2020-08-24 (My Favorite Ladies Edition Vol. 4)

ESTROGENIC OVERLOOOOOOOOAAAAAADDDDD!!!!!! What the fuck is this?! Another volume of the My Favorite Ladies Edition already?!?! Am I fuckin’ dreaming? Nah, it’s mainly ‘cause I already compiled so goddamn many tracks last week, and I wasn’t ready to put this series to bed again yet. I coulda done like, a volume 3.5 or some dumb shit like that, but fuck that. Butt fuck that hard, muthafucka, hehe. This is solidly volume 4, and by the fuckin’ way, welcome to Monday Morning Aural Sex just in case ya weren’t already well fuckin’ aware of what you’re fuckin’ listening to!


Good lord, so many political happenings last week. So many, and yet so few. We got some emotional displays each and every night of the DNC this week. I feel like the DNC is representing itself as love in opposition to the GOP’s well-oiled hate machine, but shit actually needs to get done this time if we do finally free ourselves of the Cheetonic menace. I don’t know about y’all muthafuckas, I’m not gonna exhale until the election results are fully fuckin’ finalized, and then I’m gonna submerge my balls in cheap champagne and teabag Cucker Tarlson in his sleep ‘cause he knows we’re comin’ for him, hehe. But yeah, I hope enough people will have learned their fucking lessons, that inaction and bending to the will of corporate masters is what led to the absolute mire that is Fuckface Von Clownstick. Pitiful that voters in 2016 didn’t understand that he was going to be fucking kerosene on that particular inferno, but I digress. The RNC is up next this week, and I can scarcely imagine the preposterous circus ahead of us on that front. I’ll watch it so y’all don’t need to. You should anyway just to stay informed, but don’t go expecting to feel inspired to be compassionate to your fellow man. They might try to sell some of that snake oil, but that’s all it is. Hollow fuckin’ fluff that is not at all believable based on even the briefest glance at their history.


Any-fuckin’-way, this isn’t a political commentary podcast. I just consume a lot of it week to week, so I felt like yammering a bit. As far as what we’ll be hearing this week, I wanna give a quick shoutout to my dear friends Shy, Casey and Josh for introducing me to Hiromi, SKYND and DILLY DALLY respectively. As much as I know about music, there’s always more to learn and discover which is why I’m so rampantly fuckin’ curious all the goddamn muthafuckin’ sonofabitch time! If you have any suggestions, cool shit you think I ought to know about, let me fuckin’ know! I promise I’ll listen. So long as my brain doesn’t shit the bed and I forget, I promise I’ll listen and give whatever it is a little consideration at the very least. Anyway, there’s not a whole lot to say about these tracks in particular except that they’re all fuckin’ cool in my opinion, and maybe, just fuckin’ maybe, you might think so too. Know what though? You gotta do somethin’ for me real quick. Reach on into your cavernous-ass fuckin’ melons and locate the yojne knob. Crank that shit to fuckin’ 11, and fuckin’ yojneeeeeeee!



01 DJ Rap - Bad Girl (from Learning Curve) [00:02:24]


02 Snails & Adventure Club - Follow Me (feat. Sara Diamond) (from Follow Me) [00:06:28]


03 Year of the Cobra - Into the Fray (from Into the Fray) [00:09:28]


04 Stonebank - Lift You Up (feat. EMEL) (from Lift You Up) [00:13:58]


05 The Chainsmokers - New York City (JayKode Remix) (from https://youtu.be/PbL4IDNAGC4) [00:18:59]


06 L7 - Fast And Frightening (from Smell The Magic) [00:23:52]


07 ChainLynx - Like This (from Like This) [00:26:23]


08 2 UNLIMITED - Twilight Zone (from Hits Unlimited) [00:30:31]


09 In This Moment - The In-Between (from The In-Between) [00:34:35]


10 Lindsey Stirling - Beyond The Veil (from Shatter Me: The Complete Experience) [00:38:45]


11 X-Ray Spex - Identity (from Germ Free Adolescents: The Anthology) [00:42:55]


12 Whitney Peyton - I Got It (from I Got It) [00:45:16]


13 Cat-Grrl - Grrlvert (from Distorted Mind) [00:48:10]


14 Maduk - Ghost Assassin (feat. Veela) (from Ghost Assassin EP) [00:50:48]


15 Portishead - Machine Gun (from Third) [00:54:26]


16 Mushroomhead - The Heresy (from A Wonderful Life) [00:59:04]


17 12 Rounds - Something's Burning (from My Big Hero) [01:02:53]


18 Grimes, HANA - We Appreciate Power (from We Appreciate Power) [01:07:11]


19 Garfunkel and Oates - Pregnant Women Are Smug (from Music Songs) [01:12:40]


20 Abnormality - Visions (from 2007 Demo) [01:14:54]


21 DILLY DALLY - Know Yourself (from Know Yourself) [01:17:43]


22 Berlin - Sex (I'm A...) - Rerecorded (from Transcendance) [01:20:52]


23 Rachel Feinstein - A Lap Dance, Finally (from Only Whores Wear Purple) [01:25:09]


24 Janet Jackson - If (from janet.) [01:26:20]


25 iio - Smooth (feat. Nadia Ali) (Airbase Remix Remastered) (from Smooth (feat. Nadia Ali) (Remastered)) [01:30:50]


26 Snow Tha Product - Waste of Time (from Waste of Time) [01:39:45]


27 BONES (UK) - Pretty Waste (from Pretty Waste) [01:43:03]


28 Atari Teenage Riot - Sick To Death (from The Future Of War) [01:45:50]


29 Chrisette Michele - Black Lives Matter (from Out of Control) [01:49:28]


30 Lacuna Coil - Our Truth (from Karmacode) [01:53:35]


31 SKYND - Elisa Lam (from Elisa Lam) [01:57:35]


32 Sarah Silverman - Killing Jesus (from We Are Miracles) [02:01:30]


33 The World Over - Feral (from Feral) [02:05:14]


34 Switchblade Symphony - Naked Birthday (from The Three Calamities) [02:08:31]


35 Hybrid Minds, Koven - In Your Arms (from In Your Arms) [02:12:37]


36 Hiromi - Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8, Pathetique (feat. Anthony Jackson & Simon Phillips) (from Voice) [02:16:44]


37 MitiS - Moments (feat. Adara) (from ’Til the End) [02:21:46]


38 Stonebank - Time (feat. EMEL) (from Time) [02:26:16]


39 Massive Attack - The Spoils (feat. Hope Sandoval) (from The Spoils) [02:31:07]


40 Molly Gruesome - I'm A Ghost (from Spitfire) [02:36:40]


41 Thievery Corporation - Passing Stars (feat. Elin Melgarejo) (Symphonik Version) (from Symphonik) [02:40:19]


42 Station Earth - Cold Green Eyes (feat. Roos Denayer) (from Cold Green Eyes) [02:42:56]


43 SYN - Seven (from Seven) [02:46:59]


44 NAVVI - Sol (from Omni) [02:50:09]


45 Von Kaiser - Blood Moon (from Landline) [02:53:30]


46 Milk & Bone - Pressure (from Little Mourning) [02:58:51]


47 Andrew Rayel - Take All Of Me (feat. HALIENE) (Eric Senn Extended Remix) (from Take All Of Me (Eric Senn Remix)) [03:02:35]


48 Röyksopp - What Else Is There? (from The Understanding (Deluxe Edition)) [03:09:04]


49 Washington - The Falling (from There There) [03:14:23]


50 Linda Perry - Knock Me Out (feat. Grace Slick) (from The Crow: City of Angels OST) [03:18:49]


51 The Midnight - Light Years (feat. Nikki Flores) (from Nocturnal) [03:25:35]


52 Seven Lions, Wooli, Trivecta - Island (feat. Nevve) (from Island (feat. Nevve)) [03:30:50]


53 Craig Armstrong - This Love (from Cruel Intentions OST) [03:35:20]


54 Nostalghia - Love Will Make Me Insane (from I Am Robot Hear Me Glitch) [03:41:28]


55 Devics - Salty Seas (from Push The Heart) [03:45:23]


56 Kittie - Safe (from Oracle) [03:49:33]


57 Resonanta, Subsets, Cartography - Yuletide (Whithe Remix) (from Forevr_isnt_4_evry1) [03:53:37]


58 Halou - I'll Carry You (Full Version) (from We Only Love You) [03:57:48]


59 Tritonal, SCHALA, Jorza - Long Way Home (feat. HALIENE) (from Long Way Home) [04:05:31]

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