1,001 Albums: Albums 0025: Buckethead & Friends - Enter The Chicken / Elvis Presley - Elvis Is Back!

Ooooo… have I got a treat for you perverts tonight.  I’ve got Buckethead’s epic album, “Enter The Chicken,” alongside Elvis Presley’s album, “Elvis Is Back.”  There aren’t a whole lot of surprises on the Elvis album, to be honest.  If you’ve heard one Elvis song and you liked it, you’d probably like this entire album.  

As far as the Buckethead album goes, well, you probably have no idea who Buckethead is in the first place.  He’s a phenomenal guitar virtuoso who wears a blank face mask and a chicken wing bucket on his head.  He’s a weirdo, and I fuckin’ love him for it.  This album was released through Serj Tankian’s record label “Serjical Strike,” thus it features a number of profoundly talented guest vocalists from said label, including Serj himself.

Anyway, here are the blogs:

Yojne, or I’ll bake you cookies with my ass, and… that’s just wrong, so you’d better fuckin’ yojne.

01 Buckethead - Intro (from Enter The Chicken) [00:00:00]

02 Buckethead - We Are Alone (feat. Serj Tankian (from Enter The Chicken) [00:00:15]

03 Buckethead - Botnus (feat. Efrem Schulz) (from Enter The Chicken) [00:04:16]

04 Buckethead - Three Fingers (feat. Saul Williams) (from Enter The Chicken) [00:07:40]

05 Buckethead - Running From The Light (feat. Gigi & Maura Davis) (from Enter The Chicken) [00:10:39]

06 Buckethead - Coma (feat. Azam Ali & Serj Tankian) (from Enter The Chicken) [00:15:21]

07 Buckethead - Waiting Hare (feat. Shana Halligan & Serj Tankian) (from Enter The Chicken) [00:21:00]

08 Buckethead - Interlude (from Enter The Chicken) [00:26:44]

09 Buckethead - Funbus (feat. Dirk Rogers & Keith Aazami) (from Enter The Chicken) [00:27:03]

10 Buckethead - The Hand (feat. Maximum Bob & Ani Maldjian) (from Enter The Chicken) [00:30:28]

11 Buckethead - Nottingham Lace (from Enter The Chicken) [00:34:52]

12 Elvis Presley - Make Me Know It (from Elvis Is Back) [00:41:26]

13 Elvis Presley - Fever (from Elvis Is Back) [00:43:27]

14 Elvis Presley - The Girl Of My Best Friend (from Elvis Is Back) [00:46:59]

15 Elvis Presley - I Will Be Home Again (from Elvis Is Back) [00:49:21]

16 Elvis Presley - Dirty, Dirty Feeling (from Elvis Is Back) [00:51:56]

17 Elvis Presley - Thrill Of Your Love (from Elvis Is Back) [00:53:29]

18 Elvis Presley - Soldier Boy (from Elvis Is Back) [00:56:30]

19 Elvis Presley - Such A Night (from Elvis Is Back) [00:59:36]

20 Elvis Presley - It Feels So Right (from Elvis Is Back) [01:02:37]

21 Elvis Presley - Girl Next Door Went A’Walking (from Elvis Is Back) [01:04:47]

22 Elvis Presley - Like A Baby (from Elvis Is Back) [01:07:02]

23 Elvis Presley - Reconsider Baby (from Elvis Is Back) [01:09:47]

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