2021-05-17 (Lo-Fi Beats to Study, Cry, Loaf On, Beat Off, and Pet Kitties To Edition)

How the shit is down, father-befrienders and father-befrienderettes?! Welcome to the Lo-Fi Beats to Study, Cry, Loaf On, Beat Off (Oxford comma) and Pet Kitties To Edition! For those out of the loop, Lo-Fi is short for low fidelity, and that’s a common characteristic of at least one instrument in all these tracks. Lo-Fi typically refers to instrumental hip-hop style beats, but as with so many genres, there are subgenres, sub-sub-genres, and super-sub-sub-genres, all with boundaries blurred here and there by XYZ artists. Yet again, verily I say unto thee (or some shit), genres are a great way to gain a preliminary understanding of music, but shouldn’t be used as measuring sticks to slap others on the wrists for daring to deviate. That garbage trash doo-doo makes you pretentious, elitist, and frankly, a nauseating bore. 


I hope y’all yojned the fuck out of last week’s flashback edition, by the way. I was going to make this one last week, but between business and procrastination for myriad reasons, I didn’t find or make the time to compile anything until it was way too late. I knew that doing one of these Lo-Fi editions takes a long fuckin’ time, and I didn’t have that time last week. Either that, or I did, and I chose to do other things instead. I dun-fuckin’-no. I’ll just say that this edition is comprised of 87 fuckin’ tracks, and clocks in at a chinchilla’s twat hair over 3 hours and 40 minutes. Recording, cutting, optimizing, naming, bouncing, tagging, organizing and assembling that many fuckin’ tracks is a series of tasks that requires quite a lot of fuckin’ time; trust me. Y’all truly have no idea how much effort I put into this shit, and I’m grateful beyond words to everyone who’s bothered to listen.


Anyway, let’s discuss a bit about the shit in store for us this week:


1. Some of these tracks are remixes from video games, anime & covers, and they’re all fantastic enough to merit the effort of sharing them with y’all. You’ll notice a good portion of those types of tracks come from someone named Rifti Beats. Excellent artist I just discovered in making this edition, so I hope you yojne your goddamn genitals off backwards throughout it all.


2. The Gang Starr track called Deadly Habitz isn’t really Lo-Fi, but that track along with the album it’s from are both fuckin’ awesome, and I’ve loved ‘em since the early 2000s. I’ve played Gang Starr a number of times over the years, and while most of their tracks would potentially be a stark contrast to the rest of the stuff in this edition, I thought Deadly Habitz went along quite well. You’ll see, or hear.


3. Coinciding with that, I included a number of jazzy hip-hop jams that also aren’t technically lo-fi, but if y’all are gonna be pretentious-ass fuckin’ purists like that, there’s the damn door. Well, okay, so I can’t realistically point out a door for you, but find one and walk out of it for me. If you can hang, I think you’ll yojne as thoroughly as I do. The yojne takes practice sometimes, and some of y’all been slackin’.


4. A decent portion of these have a somber, melancholic feel to them, but don’t go thinking that they’re cries for help or anything. I just often find songs in minor keys to be more interesting than their major key counterparts. In case you’re unaware, minor key songs tend to evoke feelings of distress, sadness, etc. whereas major key songs typically evoke more positive emotions. That’s why you’ll find most pop music is made up of major keys. Anyway, yeah, minor music can be phenomenally beautiful, and I’m sure we could all use an expansion of our respective sad song libraries. Personally, I’ve found it exceptionally bothersome when over the years, I kept listening to the same assortment of tracks whenever I was depressed. That sort of thing exacerbated the negative emotions for me, ‘cause on top of already feeling bad about whatever, I also felt a nagging blandness in the music I sought for comfort. I dunno, maybe I’m just some psychotic freak, and nobody else is bothered by such things. Ah well.


5. Holy shit, I found a lo-fi cover of Cardi B’s WAP. Thoroughly amusing, and you’ll hear what I mean if you stick around.


6. To anyone confused by the “Loaf On,” portion of the title, I once knew someone who mispronounced Lo-Fi as loafy, so it’s kind of become a running joke ever since. Now you’re fully in the loop, and you can yojne to your fullest potential! Isn’t that fuckin’ wonderful?!


7. Nothin’ left to say except… yojne!



01 Mashed Man, Imfinenow - Intro Screen (from Enter the Game EP) [00:03:13]


02 nitsua., Ngyn - put it on high (from remember the days) [00:04:51]


03 Rifti Beats - Main Theme Lofi (from Super Mario Lofi) [00:06:51]


04 untrusted - WAP (from WAP) [00:09:21]


05 Rifti Beats - Underground Lofi (from Super Mario Lofi) [00:11:52]


06 creamy, KNVWN - we don't have to take our clothes off (from we don't have to take our clothes off) [00:14:14]


07 Amelia Clarke - fuck you (from fuck you) [00:16:57]


08 Otaku - Again (Full Metal) (from Anime Lofi Vol. 1) [00:19:26]


09 Неделька - Youth (from Youth) [00:21:13]


10 Rifti Beats - Chouzetsu Dynamic (DBS Opening 1) (from DRAGON BALL LOFI) [00:24:00]


11 Doni, GameChops - Try Hard (Donkey Kong Country 2 - Stickerbrush Symphony) (from Button Masher Remastered) [00:26:41]


12 Rifti Beats - Vegeta SSJ (from DRAGON BALL LOFI) [00:31:41]


13 Altair Blake - Glowing Out (from Hill Valley) [00:35:36]


14 Awon, Phoniks, Kid Abstrakt - The Cool Out (from Nothing Less) [00:37:49]


15 Kayou., Shae Delea - through the cold (from through the cold) [00:41:05]


16 coldbrew, Etymology Records - Polar (from Polar) [00:44:09]


17 LoFi Waiter - Japanese Winter (from A Night in Tokyo) [00:46:07]


18 Taiyo Ky - Lemon Sour in Shinjuku (from Lemon Sour in Shinjuku) [00:47:49]


19 Jazzinuf - Jazzy's Joint (from The Magic Carpet) [00:50:28]


20 Meraki99, Karma Kush - Midnight In Tokyo (from Midnight In Tokyo) [00:52:52]


21 Joe Lee Noire - Sleeping City (from Sleeping City) [00:54:28]


22 LoFi Waiter - Shibuya (from Shibuya) [00:57:24]


23 Lofi Fruits Music, Orange Stick, Chill Fruits - Clair de Lune (from Clair de Lune) [00:59:00]


24 Azido 88 - Serendipity (from Soulitude: Volume 2) [01:01:05]


25 Tundra Beats - Cloudy Sky (from Cloudy Sky) [01:02:37]


26 Freddie Joachim - Autumn Rain (from Midway) [01:05:16]


27 LoFi Waiter - Fall Vibes (from Coffee Sunset) [01:07:35]


28 Jazzinuf, James Zito - Maple Cinnamon Pancakes (from Snow in My Shoe) [01:09:29]


29 Cloudchord, Birocratic, Ian Ewing, Louis Futon, Martin Vogt, Dominic Lalli - Twitter Telephone (from Twitter Telephone) [01:11:55]


30 Gang Starr - Deadly Habitz (from The Ownerz) [01:15:19]


31 Rifti Beats - Gohan Angers (from DRAGON BALL LOFI) [01:19:31]


32 RandomBeats, Rifti Beats - The Battle (from Ff7 Lofi) [01:23:09]


33 mood. - night walk (from night walk) [01:25:10]


34 Blimpflyinghigh - 2 Am Drive (from The Love Tape) [01:26:56]


35 Jinsang - flow on (from Confessions) [01:29:14]


36 Idealism, Ian Urbina - Blue Skies, Blue Seas (from Distant, Quiet, Waters (Inspired by 'The Outlaw Ocean' a book by Ian Urbina)) [01:33:01]


37 Kid Kio, Jonny Alias - Blue Sun (from Blue Sun) [01:36:11]


38 Oatmello, Phlocalyst - Poolside (from Predictions) [01:37:56]


39 Doctor Gosso & the Samplers, Lofi jazz - In Praise of Idleness (from In Praise of Idleness) [01:40:03]


40 Pete Flux, Parental - What They Need (from What They Need) [01:42:24]


41 Dountain Mew - Some nights (from Some nights) [01:46:30]


42 Azido 88, Moon Ghetto, KO WIN - Safie (from Dusty by Nature) [01:48:44]


43 auv - Riverside Drive (from Riverside Drive) [01:51:05]


44 imagiro, Devon Rea, Funcc. - Spring Break (from Spring Break) [01:54:02]


45 leon chang - woodland waltz (from re:treat) [01:55:40]


46 iamalex, The Field Tapes, Birocratic, tender spring - Yerry Hill (from Endless Sunday Vol. 2) [01:57:33]


47 LilyPichu - dreamy night (from dreamy night) [01:59:26]


48 Purrple Cat - Moonlit Walk (from Cozy Winter) [02:03:29]


49 Lofi Fruits Music, Orange Stick, Fets - Una Mattina (from Una Mattina) [02:06:56]


50 Otaku, LoFi Waiter - Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul) (from Anime Lofi Vol. 1) [02:08:40]


51 Martin Arteta - Heaven Is A Place on Earth (from Heaven Is A Place on Earth) [02:10:43]


52 Blu & Exile - O Heaven (from Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them) [02:13:12]


53 Five Minutes More, Chill Select - Icarus (from Icarus) [02:16:27]


54 Rifti Beats - One Winged Angel Lofi (from Ff7 Lofi, Pt. 2) [02:18:43]


55 Sleepy Tom - The Girl Who Fell From The Sky (Laputa) (from Ghibli, Anime & Chill) [02:20:37]


56 LYTA - Hey Friend. (from Hey Friend.) [02:22:05]


57 Kina, Adriana Proenza - Can We Kiss Forever? (from Can We Kiss Forever?) [02:24:38]


58 Lazy Vibes - Cute Girl (from Lo-Fi Love Vibes) [02:27:41]


59 In Love With a Ghost - We've Never Met but Can We Have a Cup of Coffee or Something (from Let’s Go) [02:30:26]


60 LLusion - walk but in a garden (feat. mxmtoon) (from walk but in a garden) [02:33:42]


61 Rnla, Kayou. - nothing compares to you (from nothing compares to you) [02:35:29]


62 Pandrezz - Cuddlin (from 1 Am. Study Session) [02:38:08]


63 SPEECHLESS - Float (from Float) [02:40:53]


64 Azido 88, Summit One - Serenity (from Soulitude) [02:43:05]


65 Laeland, Fxrroh - Invisible (from Invisible) [02:45:22]


66 w00ds - Distant (from Distant) [02:48:50]


67 Kayou. - my dearly beloved (from my dearly beloved) [02:51:13]


68 LoFi Waiter - Back To Me (from Coffee Sunset) [02:54:28]


69 Kayou., Aiko - Once More (from Once More) [02:56:30]


70 Shae Delea - A Lost Promise (from A Lost Promise) [02:58:32]


71 Misc.Inc - Uncertain Truth (from Uncertain Truth) [03:01:02]


72 bffl - Detached (from Evenfall) [03:03:25]


73 aqualina - tea for one (from unrequited) [03:05:12]


74 chief. - sorry (from late nights) [03:06:52]


75 Sarcastic Sounds - I Don't Sleep (from I Don’t Sleep) [03:08:07]


76 S N U G, Jordy Chandra - At Night, Thinking About You (from At Night, Thinking About You) [03:09:48]


77 Jordy Chandra - At Night I Miss You the Most (from At Night I Miss You the Most) [03:12:19]


78 Madson. - Kill the Voice Inside Your Head (from Kill the Voice Inside Your Head) [03:15:19]


79 Beowülf - We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve (from We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve) [03:17:44]


80 Kayou., w00ds - I Guess I Was Nothing to You (from I Guess I Was Nothing to You) [03:20:08]


81 Cheeki - Letting Go (from Lost & Found) [03:22:58]


82 w00ds, Lokel - Please Don't Go (from Please Don’t Go) [03:24:29]


83 Prosodi J., S O L M Λ K R - Don't Cry (from Walk the Skies) [03:26:55]


84 Rifti Beats - 1000 Words Lofi (from FFX Lofi) [03:29:07]


85 Deep In A Dream - We'll All Be Together Again (from We’ll All Be Together Again) [03:32:32]


86 Lofi Fruits Music, Orange Stick - Wish You Were Here (from Wish You Were Here) [03:35:02]


87 One Million Flowers - and in the end, we never went to the beach (from and in the end, we never went to the beach) [03:36:57]

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