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Hellloooooo, perverts!  Tonight, I've got a DUBSTEP album for ya.  I know, right?  "Robot porn?"  You bet your fuckin' ass.  Actually, betting your fuckin' ass would probably make you a hooker, and I wouldn't assume such a thing about any of you.

Tonight, I've got Krewella's debut album, "Get Wet," and The Beatles album, "With The Beatles."  How the fuck could you go wrong with either one?  I mean, if you don't like dubstep or early Beatles material, then I guess this one is all wrong entirely.  Or maybe it's you, dear pervert, who is wrong.

Anyway, here are the blogs:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.  Yojne.

01 Krewella - Live For The Night (from Get Wet) [00:00:00]

02 Krewella - We Go Down (from Get Wet) [00:03:26]

03 Krewella - Come & Get It (from Get Wet) [00:06:31]

04 Krewella - Enjoy The Ride (from Get Wet) [00:09:56]

05 Krewella - We Are One (from Get Wet) [00:13:27]

06 Krewella - Dancing With The Devil (feat. Travis Barker & Patrick Stump) (from Get Wet) [00:18:03]

07 Krewella - Alive (from Get Wet) [00:22:01]

08 Krewella - Pass The Love Around (from Get Wet) [00:26:51]

09 Krewella - Ring Of Fire (from Get Wet) [00:30:07]

10 Krewella - Human (from Get Wet) [00:34:30]

11 Krewella - Killin’ It (from Get Wet) [00:37:45]

12 Krewella - This Is Not The End (feat. Pegboard Nerds) (from Get Wet) [00:41:11]

13 Krewella - Lights & Thunder (feat. Gareth Emery) (from Get Wet) [00:45:03]

14 Krewella - Enjoy The Ride (Acoustic Version) (from Get Wet) [00:49:45]

15 The Beatles - It Won’t Be Long (from With The Beatles) [00:53:10]

16 The Beatles - All I’ve Got To Do (from With The Beatles) [00:55:22]

17 The Beatles - All My Loving (from With The Beatles) [00:57:24]

18 The Beatles - Don’t Bother Me (from With The Beatles) [00:59:31]

19 The Beatles - Little Child (from With The Beatles) [01:01:58]

20 The Beatles - Till There Was You (from With The Beatles) [01:03:43]

21 The Beatles - Please Mister Postman (from With The Beatles) [01:05:58]

22 The Beatles - Roll Over Beethoven (from With The Beatles) [01:08:32]

23 The Beatles - Hold Me Tight (from With The Beatles) [01:11:17]

24 The Beatles - You Really Got A Hold On Me (from With The Beatles) [01:13:48]

25 The Beatles - I Wanna Be Your Man (from With The Beatles) [01:16:48]

26 The Beatles - Devil In Her Heart (from With The Beatles) [01:18:45]

27 The Beatles - Not A Second Time (from With The Beatles) [01:21:10]

28 The Beatles - Money (That’s What I Want) (from With The Beatles) [01:23:16]

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