1,001 Albums: Albums 0015: Tito Puente - Dance Mania Vol. 1 / Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious

*sigh* Another album like Sabu’s “Palo Congo.”  Fortunately, we’re almost completely out of salsa territory.  I think there’s a prerequisite for being able to enjoy music like this.  I think it’s a die hard affinity for hot weather, beaches, basically a bizarre derivation of pleasure from situations that make me irritated and uncomfortable.  I don’t know.  I really can’t relate.  Maybe I just haven’t had an experience in my life that was able to break salsa music into my heart.  

Anyway, the album I’m talking about is Tito Puente’s “Dance Mania Vol. 1.”  After this album, I think we’re home free.  The other album for today is the E.P.I.C. Infected Mushroom album, Vicious Delicious.  I’ve drawn from this album for Monday Morning Aural Sex many, many times.  This album is far more accessible than the majority of their purely Psytrance/Goa releases.  By accessible, I mean it’s more likely to appeal to people who don’t often step outside their comfort zone (or get off the couch, as appropriate to the phrase, “couch music”).

What makes Vicious Delicious even better, in my opinion, are the numerous tracks from it released for Stepmania (a Dance Dance Revolution/In The Groove simulator for PC/Mac).  Whoever made the step charts to the songs I love playing, my hat’s off to you.

Anyway, here are the blogs I wrote for these albums:




01 Tito Puente - El Cayuco (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:00:00]

02 Tito Puente - Complicacion (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:02:36]

03 Tito Puente - 3-D Mambo (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:05:58]

04 Tito Puente - Llego Mijan (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:08:22]

05 Tito Puente - Cuando Te Vea (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:11:34]

06 Tito Puente - Hong Kong Mambo (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:15:49]

07 Tito Puente - Mambo Gazon (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:19:35]

08 Tito Puente - Mi Chiquita Quiere Bembe (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:22:22]

09 Tito Puente - Varsity Drag (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:26:18]

10 Tito Puente - Estoy Siempre Junto A Ti (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:29:10]

11 Tito Puente - Agua Limpia Todo (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:32:22]

12 Tito Puente - Saca Tu Mujer (from Dance Mania Vol. 1) [00:35:18]

13 Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane (feat. Gil Cerezo) (from Vicious Delicious) [00:38:23]

14 Infected Mushroom - Artillery (feat. Swollen Members) (from Vicious Delicious) [00:45:43]

15 Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious (from Vicious Delicious) [00:50:11]

16 Infected Mushroom - Heavy Weight (from Vicious Delicious) [00:57:36]

17 Infected Mushroom - Suliman (from Vicious Delicious) [01:06:16]

18 Infected Mushroom - Forgive Me (from Vicious Delicious) [01:12:27]

19 Infected Mushroom - Special Place (from Vicious Delicious) [01:15:57]

20 Infected Mushroom - In Front Of Me (feat. Brandon McCulloch) (from Vicious Delicious) [01:22:50]

21 Infected Mushroom - Eat It Raw (from Vicious Delicious) [01:27:18]

22 Infected Mushroom - Change The Formality (from Vicious Delicious) [01:33:49]

23 Infected Mushroom - Before (from Vicious Delicious) [01:41:33]

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