1,001 Albums: Albums 0010: Thelonious Monk - Brilliant Corners / BT - This Binary Universe

Ok, in an effort to expedite this project, I’m going to try to post one album from both lists once a day.  I highly doubt I’ll be able to consistently devote that amount of time for very long, but I really don’t want to be going through these two lists at the current snail’s pace we’re at.  I mentioned a week or two ago that at our current rate of one album from one list per week, it would take us 2,002 weeks, which is about 38 years.  I don’t even know if I’ll fucking be alive that long, so yeah, we’ve gotta pick up the pace a bit.  I know most of you (my Facebook friends, anyway) have busy lives, and you’ll probably overlook these posts, especially as they become more frequent.  I never expected anyone anywhere to actually listen to my podcast when I started it.  I just decided to do it and hope someone out there enjoyed it like I did, and still do.  That’s basically where I’m at with this.

The thing is, I’m not your average music fan.  All you devoted perverts out there know this already.  I’ve got enough music on my various HDDs to fully occupy 11 of the largest iPods on the market (160 GB).  I could occupy even more if the files were all lossless, but I can scarcely imagine the number and capacity of HDDs I’d need to buy to accommodate such a collection.  You might think I’m some sort of digital hoarder.  Maybe, but I prefer to think of myself as an extraordinarily avid music enthusiast.  I know the effort that goes into writing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering music.  I was thoroughly trained in each step of the process, and because of that, I have a considerably greater appreciation of music as a medium for creative expression.

Even if certain styles of music don’t speak to me, I’m able to recognize and respect the effort that goes into each song I hear.  Unfortunately, while most people in my life have claimed (and do claim) to thoroughly enjoy various music, I have seldom ever felt a true kinship to their experience of even their absolute favorite songs.  Maybe I’m somehow deficient in my perception, maybe I’m unable due to inadequate verbal description.  Whatever the case may be, I often feel very alone in my particular experience of music.  It seems sad, but I’m not sad about it.  I certainly could choose to be sad about it, to wallow and such, but I’d rather keep doing projects like these where I try to share my enthusiasm and hope to spark the same in one (or some) of you.

Any-fucking-way, I hadn’t intended on writing so much about this, but I guess shit happens.  Today, we’ll be hearing an album by jazz legend Thelonious Monk called Brilliant Corners, and an album by the experimental (and, in my opinion, marvelously imaginative) electronic music producer BT called This Binary Universe.  Both albums are going to be fantastic soundtracks for the snowy weather (if you live in or around Jersey like me).  This Binary Universe is especially near and dear to my heart for a number of reasons.  

Here are the blogs I wrote about these albums: 

Without any further ado, let us commence yojne time, incredibly!

01 Thelonious Monk - Brilliant Corners (from Brilliant Corners) [00:00:00]

02 Thelonious Monk - Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are (from Brilliant Corners) [00:07:41]

03 Thelonious Monk - Pannonica (from Brilliant Corners) [00:20:45]

04 Thelonious Monk - I Surrender, Dear (from Brilliant Corners) [00:29:30]

05 Thelonious Monk - Bemsha Swing (from Brilliant Corners) [00:34:53]

06 BT - All That Makes Us Human Continues (from This Binary Universe) [00:42:32]

07 BT - Dynamic Symmetry (from This Binary Universe) [00:50:39]

08 BT - The Internal Locus (from This Binary Universe) [01:01:47]

09 BT - 1.618 (from This Binary Universe) [01:12:04]

10 BT - See You On The Other Side (from This Binary Universe) [01:23:28]

11 BT - The Anti-kythera Mechanism (from This Binary Universe) [01:37:45]

12 BT - Good Morning Kaia (from This Binary Universe) [01:47:42]

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