1,001 Albums: Albums 0013: Machito - Kenya / Berry Weight - Music For Imaginary Movies

What’s up, perverts?!  Getting sick of me yet? Haha, no doubt.  Anyway, today we’ve got another awesome pair of albums to look forward to.  One by an artist I know very little about named Machito and the other by an artist who I… also know very little about named Berry Weight.  Even though I know very little about them, I do like the Machito album and I absolutely LOVE the Berry Weight album.  I’ve tried many, many, MANY, fucking times to share the awesomeness that is Berry Weight, but to no avail.  Seems like nobody gives a shit about them but me, but hopefully, someone out there will give the album a listen now and see what the fuck I’m talking about.  I mean, if you’re not into trip-hop, then whatever.  I’m way, way into it.  

Anyway, the first album is called Kenya, and it sounds like it’d make a good soundtrack to a spy movie from the 60s or Cowboy Bebop or something.  Good shit, in my opinion.  The Berry Weight album is called Music For Imaginary Movies.  I found it randomly one day when I typed “trip-hop” into the search bar on Demonoid.  Seriously, I listened to the entire album on repeat like, 10 times in a row.  I forget what the fuck I was doing while it was on, but after that first time, I’d fallen in love.  By far, my three favorite tracks are the ones with vocals: Equations, The Lotus and Sky Below.  Sky Below always puts a lump in my throat, as it reminds me of loved ones who I can no longer embrace or talk with.

*sigh* Anyway, here are the blogs I wrote about these albums: 

01 Machito - Wild Jungle (from Kenya) [00:00:00]

02 Machito - Congo Mulence (from Kenya) [00:02:45]

03 Machito - Kenya (from Kenya) [00:05:40]

04 Machito - Oyeme (from Kenya) [00:09:07]

05 Machito - Holiday (from Kenya) [00:12:19]

06 Machito - Cannonology (from Kenya) [00:15:07]

07 Machito - Frenzy (from Kenya) [00:17:35]

08 Machito - Blues A La Machito (from Kenya) [00:20:16]

09 Machito - Conversation (from Kenya) [00:23:17]

10 Machito - Tin Tin Deo (from Kenya) [00:26:13]

11 Machito - Minor Rama (from Kenya) [00:29:07]

12 Machito - Tururato (from Kenya) [00:32:09]

13 Berry Weight - Yeti’s Lament (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [00:35:20]

14 Berry Weight - Equations (feat. Astrid Engberg) (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [00:38:49]

15 Berry Weight - The Day Nothing Happened (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [00:42:51]

16 Berry Weight - Walking By Your Side (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [00:46:43]

17 Berry Weight - Magician’s Assistant (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [00:51:26]

18 Berry Weight - The Lotus (feat. Astrid Engberg & ASM) (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [00:54:48]

19 Berry Weight - The Way Of The Dodo (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [00:58:59]

20 Berry Weight - Heart-Shaped Rock (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [01:02:16]

21 Berry Weight - Krakatoa (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [01:06:23]

22 Berry Weight - Cowboys and Indians (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [01:10:53]

23 Berry Weight - Sky Below (feat. Astrid Engberg) (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [01:14:55]

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