1,001 Albums: Albums 0017: Lard - The Last Temptation of Reid / Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Jack Takes The Floor

Jello Biafra from the Dead Kennedys and Al Jourgensen from Ministry in a band together?! Yes please! I've loved both of those guys and those bands for many years, and this band Lard is the best of both worlds.  As far as I'm concerned, there isn't a weak track on this album. Particularly notable ones are Forkboy, Mate Spawn & Die and I Am Your Clock.  The latter of which has some hilarious and painfully true lyrics.

The other album for today is Ramblin' Jack Elliott's "Jack Takes The Floor."  If you're a fan of Bob Dylan, you'll probably dig this album.  I wouldn't be surprised if Bob Dylan was inspired by this guy.  Very old-timey folk music, which can be awesome if you're in the mood.

Anyway, here are the blogs I wrote about these albums:

You should know what to do by now...


Come on...



01 Lard - Forkboy (from The Last Temptation of Reid) [00:00:00]

02 Lard - Pineapple Face (from The Last Temptation of Reid) [00:03:53]

03 Lard - Mate Spawn & Die (from The Last Temptation of Reid) [00:10:30]

04 Lard - Drug Raid At 4 AM (from The Last Temptation of Reid) [00:15:25]

05 Lard - Can God Fill Teeth? (from The Last Temptation of Reid) [00:20:26]

06 Lard - Bozo Skeleton (from The Last Temptation of Reid) [00:24:47]

07 Lard - Sylvestre Matuschka (from The Last Temptation of Reid) [00:29:16]

08 Lard - They're Coming To Take Me Away (from The Last Temptation of Reid) [00:33:10]

09 Lard - I Am Your Clock (from The Last Temptation of Reid) [00:41:36]

10 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - San Francisco Bay Blues (from Takes The Floor) [00:57:04]

11 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Ol' Riley (from Takes The Floor) [01:00:00]

12 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - The Boll Weevil (from Takes The Floor) [01:02:01]

13 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Bed Bug Blues (from Takes The Floor) [01:05:06]

14 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - New York Town (from Takes The Floor) [01:08:05]

15 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Old Blues (from Takes The Floor) [01:11:29]

16 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Grey Goose (from Takes The Floor) [01:14:56]

17 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Mule Skinner's Blues (from Takes The Floor) [01:16:38]

18 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - East Texas Talking Blues (from Takes The Floor) [01:22:02]

19 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Cocaine (from Takes The Floor) [01:24:37]

20 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Dink's Song (from Takes The Floor) [01:27:04]

21 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Black Baby (from Takes The Floor) [01:30:24]

22 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Salty Dog (from Takes The Floor) [01:32:02]

23 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Brother Won't You Join In The Line? (from Takes The Floor) [01:34:35]

24 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - There Are Better Things To Do (from Takes The Floor) [01:37:08]

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