:30]

39 Royal Thunder - Time Machine (from Crooked Doors (Deluxe Version)) [02:30:15]

40 Koven - Butterfly Effect - VIP (from Butterfly Effect (VIP)) [02:37:22]

41 King Dude - Good & Bad (feat. Josephine Olivia) (from Music to Make War To) [02:41:00]

42 Tantrum Desire - Be Careful (feat. Marianna Ray) (from Be Careful) [02:45:24]

43 Riot Ten, Whales - Save You (feat. Megan Stokes) (Kompany Remix) (from Save You (feat. Megan Stokes)) [02:50:05]

44 Rittz - Picture Perfect (feat. Tech N9ne) (from Picture Perfect) [02:53:41]

45 Standerwick - What About Us (feat. Linney) (Extended Mix) (from What About Us) [02:57:42]

46 Alaina Castillo - pass you by (from the voicenotes) [03:02:42]

47 David Lynch - I'm Waiting Here (feat. Lykke Li) (Bonus Track) (from The Big Dream) [03:06:42]

48 Stonebank - What Are You Waiting For - VIP (from What Are You Waiting For (VIP)) [03:11:31]

49 Arc North, Rival - End of Time (feat. Laura Brehm) (Floatinurboat Remix) (from End of Time (Floatinurboat Remix)) [03:16:25]

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