1,001 Albums: Albums 0024: Doug Stanhope - No Refunds / Joan Baez - Joan Baez

Hehe, hellllll yes.  Up tonight is our first comedy album on my personal 1,001 Albums list.  Don’t worry, by the way.  I’ve got some George Carlin and Bill Hicks coming soon.  Up tonight is Doug Stanhope’s album, “No Refunds,” and then the folk artist Joan Baez with her self-titled album.  This Stanhope album is the first one I heard by him.  Actually, I saw the special on Netflix a couple years ago.  This shit was so fucking hilarious, I made practically everyone I knew sit down and watch it.  Doug Stanhope is an intensely vulgar poet, in my opinion.  I love his perspectives on just about everything he talks about in his specials and on his albums.

As far as the Joan Baez album goes, well, it’s a folk album.  A woman with a guitar.  She’s definitely a good guitar player, vocalist and lyricist, so if you’re into folk and/or indie music, give this a listen.

Here are the blogs:




01 Doug Stanhope - Intro (from No Refunds) [00:00:00]

02 Doug Stanhope - Sanitized Generation (from No Refunds) [00:01:08]

03 Doug Stanhope - Carnival Head (from No Refunds) [00:05:01]

04 Doug Stanhope - Drugs For A Brave New Cubicle (from No Refunds) [00:07:45]

05 Doug Stanhope - Will Work For Vagina (from No Refunds) [00:10:11]

06 Doug Stanhope - Secret Of My Success (from No Refunds) [00:14:26]

07 Doug Stanhope - Funnier Drunk (from No Refunds) [00:16:40]

08 Doug Stanhope - Live For Your Sins (from No Refunds) [00:18:15]

09 Doug Stanhope - Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew (from No Refunds) [00:21:39]

10 Doug Stanhope - Died Right On Time (from No Refunds) [00:30:30]

11 Doug Stanhope - National Pride (from No Refunds) [00:32:38]

12 Doug Stanhope - Einstein Was An Immigrant Worker (from No Refunds) [00:34:44]

13 Doug Stanhope - Fear For Your Own Safety (from No Refunds) [00:38:35]

14 Doug Stanhope - Don’t Talk To Strangers (from No Refunds) [00:40:22]

15 Doug Stanhope - Rampant On The Internet (from No Refunds) [00:44:16]

16 Doug Stanhope - My Fetus Is A Centerfold (from No Refunds) [00:47:22]

17 Doug Stanhope - F@%k The Yankees! (from No Refunds) [00:55:28]

18 Joan Baez - Silver Dagger (from Joan Baez) [00:58:59]

19 Joan Baez - East Virginia (from Joan Baez) [01:01:30]

20 Joan Baez - Fare Thee Well (from Joan Baez) [01:05:13]

21 Joan Baez - House Of The Rising Sun (from Joan Baez) [01:08:35]

22 Joan Baez - All My Trials (from Joan Baez) [01:11:31]

23 Joan Baez - Wildwood Flower (from Joan Baez) [01:16:11]

24 Joan Baez - Donna Donna (from Joan Baez) [01:18:48]

25 Joan Baez - John Riley (from Joan Baez) [01:22:01]

26 Joan Baez - Rake And Rambling Boy (from Joan Baez) [01:25:54]

27 Joan Baez - Little Moses (from Joan Baez) [01:27:53]

28 Joan Baez - Mary Hamilton (from Joan Baez) [01:31:24]

29 Joan Baez - Henry Martin (from Joan Baez) [01:37:21]

30 Joan Baez - El Preso Numero Nueve (from Joan Baez) [01:41:36]

31 Joan Baez - Girl Of Constant Sorrow (from Joan Baez) [01:44:26]

32 Joan Baez - I Know You Rider (from Joan Baez) [01:46:11]

33 Joan Baez - John Riley (extended version) (from Joan Baez) [01:49:57]

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