2020-08-10 (Some Mo’ Gnu Shit Edition)

Ha-fuckin’-llo der! You perverts remember my delightful little ditty last week about being fuckin’ tired and wanting to go to bed? If not, go back and listen and come back. But yeah, yup, two weeks in a row now. This time wasn’t entirely my fault due to tropical storm Isaias or whatever taking out the fuckin’ power from Monday to Friday afternoon. Shit was painful tryin’ to sleep in the summer heat with no damn AC. I fuckin’ hate the summer, and I hate goddamn tropical storms, and I hate not having electricity. First world problems, I know, but fuck…


Anyway, y’all didn’t hit play to hear Monday Morning Bitching & Complaining. Y’all came for the Aural Sex, and I’m here to deliver it in the form of Some Mo’ Gnu Shit. That’s right, another week in a row that I didn’t feel like doing a theme. I was considering doing a Rap vs. Hip-Hop edition, but I felt like the Punk-Hop Edition I did back in June was a little too similar. Know what else? It’s my fuckin’ podcast, and I felt more like doing another miscellaneous new shit edition. Mmkay? Can you and your sandy veej handle that?


For real though, I think I sifted through like 300 somethin’ fuckin’ tracks to find the 44 on this edition. Shit was unbelievable. Sometimes Lady Luck’s a cunt. I just kept finding a bunch of mediocrity every time I hit play on my various playlists. As I’ve said on previous intros, I don’t bother including tracks unless I can confidently defend their inclusion. My standards for stuff I like are one thing. I can dig relatively mediocre tracks, but I’m certainly not going to direct anyone’s attention to them (because, fuckin’ why?). My standards for this podcast are different because this requires a lot more effort than just sharing a Spotify link on social media or via text message. That, and if I’m going to call your attention to anything, I want to be able to confidently tell you why I enjoy it and why I think you should, too.


Not that anyone ever really asks about the shit. Occasionally someone does, but there’s another reason altogether: this podcast is a legacy of mine to leave behind. Why wouldn’t I want to make this legacy shine as bright as possible? Why would I bother including 4 or even 4.5 star tracks? Everyone’s tastes are different, of course. I just want these editions to fuckin’ shimmer as much as possible. I want ‘em to be memorable as well as enjoyable, and I want ‘em to be a good reflection of who I am and what I like.


Anyway, yeah, these random editions might not be your cup of tea. Perhaps a little too diverse for y’all right now, but maybe you’ll get to a point when your tastes have matured, broadened, evolved or what-the-fuck-ever and you can appreciate things that don’t necessarily appeal to you immediately. I don’t know how many of you have ever had that happen, where you listen to something and didn’t really feel it at first, but came back to it later and ended up loving it. Maybe even just found something to appreciate, or perhaps at the very least you just have fewer reasons to criticize it and/or others for enjoying it.


All that said, I put a lot of effort into this shit every week, this week included. This is all brand new shit just like last week, many artists being played for the first time ever on this podcast, which means even I wasn’t aware of their existence until yesterday. Two artists I was especially happy to discover are Zardonic and Hallucinator. Check those guys the fuck out. Even if you don’t like them though, I’m confident that you’ll find something (maybe even a lot) to yojne amidst this diverse array of purest fucktacularity if you have the patience and/or attention span to give it a listen. Soooo, lesdodis!



01 S3RL - The Bass & the Melody (from The Bass & the Melody) [00:02:53]


02 NWYR - Gamer (from Gamer) [00:05:53]


03 Dubmood - The Scene Is Dead (MASTER BOOT RECORD Remix) (from Votedisk // Scene Is Dead) [00:08:23]


04 Zardonic - Takeover (feat. The Qemists) (Zardonic & Fickle6 VIP Remix) (from The Become Remix Album) [00:12:05]


05 NvrLeft - Ride or Die (feat. City Tucker) (from Lost Lands 2019 Compilation) [00:15:45]


06 Hallucinator - Fuck Society (from Fuck Society EP) [00:18:32]


07 Little Big - Hypnodancer (from Hypnodancer) [00:23:34]


08 Death Grips - Bubbles Buried In This Jungle (from Bottomless Pit) [00:26:37]


09 H.E.R. - I Can't Breathe (from I Can’t Breathe) [00:29:10]


10 Equilibrium - One Folk (from One Folk) [00:33:50]


11 Aminé - Roots (feat. JID, Charlie Wilson) (from Limbo) [00:38:20]


12 Zardonic - Against All Odds (from Antihero) [00:42:46]


13 501 - Beat The System (from Beat The System EP) [00:47:59]


14 Hallucinator - Fuck The System (from The New World Disorder LP) [00:50:43]


15 ShockOne, The Bloody Beetroots - Run (from Run) [00:54:44]


16 Craig Connelly - Run Away (feat. Cammie Robinson) (Extended Club Mix) (from Run Away) [00:59:40]


17 Tymedust - Gold Saucer (From "Final Fantasy VII") (from Gold Saucer (From "Final Fantasy VII”)) [01:06:45]


18 Nhpb, Mega Ran - Slice of Luxury (from Slice of Luxury) [01:09:08]


19 Bad Religion - Faith Alone 2020 (from Faith Alone 2020) [01:12:44]


20 Hallucinator - Raise Your Middle Finger (feat. Isacco Pattini) (from Fuck The System EP) [01:16:15]


21 Lamb of God - Checkmate (from Memento Mori) [01:20:30]


22 Perturbator - God Complex (from New Model) [01:24:58]


23 Hollywood Undead - Idol (feat. Tech N9ne) (from Idol (feat. Tech N9ne)) [01:34:09]


24 Caravan Palace - Pluma (from Pluma) [01:38:10]


25 Blanke - Shadow (from Shadow) [01:41:15]


26 HVDES - Fuck My Nose Up (from Fuck My Nose Up) [01:45:01]


27 dj-Jo, Flower - Outer Science (Vocaloid Version) [Remix] (from Outer Science (Remix)) [01:48:53]


28 Camellia, Toby Fox - Aimottle's House (from Dweller’s Empty Path (Original Sound Track)) [01:53:01]


29 Black Sun Empire - Caterpillar (feat. State of Mind) (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) (from The Wrong Room Remixed) [01:54:13]


30 REDALiCE, cosMo@bousouP - ANGEL HALO (from ANGEL HALO) [01:58:51]


31 Danny Byrd - Planet Earth (from Rave Digger (Special Edition)) [02:01:08]


32 Ramon Tapia, Kai Tracid - 303 State (from 303 State) [02:04:48]


33 Lil Mikey, Darwin - Con Phố Vắng (from Con Phố Vắng) [02:08:46]


34 Rawthang - Scorned (from Scorned / Ali (Rawthang Remix)) [02:11:38]


35 Washington - Batflowers (from Batflowers) [02:18:02]


36 Salem Alumni, Kung Fu Vampire - Hot Rail (from Hot Rail) [02:20:58]


37 Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Air I Breathe (Sub Focus & Wilkinson) (from Air I Breathe (Sub Focus & Wilkinson)) [02:25:46]


38 Kaval - Starlight (from Colour Bass Vol. 1) [02:29:54]


39 Trivecta, Nurko - You Can Be My Light (feat. Monika Santucci) (from You Can Be My Light (feat. Monika Santucci)) [02:33:45]


40 Moses Sumney - Doomed (from Aromanticism) [02:38:07]


41 DJ-R - Waterfall (Undertale Remix) (from Waterfall (Undertale Remix)) [02:42:34]


42 Nelver, Ian Urbina - Ocean of Rain (from Endless Planet (Inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ a book by Ian Urbina)) [02:48:01]


43 Radiohead - Codex (from The King Of Limbs) [02:53:20]


44 Kompany - Feel It All (from Feel It All) [02:58:07]

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